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Whether it is such an undue pride that has led me to atheism or Well, here I am I neither belong to the first category nor to the second. We sing praises of Bhagat Singh's courage and his devotion to his motherland. What we don't often get to hear about is the freedom fighter's belief that there is. A version of “Why I Am Not an Atheist” has appeared in Norman Geisler and Paul K. Hoffman, Why I Am a Christian (). If you prefer to hear an audio of the.

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Bhagat Singh Why I am an Atheist. Reet Singh. Bhagat Singh Bhagat Singh ([p ŋ ] pronunciation (help·info), Punjabi: ਭਗਤ (Gurmukhī), بببب [9] [1][2]. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | Bhagat Singh expressed his views regarding the origin of the on 22 October , proscribing the booklet entitled “Why I am Atheist?. Here I wish to emphasise that I am not an atheist for the reason that I am arrogant or proud or vain; nor am I a demi-god, nor a prophet; no, nor am I God myself.

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Amongst my comrades I was called an autocrat. Even my friend Mr. Dutt sometimes called me so. On certain occasions I was decried as a despot. Some friends do complain and very seriously too that I involuntarily thrust my opinions upon others and get my proposals accepted. That this is true up to a certain extent, I do not deny. This may amount to egotism. There is vanity in me in as much as our cult as opposed to other popular creeds is concerned. But that is not personal.

It may be, it is only legitimate pride in our cult and does not amount to vanity. Vanity or to be more precise "Ahankar" is the excess of undue pride in one's self.

Whether it is such an undue pride that has led me to atheism or whether it is after very careful study of the subject and after much consideration that I have come to disbelieve in God, is a question that I, intend to discuss here. Let me first make it clear that egotism and vanity are two different things. In the first place, I have altogether failed to comprehend as to how undue pride or vain-gloriousness could ever stand in the way of a man in believing in God.

I can refuse to recognize the greatness of a really great man provided I have also achieved a certain amount of popularity without deserving it or without having possessed the qualities really essential or indispensable for the same purpose.

That much is conceivable. But in what way can a man believing in God cease believing due to his personal vanity? There are only two Ways. The man should either begin to think himself a rival of God or he may begin to believe himself to be God. In neither case can he become a genuine atheist. In the first case he does not even deny the existence of his rival. In the second case as well he admits the existence of a conscious being behind the screen guiding all the movements of nature.

It is of no importance to us whether he thinks himself to be that supreme being or whether he thinks the supreme conscious being to be somebody apart from himself. The fundamental is there. His belief is there. He is by no means an atheist. Well, here I am I neither belong to the first category nor to the second. I deny the very existence of that Almighty Supreme being. Why I deny it shall be dealt with later on.

Here I want to clear one thing, that it is not vanity that has actuated me to adopt the doctrines of atheism. I am neither a rival nor an incarnation nor the Supreme Being Himself. One point is decided, that it is not vanity that has led me to this mode of thinking. Let me examine the facts to disprove this allegation.

According to these friends of mine I have grown vain-glorious perhaps due to the undue popularity gained during the trials-both Delhi Bomb and Lahore conspiracy cases. Well, let us see if their premises are correct. My atheism is not of so recent origin. I had stopped believing in God when I was an obscure young man, of whose existence my above mentioned friends were not even aware. At least a college student cannot cherish any short of undue pride which may lead him to atheism.

Though a favorite with some professors and disliked by certain others, I was never an industrious or a studious boy. I could not get any chance of indulging in such feelings as vanity. I was rather a boy with a very shy nature, who had certain pessimistic dispositions about the future career.

And in those days, I was not a perfect atheist. My grand-father under whose influence I was brought up is an orthodox Arya Samajist. An Arya Samajist is anything but an atheist.

There, apart from morning and evening prayers, I used to recite " Gayatri Mantra " for hours and hours. I was a perfect devotee in those days.

Later on I began to live with my father. He is a liberal in as much as the orthodoxy of religions is concerned. It was through his teachings that I aspired to devote my life to the cause of freedom. But he is not an atheist. He is a firm believer. He used to encourage me for offering prayers daily. So, this is how I was brought up. It was there that I began to think liberally and discuss and criticize all the religious problems, even about God.

But still I was a devout believer. By that time I had begun to preserve the unshorn and unclipped long hair but I could never believe in the mythology and doctrines of Sikhism or, any other religion.

But I had a firm faith in God's existence. Later on I joined the revolutionary party. The first leader with whom I came in contact, though not convinced, could not dare to deny the existence of God.

On my persistent inquiries about God, he used to say, "Pray whenever you want to". Now this is atheism less courage required for the adoption of that creed.

The second leader with whom I came in contact was a firm believer. Let me mention his name-respected comrade Sachindra Nath Sanyal , now undergoing life transportation in connection with the Karachi conspiracy case. From the every first page of his famous and only book, " Bandi Jivan " or Incarcerated Life , the Glory of God is sung vehemently.

