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Author: Lina Jüri Title: Under the Sign of the Scorpion Year: Link download: Under the Sign of the Scorpion: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire [Jüri Lina] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book provides. “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” will change the reader's perception of reality. After the fall of the Soviet power on 24 August , the official archives have.

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The Soviet Empire was established at four minutes past two o'clock on the 8th of November in the Russian capital, Petrograd. I have included many such new facts in this second edition of "Under the Sign of the Scorpion", and can present an enlarged work to the reader. Juri Lina. Original filename: Lina - Under the Sign of the Scorpion - Rise and Fall the Soviet Empire ().pdf; URL:

Under the Sign of the Scorpion: Publishers and bookstores alike are so frightened by the subject matter they shrink away and hide. But now, braving government disapproval and persecution by groups that do not want the documented information in Under the Sign of the Scorpion to see the light of day. Stunning information about the secret role of the Freemasons in international politics, about the bloody upheavals in France in and in Russia in You can borrow my PDF copy here.

Co-operate with the worst and vilest creatures. Provoke fights between the citizens Degrade the traditions of the enemy and wipe out it's history. Infiltrate society with spies. We ARE disturbers. We ARE subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them.

We have been at the bottom not merely of your last great war but of nearly all your wars; not only of the Russian but of every other revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion, and frustration into your public life.

We are still doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours had we left you alone? Questions,criticisms or speech against Jews was an automatic death sentence. Infiltrated the churchs. Infiltrated the schools and the govt. Secret societies. Dumbed down the schools. Gained control of the press. Took over the banks. Instigated race and class warfare and unrest.

Confiscated all private property. Released the prison population to terrorize the population. Removed all the food.

Killed all the animals. Took all the seed. Planned genocide. Millions of people starved. Brought in foreign troops.

Financed by foreign Multi millionaires Brought in 25, revolutionaries from the USA and other countries. Put at least 12 million people in camps or made them slaves. Murdered and tortured 60 million people. Had the cooperation of many leaders in the west. The population of the US didn't have a clue Nothing is at it seems.

The rumors you have heard and scoffed at,poked fun at are true and are well documented in this book by Juri Lina. Juri details how the wealth of Russia was plundered by a few secretive, interconnected indivs.

The house of the scorpion

Gold,art,money was transferred to private bank acct. The depravity detailed in this book will keep you nauseated. You'll experience what a deer in the headlights feels. No need to curl up with a scary fiction book. This will do the trick All of this will sound very familiar. Could it be a blueprint for the USA or the world?

After all,most of the world 's media is in the hand of only a few [ I don't see a need to hike up the price so high since the author sells copies directly and charges only 30 USD with shipping. Also, Internet Archive - the opensource library has an electronic copy of the book free of charge posted for all.

And the book is definitely a must read, especially for those who live outside Europe and are constantly brainwashed by media.

One more thing - Juri Lina produced a documentary based on this book under the title "In the Shadow of Hermes" - it is on YouTube search for the title: The astrologer E. Troinsky claimed as early as that the Soviet Empire would break up at the beginning of the s. Due to their vindictiveness, cunning, brutality and art of dissembling, the wards of Scorpio are characterised as extremely dangerous opponents. Those under the power of Scorpio are deeply materialistic extremists who like to exploit others and neither forgive nor forget.

If their aims are crossed they become possessed by fury. They stop at nothing to reach these aims. Their true nature remains shrouded in mystery. Scorpio's colour is red and its symbols are the vulture, the snake and the lifeless desert.

Under The Sign of The Scorpion : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In the animal kingdom, the scorpion is known as a poisonous creature that prefers the cover of darkness. It has been known to sting others of its kind if they get in its way. The reader will see that this description suited the Soviet system, its ideology and leaders. The brutality of Soviet power is well documented.

Its ideology bore a distinct likeness to the mirage of the desert, since neither of the two have anything at all to do with reality. Despite personal experience of Communism, the average subject of the Soviet Empire knew nothing of the fundamentals or essential points of Marxism-Leninism, or of its true origins and history.

Everything of importance or in the least bit compromising has been concealed in both Western and Soviet history books. The former president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, stated that concealment was a kind of falsehood.

