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Always Outnumbered Always Outgunned Pdf

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Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Always Lynsay Sands Leisure Books Copyr. Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned by Walter Mosley - New York Times bestselling author Walter Mosley introduces an "astonishing character" (Los. always outnumbered always outgunned by walter mosley summary study guide free pdf ebooks download - walter mosley - book series in order walter ellis.

Meet Socrates Fortlow, a tough ex-con seeking truth and redemption in South Central Los Angeles -- and finding the miracle of survival. Once you go to prison you belong there. Now, he has come home to a new kind of prison: Working for the Bounty supermarket, and moving perilously close to invisibility, it is Socrates who throws a lifeline to a drowning man: In a place of violence and hopelessness, Socrates offers up his own battle-scarred wisdom that can turn the world around.

Add to Cart Add to Cart. About The Book. Crimson Shadow: Section One "What you doin' there, boy? Socrates Fortlow had come out to the alley, to see what was wrong with Billy.

He hadn't heard him crow that morning and was worried about his old friend. The sun was just coming up. The alley was almost pretty with the trash and broken asphalt covered in half-light. Discarded wine bottles shone like murky emeralds in the sludge.

Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned

In the dawn shadows Socrates didn't even notice the boy until he moved. He was standing in front of a small cardboard box, across the alley -- next to Billy's wire fence. He couldn't have been more than twelve but he had that hard convict stare.

Socrates knew convicts, knew them inside and out. Ain't yo' momma told you t'be civil? He wore baggy jeans with a blooming blue T-shirt over his bony arms and chest.

Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned Summary & Study Guide

His hair was cut close to the scalp. The boy bent down to pick up the box. If the boy hadn't had his back turned he would have been able to dodge the stiff lunge. As it was he heard something and moved quickly to the side. But not quickly enough. Socrates grabbed the skinny arms with his big hands -- the rock breakers, as Joe Benz used to call them.

The old brown rooster was dead in the box. His head slashed so badly that half of the beak was gone. He let go of one arm and said, "Pick up that box. Pick it up! The kitchen was only big enough for a man and a half. The floor was pitted linoleum; maroon where it had kept its color, gray where it had worn through. There was a card table for dining and a fold-up plastic chair for a seat. There was a sink with a hot plate on the drainboard and shelves that were once cabinets -- before the doors were torn off.

The light fixture above the sink had a sixty-watt bulb burning in it. The room smelled of coffee. A newspaper was spread across the table.

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Socrates shoved the boy into the chair, not gently. A red spider picked its way slowly through the strands. It was the image of a black woman in the doorway of a house. She wore a red dress and a red hat to protect her eyes from the sun. She had her arms crossed under her breasts and looked angry. Darryl stared at the painting while the spider danced above.

There was fear in his voice. Socrates squatted down and scooped the rooster up out of the box. He held the limp old bird up in front of Darryl's face. This study guide contains the following sections: The stories contained in Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned are set in the Watts section of Los Angeles, California during and chronicle several months in the life of Socrates Fortlow, who is the main character protagonist in each of the short stories.

Socrates is a year-old ex-convict who served 27 years in a prison in Indiana for a double murder, and who has been living in a two-room apartment in Watts for the eight years since his release. Socrates is a large African American man with huge, strong hands and a violent nature he continually — and for the most part successfully — struggles to keep in check.

Socrates took a bus to Los Angeles immediately after his release from prison to start his life over in a completely new place where no one knew him.

The 14 short stories in this collection are all interconnected, and yet are written so they can be read independently of one another; each story has a beginning, middle, and an end, and its own plotline.

Burdened with guilt over his past actions, anger at himself and the world around him, and a sense of loss related to the things his years in prison took from him or kept him from having in the first place, Socrates is a complicated and multidimensional character. They provide the reader with the portrait of a man making his way as best he can in a world where he feels he is always an underdog and can never be certain of everything.

In each of the stories, Socrates confronts a situation or dilemma in which his own unique moral compass or sense of justice is his only guide. Whether confronting a criminal threatening his community or one of his friends, dealing with one of his own inner demons, or standing up for his rights, Socrates lives by a very strict set of rules and his own code of morality.

This is perhaps best illustrated in the several stories which deal directly with the crime and violence prevalent in Watts.

Because he has a deep distrust of the police — and all authority — Socrates is compelled to take action on his own in these instances rather than simply ignore the problems he is confronted with. Although in each of these stories Socrates does a considerable amount of good for his friends or his community, it is often at great personal cost to himself.

Though Socrates is portrayed as pretty much of a loner and as a man who mostly has acquaintances rather than friends, he does form close relationships with a few other characters, and these relationships play a pivotal role in a number of these stories.

Perhaps the most important of these relationships is with Darryl, a year-old boy who has killed another boy — possibly accidentally — and who Socrates befriends and mentors in several of these stories.

The reader is left with the feeling Socrates will continue to evolve and grow as a person. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

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