In the last page of the second part of that beautiful book his mystic-because of Vedantism — praises showered upon God form a very conspicuous part of his thoughts. In that leaflet one full paragraph was devoted to praise the Almighty and His rejoicings and doing. That is all mysticism. What I wanted to point out was that the idea of disbelief had not even germinated in the revolutionary party. The famous Kakori martyrs —all four of them-passed their last day in prayers.

Ram Prasad Bismil was an orthodox Arya Samajist. Despite his wide studies in the field of Socialism and Communism, Rajen Lahiri could not suppress his desire, of reciting hymns of the Upanishads and the Gita.

I saw only one man amongst them, who never prayed and used to say, "Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness or limitation of knowledge". He is also undergoing a sentence of transportation for life. But he also never dared to deny the existence of God. UP to that period I was only a romantic idealist revolutionary. Uptil then we were to follow. Now came the time to shoulder the whole responsibility. Due to the inevitable reaction for some time the very existence of the Party seemed impossible.

Enthusiastic comrades — nay leaders — began to jeer at us. For some time I was afraid that some day I also might not be convinced of the futility of our own program.

That was a turning point in my revolutionary career. Study to enable yourself to face the arguments advanced by opposition.

Study to arm yourself with arguments in favor of your cult. I began to study. My previous faith and convictions underwent a remarkable modification. The Romance of the violent methods alone which was so prominent amongst our predecessors, was replaced by serious ideas. No more mysticism , no more blind faith. Realism became our cult. Use of force justifiable when resorted to as a matter of terrible necessity: So much about methods.

The most important thing was the clear conception of the ideal for which we were to fight, As there were no important activities in the field of action I got ample opportunity to study various ideals of the world revolution.

Why I am an Atheist.pdf

I studied Bakunin, the Anarchist leader, something of Marx the father of Communism and much of Lenin, Trotsky and others the men who had successfully carried out a revolution in their country. They were all atheists. Bakunin's "God and State", though only fragmentary, is an interesting study of the subject. It was only a sort of mystic atheism.

This subject became of utmost interest to me. By the end of I had been convinced as to the baselessness of the theory of existence of an almighty supreme being who created, guided and controlled the universe. I had given out this disbelief of mine. I began discussion on the subjects with my friends. I had become a pronounced atheist.

But, what it meant will presently be discussed. In May I was arrested at Lahore. The arrest was a surprise. I was quite unaware of the fact that the police wanted me. All of a sudden while passing through a garden I found myself surrounded by police.

To my own surprise, I was very calm at that time. I did not feel any sensation, neither did I experience any excitement. I was taken into police custody. Next day I was taken to the Railway Police lock-up where I was to pass full one month. After many day's conversation with the Police officials I guessed that they had some information regarding my connection with the Kakori Party and my other activities in connection with the revolutionary movement.

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They told me that I had been to Lucknow while the trial was going on there, that I had negotiated a certain scheme about their rescue, that after obtaining their approval, we had procured some bombs, that by way of test one of the bombs was thrown in the crowd on the occasion of Dussehra They further informed me, in my interest, that if I could give any statement throwing some light on the activities of the revolutionary party, I was not to be imprisoned but on the contrary set free and rewarded even without being produced as an approver in the Court.

I laughed at the proposal. It was all humbug. People holding ideas like ours do not throw bombs on their own innocent people. One fine morning Mr. And after much sympathetic talk with me imparted-to him-the extremely sad news that if I did not give any statement as demanded by them, they would be forced to send me up for trial for conspiracy to wage war in connection with Kakori Case and for brutal murders in connection with Dussehra Bomb outrage.

And he further informed me that they had evidence enough to get me convicted and hanged. In those days I believed — though I was quite innocent — the police could do it if they desired. That very day certain police officials began to persuade me to offer my prayers to God regularly both the times. Now I was an atheist.

I wanted to settle for myself whether it was in the days of peace and enjoyment alone that I could boast of being an atheist or whether during such hard times as well I could stick to those principles of mine. After great consideration I decided that I could not lead myself to believe in and pray to God.

By the end of If he really revolts against such beliefs. I was arrested in Lahore. After a long debate with myself. I had not the least idea that I was wanted by the police.

I guessed that they had some information about my connection with the Kakori Party. To my own surprise. I was an atheist. It was not an easy task to face that ordeal. I thought that I would settle it to myself whether I could brag only in days of peace and happiness that I was an atheist. Man can find a strong support in God and an encouraging consolation in His Name. I reached the conclusion that I could not even pretend to be a believer nor could I offer my prayers to God.

I never did it. After a long talk which was full of sympathetic words. The next day I was taken to the Railway Police lockup where I spent a whole month. The same day some police officers persuaded me to offer my prayers to God two times regularly. If you have no belief in Him. Supreme Being who created. So I was a true atheist then and I am an atheist now. Beliefs make it easier to go through hardships. What it meant will be discussed in the following lines.

