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Dez. This Basic Course in German has been des·igned to assist United control of the structure of the spoken language and of a basic vocabu-. Most people actually give up on their dream of learning German or any second language because traditional classroom instruction is just too much of a hassle. We are all different. Some people prefer to use the latest technology when learning a foreign language while others still like paper textbooks that they can read.

German Language Tutorial Pdf

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Published: May 01, PDF created by Hagindaz Beginning German (Level I) puts more emphasis on building vocabulary around subject matter interesting. Do you want to speak German fluently? Learn German online or download a funny audio story. The German language is not as difficult as you might think. Whether you plan to embark on a new journey towards learning German or you just need a basic reference booklet for a trip abroad, the Cactus team has.

We are all different. Some people prefer to use the latest technology when learning a foreign language while others still like paper textbooks that they can read in a pleasant environment somewhere on the beach or in bed. In fact, many German textbooks are available online as free downloadable PDFs they usually open in the browser but can be saved to your disk. They are ideal for practicing grammar skills and improving vocabulary and reading comprehension. In addition, samples of various German language exams can also be downloaded from the Internet for free as PDF files.

Because apart from the excellent grammar explanations in English and worksheets to download or print, this website is as comprehensive as traditional textbooks and covers a lot of ground from grammar to spelling, basic vocabulary, pronunciation and more.

Exercises Audio Format: What more do you want?

Interactive Exercises Audio Video Format: Learning German doesn't have to be difficult! Kindle iBooks Paperback. You Might Also Enjoy Reading.

Learning German? Help Bert unravel the mystery of the book-threatening"reading machine". What does it want? Where does it come from? And will he be able to protect his leather-bound friends from its hungry jaws?

Why Learning German Using PDF Lessons is Practical and Efficient

Experience daily life in the German capital through the eyes of a newcomer, learn about the country and its people, and improve your German effortlessly along theway! A picture book for the young and young at heart about an unusual friendship between two pets. In a small seaside town body parts start appearing out of nowhere.

To whom do they belong? Here you find 12 German lessons.

You can click on any lesson below to download it and study for free. We recommand 1-to-1 lessons to improve your German speaking and listening.

Learn German Easily | Learn German Online Free

Our latest news always on Facebook. In 12 successive lessons, selected topics from level A1 serve as examples for the contents which need to be covered in a German language course for beginners.

After a brief introduction of the respective grammar, appropriate examples and exercises of various kinds follow in each lesson. For clearer understanding of the grammar part, as well as the tasks, and practice sentences, the lessons are set up bilingually, in German and English. Please note that a 1: If you are looking for the meaning of an individual word, you can look it up in the glossary.

German Adjectives. Counting in German to , Cheers in German.

Funny Vocabulary Lesson. Comparative Adjectives. Countries and Capitals. Punctuation marks in German. Days of the Week in German. Email Course: Nice things you could say to your sweetheart Romantic German Phrases. Current Local Time in Germany: Time in Germany.

Learning Tip: Vocabulary Learning Tip. Language Lovers I won. Additional Lesson and Stories: Online Store. Der eingeblendete Hinweis Banner dient dieser Informationspflicht. Eine Anleitung zum Blockieren von Cookies finden Sie hier.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Welcome to: Check out my: This method is suitable for: Language Lovers I won Online Store: Similarities between the German language and the English language German is not difficult! Click the play button. Klick den Playbutton. See, I told you. Wollen Sie …? Wollen Sie lernen? Wann wollen Sie essen?

Wann wollen Sie schwimmen? Wann wollen Sie lernen? Wann wollen Sie studieren? Wann wollen Sie kommen? Wann wollen Sie gehen? Wann wollen Sie starten? Wann wollen Sie tanzen?

Ich kann singen. Ich kann schwimmen. Ich kann surfen.

5 Free German Textbooks For Beginners

Still on track? There is more! See how easy it is to get started if you use similar words.

Ich muss warten. Would you have thought that the German language and the English language are so similar? Ich bin blond. Ich bin cool. Ich bin fair. Ich bin sexy.

Ich bin unfair. Ich bin wild. Do you want more? Go to Basic Lesson No 1. You could also check out my other free lessons: You will learn the foreign language very naturally and you will learn to think in German step by step. I created a lot of lessons and stories that will help you to get fluent very fast in months instead of years.

If you want to learn more read on: The answer is easy, with a method called TPRS. Intermediate and advanced students: What is TPRS? Actually this is the answer to the question: How do I learn German fast? How is it possible to learn German easily and effortlessly?

The answer is very simple: You have to have fun! But let me explain this method a little: This sounds very trivial, right? What shall I tell you more? Or go to Basic Lesson No 1. Free Email Course Download a German audio story and learn with the storytelling method. You will also learn the 7 rules to master German. Similarities between German and English Lektion 1: The Word "is" in German Lektion 5: I, you, he, she, it in German Lektion 6: Colors in German Lektion 7: German Numbers Lektion 9: We, you, they in German Lektion I love you in German Lesson You, she, they in German Lesson Er sie es instead of the Noun Lesson Conjugation of sein and haben Lesson Accusative Case "den" Lesson Thank you, Hello and Yes in German Lesson

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