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Friday, April 12, 2019

However, the price sensitivity is probably not as acute on these services as it is on Kindle because Amazon really does push the Read this ebook for free on. Setting a selling price for self-published Kindle eBooks or KDP Print books ( formerly CreateSpace) sold on Amazon begins with understanding. Now, Amazon has very specific ideas about ebook pricing. When you're uploading using their KDP platform — or using an aggregator — you.

Kindle Ebook Prices

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The biggest selection of eBooks and Audiobooks from Kindle in Literature & Fiction, Foreign Languages, Religion & Spirituality, Business, Kindle Price: $ Results 1 - 16 of 26 Online shopping for Kindle E-readers from a great selection at Amazon Devices & Accessories Store. Kindle eBooks. Massive book selection, low prices–over a million titles at $ or less. Learn how to price an ebook by understanding what affects ebook prices like price everywhere, so you can't sell your book for $ on Amazon and more on.

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This question is the cause of more anxious or panicked messages and phone calls from clients and friends than any other. So here are six secrets to setting the price for your ebook.

You could name any price you wanted. If you wanted. Now, Amazon has very specific ideas about ebook pricing. When you click View Service , Amazon will create a nifty graph that shows your likely sales and revenue at different price points: The chart shows both probable sales the grey dotted line , and probable net revenue the red line based on various prices the numbers along the x-axis at the bottom. Now, one thing that Amazon is very, very good at is maximizing sales.

Sorry to have to dive back into Econ A change in the retail price created a larger percentage negative change in gross sales. As the chart shows, in general ebook prices are fairly elastic. And vice-versa.

I just helped publish a 1. Nonetheless, readers are somewhat aware when you charge the same for a short story that you do for a novel. So it makes sense to reflect the length at least somewhat in your price. Otherwise people can get cranky. On the other hand, in other genres for example, literary fiction, non-fiction, etc.

Then click on them and check out how long they are.

The Price Is Right: 6 Secrets to Pricing Your Ebook

You can do that be going down just below where the description starts to where a bunch of boring metadata resides — including the page length:.

Over that could probably be considered full-length for our purposes. So check out the lengths and prices of the best sellers. See what prices seem to sell short pieces and what prices work for full-length works.

Also, use your time to see what kinds of keywords and categories the publishers used to get people to buy their books. You may want to price higher or — more often — you want to go lower.

Perhaps much lower. Perhaps even giving your book away. Note that you should never do this without a specific reason. Too often new indie publishers think that getting lots of readers is in and of itself the point.

And remember: Self-publishers are more likely to underprice their wares rather than overprice them. And a negative ROI also called a net loss is a very sad thing!

How to Price an Ebook and Which Factors Affect Price

And believe me, experienced readers have been around enough indie books to know that there can sometimes be a lot wrong: The price has become inelastic at that point. I recommend you let the price settle long enough to develop some sort of trend, however.

I often revisit my prices weekly over the first month or two, and then monthly after that. I look at the sales trend. I look at net revenue.

Sometimes I shift my price up. Sometimes I shift down. I do try to keep my prices rational across various titles, so all of the short stories in a genre are generally priced the same, for example — though if one of them is extremely popular, I might raise the price a dollar. I up the price at Google Play so that the discounted price is the same or close as everywhere else.

Why do that? Over the second half of , however, they seem to have stopped doing that for the most part.

They may or may not pick the practice up again. I sometimes feel as if, no matter what time I start marketing the book, it should have been three years before that. I think I may diverge from your typical case in two ways. First, my books are serious technical nonfiction; at least two of them have been used as college textbooks.

Excellent article. Thank you for taking the time to share such valuable information with us. I just stumbled upon this post and wanted to submit a question. Do most people search Amazon for Free books with no intention of buying the second book in the series? Do Kindle Unlimited participants download Free books? Do you have any type of research or experience that could help answer those two questions?

Or, books priced Free or. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Check out my post on optimizing images for your ebook to see how to get that cost as low as possible. If you raise the price to try to pay off the licenses faster, you may in fact slow the sales down so much that it will take longer to earn out!

This is quite different from the calculus involved in including color images in a print book — where adding color immediately increases your production cost by two times or more. Joel Friedlander is probably the best person to answer the question of how to plan for those costs. This is great information, thank you. I just figured what I would pay for a well written page novel in electronic form compared to Print Version. Guess it was a good choice. Sales have been brisk daily. Although paperback sales still surpass ebooks.

Sort of figured that knowing our market. Having said that, I do encourage you to experiment with your prices — and occasionally try dropping them for a promotion. Sorry I missed the response.

Kindle at 10: the curious case of ebook pricing

I did set up a special of two in a series Special digital price on the website. Received well and sales are rewarding.

Just fulfilling orders is keeping one person busy. As with any product and any store, the person buying your book is a customer of that store and the store is in business to make a profit.

There are a few other rules about when you might receive less than you expect. This happens when you put your eBook on sale or another eBook retailer offers your book for a lower price and Amazon matches that price. When you agree to sell your book on Amazon you agree to not sell it at a lower price elsewhere. If you do, Amazon is authorized to match that price. Finally, these rules and policies may apply to books sold via KDP and do not apply to all books sold on Amazon.

Individual publishers and aggregators can have their own arrangements.

In fact, there are many services that can do this for you—for a price. You basically pay a flat fee or a percentage of royalties for the convenience of using a single company to list and manage your eBook in multiple stores.

But since most eBooks are still sold or borrowed in the Kindle store, and not all services work the same way, it pays to study the options, costs, and tradeoffs carefully. For a thorough report on eBook aggregators distributors , see my eBook Distribution Round-up for , complete with FAQs and a comparison of 9 services. Paperback book pricing for KDP Print is a little more straightforward. In this case, the key number to figure out is the cost to manufacture your book.

The primary factors that affect costs are:. See below for Amazon. Trim size, bleed settings, and cover finish do not affect cost of printing.

Click the subsection: How we calculate printing cost. Now that you have the cost to manufacture your printed book you can compute the sales commission. This is easy: The formula for this is:. As you see above for Trials and Trails , that number is:. Also, your price must not be higher in any other sales channel. For example, if you sell your book on your website it must match the price you list it for on Amazon.

And yes, Amazon can undercut your price.

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