Why I am an Atheist

I felt they had some intelligence of my other activities in the revolutionary movement. They told me that I was in Lucknow during the Kakori Party Trial so that I might devise a scheme to rescue the culprits. Ethics is right. This is exactly the situation now.

What more consolation can there be! A God-believing Hindu may expect to be reborn a king. We do not take a leap forward. This is not constructive thinking. His heart is dead. Can the pride they take in their noble cause be called vanity? Who is there rash enough to call it so? To him I say either he is foolish or wicked. His convictions are infirm.

His selfish interests have made him incapable of seeing the truth. I am going to sacrifice my life for a cause. Our forefathers evolved faith in some kind of Supreme Being. I could not act otherwise. Leave such a fellow alone for he cannot realise the depth. What hope should I entertain? I know that will be the end when the rope is tightened round my neck and the rafters move from under my feet. Its reason is mental insipidity. Then why should we waste our time in such discussions?

This question has come before the people for the first time. You go against popular feelings. You agree or not. What happens? No one will answer your arguments in a rational way. As Mahatmaji is great. Merciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking. The day shall usher in a new era of liberty when a large number of men and women. My soul will come to nothing.

First of all we all know what the judgement will be. It is to be pronounced in a week or so. Even if his arguments are so strong that it is impossible to refute them. They will wage a war against their oppressors. To use more precise religious terminology.

Without any selfish motive of getting any reward here or in the hereafter. Now we come to the second question: Only my readers.

I know in the present circumstances my life would have been easier. If I were a believer. Charwak is yet another independent thinker of the past ages.

Why I am an | Atheism | Punishments

Where concrete proofs are lacking. I am a realistic man. I come to this question. Hence we find wide differences in the fundamentals of various religious creeds. But I need no opiate to meet my end. Item by item he has to challenge the efficacy of old faith. I am not always successful in such attempts. I want to overpower this tendency in me with the help of Reason.

As I have indicated. I think I have made it clear that I did not turn atheist because of vanity. This is the root of the evil.

If after rigorous reasoning. In India itself. It is necessary for every person who stands for progress to criticise every tenet of old beliefs. In Asian religions. It deprives a man of his understanding power and makes him reactionary. I should say blind belief is disastrous.

Aarya Samaj and Snatan Dheram. He challenged the Authority of God. Buddhism and Jainism are sometimes quite separate from Brahmanism. Being a little mystical can give the circumstances a poetic turn.

If faith cannot withstand the onslaught of reason. My disbelief in God has turned all the circumstances too harsh and this situation can deteriorate further.

Instead of developing the ideas and experiments of ancient thinkers. Success depends on chance and circumstances. I think that any man who has some reasoning power always tries to understand the life and people around him with the help of this faculty. Any person who claims to be a realist has to challenge the truth of old beliefs.

We find differences in Oriental and Occidental philosophies. His reasoning may be mistaken and even fallacious. But there is chance that he will be corrected because Reason is the guiding principle of his life.

There are differences even amongst various schools of thoughts in each hemisphere. Then in Brahmanism itself.

All these faiths differ on many fundamental questions. He has to analyse and understand all the details. But belief. Sometimes they take very antagonistic and conflicting forms.

I admit that I lack sufficient study in this field. But what is his place in history? By what names do we remember him? All the disparaging epithets are hurled at him. If He is bound by any law. That is why I ask: Was the creation of man intended to derive this kind of pleasure? Open your eyes and see millions of people dying of hunger in slums and huts dirtier than the grim dungeons of prisons.

I ask a few questions from theists: Why did he create man when he had the power not to do so? Have you any answer to these questions? You will say that it is to reward the sufferer and punish the evildoer in the hereafter. One Genghis Khan killed a few thousand people to seek pleasure in it and we hate the very name. This world which is full of woe and grief.

But so far as I reject the old time beliefs. Being atheist.

Pages are blackened with invective diatribes condemning Nero: He is not Omnipotent. As far as I am concerned. He killed a very limited number of people. After that his task should be to do the groundwork for new philosophy. There is no conscious power behind it. This is our philosophy. After that comes in the positive work in which some material of the olden times can be used to construct the pillars of new philosophy. Omniscient God.

He caused only a few tragedies. How can you support his doings which surpass those of Genghis Khan in cruelty and in misery inflicted upon people? I ask why the Almighty created this world which is nothing but a living hell. We believe in nature and that human progress depends on the domination of man over nature.

This is the negative side. How far the supporters and organizers of Gladiator bouts were justified in throwing men before half starved lions. Nero burnt one Rome. I had a great desire to study the Oriental Philosophy.

You may enumerate the number of these variations in Godly Punishment to be at least eighty-four lack. It is tantamount to saying that those who are oppressors now were Godly people then. How many of them have you met who were donkeys in their previous births for having committed any sin? Absolutely no one of this sort! Reformative theory is now widely accepted and considered to be necessary for human progress. I proceed to my next point. Retrieved 23 February Datta 11 March Tribune India.

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