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Descargá gratis el libro Beat of Temptation en PDF, MOBI y EPUB - Innocent Tamsyn has always Also published in Wild Invitation (). Wild Invitation (Psy-Changeling , , , ) ". By: Nalini Singh. Books To Read, Books, Epub Download Gratis, Ebookers, Epub To Mobi. psy changeling anthology doc and wild invitation a psy changeling anthology epub for wild invitation a psy changeling anthology read online or wild invitation a.

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Wild Invitation is a delicious collection of 4 novellas in the wildly sexy and successful Psy|Changeling world of Nalini Singh. g6TfRcjU - Download book Wild Invitation: A Psy-Changeling Collection by Nalini Singh in PDF, EPub, Kindle, Mobi. Read book online free Wild Invitation. leopard changeling who must prove his affections are true. First published in The Magical Christmas Cat (). Also published in Wild Invitation ().

Six months. It might as well have been a decade, as far as he was concerned. With her curvy body and that soft ebony hair he wanted to fist in his hands while he used his mouth, his teeth, to mark her creamy skin, she spoke to his every male instinct. The wolf who was his other half was in full agreement. Both sides of him wanted to claim her until no one had any doubts that she belonged to him. Added to that, Grace had been deeply vulnerable immediately after shifting into a new den. His claws pricked the insides of his skin at the thought, but man and wolf both knew that if she said no, he had to back off.

Like attempting to claim skin privileges from a male she was certain no one dared touch without his explicit permission. They were literally at opposite ends of the hierarchy—her wolf knew Cooper could chew her up and spit her out without noticing. And still, every time he came near her, her entire body went taut with expectation. The tunnels were wide and spacious, the rooms generous, but underneath the raw natural beauty of the stone pierced with threads of glittering mineral lay a highly complex technological heartbeat, one that Grace helped maintain.

With both the chief and deputy chief of her department away at different tech conferences, Grace was currently the one in charge. Concentrate on the job , she ordered herself, attempting to focus on the digital wrench she was using to remove a fried tube.

She fought the suicidal urge to throw a tool at his head.

Wild Invitation

As with every other dominance level, submissives could be shy or exuberant, cheerful or moody, sensual or reserved. She twisted the wrench a fraction too hard and almost broke the tube. We can recycle the components. She tore her eyes away from his hands, face heating even further at the raw images that had formed unbidden in her mind—of those big hands on her body, on her breasts, his skin exquisitely rough against her own.

Never had she responded to a man in such a way, and that it was a man whose mere presence made her wolf acutely uncomfortable? They were high quality, as promised.

Her pulse spiked as she stared at that strong, dark-skinned hand so warm and gentle, the calluses on his palm a sensual abrasion. Swallowing, she chanced a peek, her wolf at rigid attention.

The fact that she was changeling rather than a wild wolf meant she had the capacity for such defiance, but it would require bone-deep disagreement on her part, enough for the human side of her nature to override the powerful instincts of her wolf. Now, her eyes met the intense near-black of his and skated away.

It sent a thrill through her wolf. To hold the gaze of a lieutenant was a bold move for any wolf, but for a submissive, it went far beyond that. If one interpreted the eye contact as a challenge, it could end badly. The fact that in the majority of cases where such a thing had happened, both parties had been in wolf form, did nothing to negate the danger of triggering an inadvertent violent response.

Inhaling a jerky breath, she broke the shocking eye contact, tugged gently at her wrist. He released her before the next beat. Not certain of anything, she fell back on what she knew, picking up another one of her tools to do.

Except her thoughts were jumbled, a burn of lingering heat around her wrist. She began working on a random non-essential section of the duct, where she could easily fix any errors later. Beside her, Cooper shifted a fraction, the single inch he closed between them enough to have her wolf quivering and alert, anticipation, desire, and a good dose of panic all mixed in. The tool fell from her nerveless fingers to clatter to the floor. Reaching over, Cooper picked it up, put it back into her toolbox.

Stroke of Enticement

Heart crashing against her ribs hard enough to hurt, her breath jagged in her throat, Grace collapsed against the smooth stone of the wall. Oh, God. Never in her wildest imaginings had she thought Cooper would speak those words to her. No, he was serious. However, to make up for the error, I decided to write a free bonus epilogue as a holiday gift.

I hope you enjoy! Her toes curled at that deep, familiar voice. Turning in the passenger seat to face him, she just admired her mate for a second—big and strong and gorgeous and wonderful.