Therefore, the author would like to reveal a few facts, which corrupt historians usually pass over in silence. Mikhail Aldanov has confir-med this.

Why did no one react? They saw and heard everything! Aldanov demonstrated in his study that Kannegisser did not know how to shoot. Aldanov knew both Kannegisser and his family well.

How then, could Kannegisser hit Uritsky in the head like a sharpshooter when the latter was walking quickly towards the lift? The bolshevik plans to seize power were no secret. The general public was not ignorant of them and least of all the Provisional Government. Zinoviev and Kamenev wrote quite openly of their plans in the newspaper Novaya Zhizn on 31 October.

Lenin had also spoken publicly of his plans on a number of occasions.

Under The Sign of The Scorpion

So why, unless they were involved in the conspiracy, did they do nothing about it? For several historians, however, the mystery was not so much the fact that the bolsheviks had officially discussed their take-over plans in the press, but that the Provisional Government took no steps to protect itself; in fact it did quite the opposite.

Prime Minister Alexander Kerensky refused to order special troops to Petrograd, when this was suggested. Any other bolshevik leaders but Lenin and Trotsky would have said that armed action was completely unnecessary, since they would gain power at the Second Soviet Congress on 25 October 7 November anyway.

This seems to have been a later invention since Trotsky had already formed a military revolutionary committee on 12 25 October. All the available facts suggest an organised plot and not any kind of spontaneous action. Lenin was not seen between the 2 and 7 November. He was not needed. It was Trotsky who organised everything. Neither was he in the Soviet building in the Smolny palace. But he was not there. The historians Heller and Nekrich came to the same conclusion: Lenin was not even in Smolny in the late evening of the 6 November.

According to other sources, he turned up only on 7 November. He had taken a tram to Smolny. Lenin said to Trotsky in German: He was in control! Lenin im-mediately began threatening with executions if he was not completely obeyed.

But it was still Trotsky who led the show. The Soviet Congress, which had taken up residence in the Smolny School for Girls, was led by Fyodor Dan Gurvich, , one of the menshevik leaders.

The conspirators announced already at The suggestion received votes out of The government was to be exclusively composed of bolsheviks with Lenin at the helm. The leader of the mensheviks, Martov, left the congress together with the other members of his party.

The present reviewer was not disappointed, however. In the comparatively small space of pages the author has succeeded in giving the reader that wealth of details the index of persons mentioned in the book comprises more than names as well as that necessary survey which together make a historical account alive, in the highest degree. The subsequent chapters on Lenin and Trotsky, respectively, afford a lot of little known facts. For instance, how many people know that both Lenin and Trotsky and Marx and Engels were high-ranking freemasons?

Thereupon Lina concentrates on the course of events leading up to the November coup of , the so-called Russian Revolution. He also exposes that network of family and other personal relationships which made it possible for very influential, chiefly Jewish financial groups to operate across the borders of the two combating blocs of the First World War. Lina proves to be a skilful pedagogue when demonstrating how the implacable mutual hostility that was enacted between the financial and revolutionary interests, was just a show to deceive the masses: His description of the time after is chiefly devoted to the nameless mass terror, which the Soviet Power directed against the defenseless population, including the destruction of the Russian intelligentsia, and the annihilation of the Russian culture.

Why did the bolsheviks nourish such a deep-set hatred of everything Russian, desiring to destroy it even to the extent that it threatened their own material existence? According to Lina, the reason for this was that the majority of the Bolshevik leadership were not Russians at all but extremist Jews. This is a fact that some debaters feel is controversial. Lina, however, presents detailed evidence that is very difficult to dismiss.

Still, many a reader may find it very difficult to conceive the fact that a powerful empire in our century could so easily fall prey to ruthless gangsters who immediately set out to slaughter tens of millions of innocent people, organized mass famine Ukraine and Northern Caucasia, in , to say nothing of the rest. Anyhow, the facts are there. The fall of Soviet Power on 24 August made it possible, for the first time, to publicize lots of secret materials about this power and its abusers during more than 70 years.

The last chapter of his book he devotes to the fate of his fatherland under Soviet Power, and To cite just an instance: When Soviet Russia occupied Estonia for the first time, in , this was preceded by diverse underground activities by the Estonian Communist Party.

These were without much effect, however, mainly because the party was so small in numbers.

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