Religion 802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying And Installation Pdf


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Many issues can arise in a wireless network due to poor planning and coverage. It has been discovered that many site surveys are not performed properly client is associated, it performs all the tasks a typical client .. Rogue APs are wireless APs that have been installed on an enterprise network. Wireless Network Consisting of Stand Alone Access, Planning a Wireless This report explains the survey consideration, hardware consideration, choice a suitable wireless router (a, b, g, n etc.) V ease of installation, and in commercial complexes offering wireless Site Survey. thesis was to explore WLAN in connection with a site survey and to competitive market, clients demand a very good wireless network. can meet the requirements of specific applications and installations. Although network standard IEEE a works on the 5 GHz band it is also an ..

802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying And Installation Pdf

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Wireless Network Site Surveying and Installation Read the rest of the excerpt in this PDF. Excerpted from Wireless Network Site Surveying and . The definitive guide to performing wireless network site surveys, selecting the right wireless equipment, and installing wireless LANs. information necessary to analyze and deploy wireless networks with confidence. It?s the .. Chapter 13 discusses how to install support on a Linux system . site surveys, and physical details such as antennas and transmission lines.

Add To My Wish List. Register your product to gain access to bonus material or receive a coupon. The definitive guide to performing wireless network site surveys, selecting the right wireless equipment, and installing Yet each location and company have unique needs that must be taken into account. This book helps you identify obstacles to a successful deployment and guides your equipment decisions to ensure that your WLAN reaches its maximum potential. Use this complete guide to understand the following components of any thorough site survey: The architecture of the access points, cable routes, and electrical needs The proper site survey technique and usage of appropriate utilities The structural and installation obstacles, including building construction, transmission coverage area, building contents, present cable configuration, area regulations, and building codes The documentation that outlines the necessary parts and equipment, and diagrams exhibiting the proper placement of the equipment

Understanding RF Components. Amplitude Modulation. Frequency Modulation. Phase Modulation. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing.

802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying and Installation

Modulation Methods for Signal Strength. Understanding RF Power Values. Power Ratings. Directional Properties. Omni-Directional Antennas. Directional Antennas. Antenna Examples. Patch Antenna. Panel Antenna. Yagi Antenna. Dish Antennas. Understanding RF Site Propagation. Frequency Versus Coverage.

Material Absorption, Reflection, and Refraction. Coverage Versus Bandwidth. Modulation Versus Coverage. Outdoor RF Issues. Propagation and Losses. Earth Bulge and Fresnel Zone. Regulating the Use of Early Spread-Spectrum Regulations. RF Regulatory Domains. Regulatory Channel Selections.

North American Domain Channel Scheme. Japan Channel Scheme. Other Regulatory Domain Frequency Limits. Maximum Transmitter Power Levels. North American Regulatory Power Levels. Japan Domain Power Levels.

Wireless Network Site Surveying and Installation

World Mode Antenna Connectors and Remote Antennas. Health and Safety. Plenum Locations. Recommended Reading. Enterprise Offices. Hotel, Conventions, and Hospitality. Public Hotspots. Defining Your Technology Requirements.

Quality of Service. IP Subnet Roaming. Load Balancing. Building-to-Building Connectivity. Software Upgrade Capabilities. Rogue AP Detection. Flexible and Secure Mobility.

Assisted Survey and Installation Tools. Self-Healing Systems. Remote Debugging. Distributed Intelligence. Centralized Intelligence. Core Device Architecture.

Edge Device Architecture. Switched Antenna Systems.

Phased Array Antenna Technology. Phased Array Antenna Extends Range. Mesh Networking. Free-Space Optics Laser. Selecting the Access Point. Single- or Dual-Radio Architecture. AP Radio Styles.

Selecting the Client Products. Preparing for a Site Survey. Pre-Site Survey Form Information. Customer Information. Site Survey Location. Current Network and Communications Information. Site Information. Survey Personnel Requirements. Scope of Work. Coverage Map. Outdoor Bridge Links. User Input. Balancing Wants, Needs, and Capabilities. Site Surveying Equipment. WLAN Equipment. Physical Measuring Devices.

RF Analyzers. Spectrum Analyzer. Portable Analyzer Tools. Two-Way Radios.

Outdoor Tools. Battery Packs. Digital Camera. Mounting Hardware. Site Survey Kits. Recommended Facility Documentation. Site Map. Building Construction. Building Contents. Defined User Areas and Densities. Limitations Affecting Equipment Installations. Customer Restrictions. Regulatory Limitations. Environmental Concerns. Using Cookie Cutter Designs. Discovering Wired Network Requirements. Switches, Routers, and Hubs. Developing a Policy for Device Roaming. Association of Clients.

Layer 2 Roaming. Layer 3 Roaming. The Nomadic-Node Approach. The Mobile-Node Approach. Mobile IP. Mobile IP Disadvantages. Proxy Mobile IP. Layer 3 Wireless Switching. Wireless QoS Deployment Schemes. This was last published in April When will enterprises adopt the new Wi-Fi 6 standard? Execs talk product roadmap at Aruba Atmosphere Skip the wireless site survey cost and invest in more wireless APs Wireless site surveys and why you no longer need them Load More View All. Take steps now to ready your network for Wireless site surveys and why you no longer need them Waiting too long for Wi-Fi upgrade puts security at risk Can cable be reused when upgrading Load More View All Manage.

What's the difference? High-speed wireless access: Fact or fiction? A Wi-Fi design that can handle high density? Load More View All Problem solve. Login Forgot your password? Forgot your password? No problem! Submit your e-mail address below. We'll send you an email containing your password. Your password has been sent to: Please create a username to comment.

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