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Her wolf rubbing against the insides of her skin at the contact, she located his favorite band on the playlist. The sexy, throaty sound of a sax filled the SUV a second later.

Cooper could be demanding, but Grace liked him that way, liked that he never subdued his natural personality for her. Pressing her thighs together, she tried to fight off the betraying flush under her skin. She gave in to temptation and slipped one hand under the sleeve of his white T-shirt to stroke her fingers over his biceps while she drew in the scent of wild earth and dark amber.

Not in a million years could she have imagined saying that to any man a year ago, never mind to a dominant who could eat her alive and not even notice. But this was Cooper. Her Cooper. Who let her do whatever she liked with his body, and who was utterly delighted when she made demands of her own.

Now, however, he narrowed his eyes. A quick glance out of near-black eyes ringed with feral yellow as his wolf rose to the surface. Cooper groaned, before picking up her hand and bringing it to his mouth…to nip sharply at the fleshy pad below her thumb. Just not with you. Twenty seven miles and an additional twenty minutes of driving down back roads later, Cooper found a private spot in a secluded grove.

Shuddering, she decided she could do her biting later. Despite their unplanned detour, they arrived at the Sierra Nevada den in plenty of time to hide out with the other lieutenants, in the trees not far from the den. The blond lieutenant, all golden hair and blade-sharp cheekbones, was astonishingly handsome. But now he looked at her and smiled. Blushing, she averted her eyes, her wolf uncomfortable with holding his gaze.

Cooper squeezed her shoulders where she was tucked up against him. It was a little overwhelming. Not only that, but Alexei had a reputation for being reserved—a trait nowhere in evidence at this instant. Cooper released her to exchange a back-slapping embrace with Riaz, the dark-haired lieutenant having just arrived. Alexei remained beside her. Grace nodded. He was a lieutenant and these were his friends.

Her wolf bared its teeth in a grin inside her when Alexei laughed. She could handle these dominants, she thought, even en masse. In reply, the lieutenant rubbed the back of his knuckles over her cheek in a caress between packmates. Not long after that, they got the word to be quiet, as Judd was leading Hawke into the ambush.

Wild Invitation - Nalini Singh :: NYT bestselling author

Cooper shook his head. Then their alpha burst into the clearing and it erupted in sheer, wild joy. She was wolf. She was a SnowDancer. Wolf and woman, both parts of her loved the SnowDancer alpha, as did every other packmate in this clearing. He held her with a gentleness at odds with his powerful presence, a smile in his voice as he spoke.

His arms came around her at once. The rules of hierarchy were critical to the health of a changeling wolf pack.

That made Hawke grin and kiss her on the lips before releasing her to Cooper—who nipped her ear in a show of possessiveness that made her want to pet him. Ten minutes later, Milena squeezed Grace into a warm maternal embrace, then did the same to Cooper before making him bend so she could kiss him on both cheeks.

Pia squeaked, then laughed, hugging him back. That ceremony was beautiful, made Grace tear up at the loyalty and passion of it. Grace rubbed her nose against his, her hands fisted in his hair.

She knew how to play with her teasing, dangerous wolf. The yellow ring returned around his irises, his gaze nightglow in the shadows where they stood and his body hard. Tonight is about pack. The rest of the night passed in joyful celebration. She danced and drank champagne toasts and laughed with her packmates. The tech contingent invited her for a private drink around ten-thirty, and she left Cooper talking to one of the lieutenants while she connected with her friends, but they met up again later that night.

Her cheek pressed to his chest and her heart beating in time with his own, Grace closed her eyes. Lara woke skin-to-skin with a long, hard male body, her head tucked under his chin, her hands against his chest, her legs intertwined with his.

Lean muscle and a rough masculine heat, he surrounded her, possessed her. Eyes still closed, she luxuriated in the scent of dark water and snow-dusted firs. Her wolf rubbed up against the inside of her skin, unable to contain its delight, wanting only to touch, to pet. And she had every intention of taking advantage, her thirst for him endless. How could it be otherwise, when he was such an intelligent, dangerous, beautiful man? The ease of sleep did nothing to hide the fact that he was built lean and strong.

Wide shoulders, ridged abdomen, taut muscle, and a will akin to steel, this was a man who would stand unflinching against any wind. And he was hers, touched her with a devotion that was breathtaking in its passion, piercing in its honesty.

Shivering at the painful beauty of the bond that connected them, she shifted to look down into a face that was all clean angles and sun-golden skin, which betrayed how much time he spent out of doors.

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