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Here Comes Everybody The Power of Organizing Without Organizations - dokument [*.pdf] HERE COMES EVERYBODY THE POWER OF ORGANIZING. SHIRKY, Clay () Here Comes Everybody - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Here Comes Everybody. The Power of Organizing Without Organizations. Penguin Press, March The Internet has become an integral part of our personal.

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HERE COMES EVERYBODY. THE POWER OF ORGANIZING. WITHOUT ORGANIZATIONS. CLAY SHIRKY. ALLEN LANE an imprint of. PENGUIN BOOKS . Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations [Clay Shirky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An extraordinary. Here Comes Everybody Power of Organizing Without Organizations · Read more · Here Comes The Parade. Read more.

Clay Shirky's international bestseller Here Comes Everybody: How Change Happens When People Come Together explores how the unifying power of the internet is changing the character of human society. Welcome to the new future of involvement. Forming groups is easier than it's ever been: The results of this new world of easy collaboration can be both good young people defying an oppressive government with a guerrilla ice-cream eating protest and bad girls sharing advice for staying dangerously skinny but it's here and, as Clay Shirky shows, it's affecting For the first time, we have the tools to make group action truly a reality. And they're going to change our whole world.

This creates a mass amateurization of journalism and photography, requiring a new definition of what credentials make someone a journalist, photographer, or news reporter. This mass amateurization threatens to change the way news is spread throughout different media outlets. However, after publication, in an interview with Journalism.

He concedes that public pressure via the Internet could be another implementation method for special interest groups. The author argues that social tools drastically reduce transaction costs and organizing overhead, allowing loosely structured groups with limited managerial oversight to operate under the Coasean Floor. As an example, he cites Flickr , which allows groups to organically form around themes of images without the transaction costs of managerial oversight.

The Bookseller declared the book one of the two "most reviewed" books over the [] Easter weekend, noting that the Telegraph's reviewer Dibbell found it "as crisply argued and as enlightening a book about the Internet as has been written" and that the Guardian reviewer Stuart Jeffries called it "terrifically clever" and "harrowing". In a review, NYTimes. Brabazon also argues that the "assumption that 'we' can learn about technology from technology - without attention to user-generated contexts rather than content - is the gaping, stunning silence of Shirky's argument".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the book. For the fictional character, see Finnegans Wake.

Here Comes Everybody

Evan was getting ten e-mails a minute from people asking about the phone, offering encouragement, or volunteering to help. When the barrier to returning something is high, we make peace with "Finders, keepers.

Finding a loose bill on the street is different from finding a wallet with 10 in it, and the case of the missing Sidekick was even worse than a lost wallet. Evan, clearly energized by the response from his growing readership, continued posting a running commentary on his webpage.

He wrote forty updates in ten days, accompanied by a growing frenzy of both local and national media attention.

There was a lot to update: Someone reading the StolenSidekick page figured out Sasha's full name, then her address, and drove by her house, later posting the video on the Web for all to see. Members of Luis's Military Police unit wrote to inquire about allegations that an MP was threatening a civilian and promised to look into the matter.

Here Comes Everybody The Power of Organizing Without Organizations - Pobierz pdf z

Evan also created a bulletin board for his readers, a place online where they could communicate with one another about the attempts to recover Ivanna's phone. Seeing this, he selected a second bulletin board service, but that too crashed under the sudden shock of demand, as did the third.

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These kinds of failures, sometimes called "success crises," bring to mind Yogi Berra's famous observation about a New York restaurant: It's too crowded. As is usual with these kinds of communities, much of the conversation was off-topic; the military section of the bulletin board included a conversation about whether Luis was taking sufficient care of the uniform he was wearing in the pictures Sasha had taken.

Luis announced they were going to sue for harassment; her friends wrote in with more threatening e-mail.

SHIRKY, Clay (2008) Here Comes Everybody

Evan and Ivanna filed a report with the police, who classified the phone as lost rather than stolen property, meaning they would take no action. Several people in the New York City government wrote in offering to help get the complaint amended, including a police officer who shared internal NYPD paperwork and explained how the complaint should have been handled.

By this point millions of readers were watching, and dozens of mainstream news outlets had covered the story. The public airing of the NYPD's refusal to treat this case as theft generated so many public complaints that the police later reversed their stand and, after dispatching two detectives to talk with Ivanna, agreed to treat the phone as stolen rather than lost. As Sasha's mother memorably told a reporter the day her daughter was arrested, "I never in my life thought a phone was gonna cause me so many problems.

It was the people at the other end of the phone, people who had come together around Evan's page, who found the MySpace profiles and the family'S address and helped pressure the police department, all in a busy ten days, and all of it leading to Sasha's arrest. Having achieved their stated goals of publicly calling out Sasha and retrieving the phone, Evan and Ivanna declined to press charges, and Sasha was released.

Ivanna's wedding went off without a hitch, and Evan, in light of his ability to gather a crowd, began getting freelance work doing PR.

Despite Evan's heroic efforts, he could not have gotten the phone returned if he had been working alone. He used his existing social network to get the word out, which in turn helped him find an enormous audience for Ivanna's plight, an audience willing to do more than just read from the sidelines. And they're going to change our whole world. Clay Shirky writes, teaches, and consults on the social and economic effects of the internet. Clay Shirky teaches at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, where he researches the interrelated effects of our social and technological networks.

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Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations

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