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Saturday, March 16, 2019 MB .. kinh- KB. narratives, “The Story of the Goddess of Mercy, Thi Kinh,” and the “Story of reign of a certain number of prayers such as Dieu Phap Lien Hoa and Kim. never -hoa org/a/dieu-phap-lien-hoa-kinh-phim-3d-tieng-viet T12 Z never ..

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Uploaded by: JARVIS Dec k unknown Bao-Cao-Tam-Dac-Hoc-Dai-Kinh-Khoa-Chu-va-Tinh-Hoa-Khai-Thi-Cac-Bai- . Apr k unknown. Trong kinh Phap Diet Tan co noi rat ro rang: "Vao thoi mat phap kinh Thii- Vi mot dieu qua chan thuc, kinh Thii-lang-nghiem la chan than ciia diic Phat, kinh Thii- . trong hao quang no ra bCpu lien hoa ngan canh, tren do co hoa than Phat. 6 Tháng Tám Kinh Vu Lan Bồn. Đựng trong bình-bát vọng-cầu kính dâng. Chư Đại-đức mười phương thọ-thực .. Kinh Thơ Diệu Pháp Liên Hoa (PDF).

Once, the Buddha resided in the kingdom of Sravasti,among the Jetavana trees in the garden of Anathapindika. The Great Mu-chien-lien began to obtain the six penetrations. Desiring to save his parents to repay the kindness they had shown him in nursing and feeding him, he used his divine eye to observethe worlds. He saw his departed mother reborn among the hungry ghosts: Mu-lien took pity, filled his bowl with rice, and sent it to his mother as an offering. When his mother received the bowl of rice, she used her left hand to guard the bowl and her right hand to gather up the rice, but before the food entered her mouth it changed into flaming coals, so in the end she could not eat.


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