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Monday, June 24, 2019 Magician: Apprentice Riftwar Saga #1 (of 17) eBook: Raymond Feist, Brett Booth, Michael Oeming, Bryan Glass: Kindle Store. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share. Collects comic To the forest on the shore of the Kingdom of the Isles, the orphan Pug came to study with the master magician Kulgan. But though his courage.

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Magician, Apprentice. Read more Riftwar Saga, Book 1: Magician: Apprentice. Read more Raymond E. Feist - Riftwar 01 - Magician - Apprentice. Feist, Raymond E. - Riftwar 01 - Magician Apprentice · Read more Raymond E. Feist - Riftwar Saga 1a - Magician Apprentice. Read more. Title Page. Dedication. Foreword to the Revised. Edition. Maps. Book 1: Pug and Tomas. Chapter One: Storm. Chapter Two: Apprentice. Chapter Three: Keep.

These tricks will surely impress even the most discerning fan of magic. Continued practice will be the key to mastering these high quality and sophisticated tricks that will delight viewers for years to come. But remember, a magic trick is only magical as long as you preserve its secret! Riffle Shuffle Cut and Restore Card

Step 2 Spread the cards out. Remove the card in front of your key card. Cut the deck into two stacks. Step 3 Restack the deck and place it face down. One corner of the card has a secret hinged fold that. Be sure to practice sleight of hand on this trick. A small corner piece that matches the hinged corner is also included to make the card appear as though it has actually been cut.

Step 2 Using a pair of scissors. Image A A 9. Card Tricks Unshuffled Step 2 Hold the folded card and the small corner piece together so that the joint is hidden. The 9 of Diamonds is the gimmick card. This will give the illusion that the card has been permanently cut. Be careful that the scissors do not actually cut the card or corner piece! Image C Step 3 Keeping the hinged corner folded back.

It must appear as though the corner is part of the card! The card will magically appear to be restored! The Queen of Diamonds hides under the secret flap. Image F Ask the audience to name the remaining card on the table. Ask a volunteer to turn the card over. Slowly shuffle these two cards in your hands. The 8 of Spades must not be seen! Turn the two fanned-out cards around and show them to the audience.

To the amazement of the audience. This will allow the Queen of Diamonds to slip out from under the secret flap on the 9 of Diamonds card. The audience must not see the face of the cards as you set them down!

Image E Carefully pick up the two outer cards the 9 of Diamonds and the 7 of Clubs. The secret door automatically springs closed once the pen is removed. When the pen is removed. The downward force of the glass on the table causes the coin to drop out of the secret compartment and into the glass. A Practice this trick in front of a mirror to learn which angle works best in order to fool the audience.

The spring hinge enables the door to close immediately. Image A Step 2 Remove the pen and display the magically repaired card to the audience.

Start out as gently as possible during this test. Step 2 Using the ring and middle fingers. Step 3 Flatten the thumb against the side of the hand to hold the coin secretly between the palm muscles. The hand should appear to be relaxed. Image A Step 4 Keep the palm facing away from the audience. Step 5 If possible. Get a clear drinking glass from a grown-up. A To properly perform this trick. Point the thumb upward. Image B Step 3 Gently tap the bottom of the glass on the table.

Card Tricks Unshuffled Place a coin that matches the hidden coin on top of the card. The coin on the card will be missing when the hand is removed.

Image A Step 2 Place one hand on the glass. Carefully lift the three stacked items off the table. This gives the illusion that the coin has physically moved through the card and fallen into the glass. Image C Step 4 While tapping the glass on the table. The longer you wear them.

The magician wears special glasses that make the markings visible. Turn away from the table. Step 4 Point out the rotated card to your amazed audience. Step 2 Select four cards and place them face down in a line on a table. Step 3 Tell the audience that you will use mental powers of persuasion to force your volunteer to move the cards according to the your own wishes.

Do not use the riffle shuffle for this trick. Image A A You will easily see which card was rotated because the invisible writing on one card will now be facing the opposite direction from the other cards. The rotated card will appear to be in the same position as before to those not wearing the special glasses.

Step 3 Name the card correctly by secretly reading the markings written in invisible ink! Step 2 Quickly read the invisible code. Step 2 Ask the volunteer to pick any card and hold up the card so that you cannot see the face.

Secretly read and memorize the value of each card by reading the invisible markings on the back. Step 3 After a few moments. Fan out the deck of cards.

For example. Ask the volunteer to reveal the card to the audience. Image B Weave an imaginative story using the card values that you magically see. I went to the ice cream shop on Spade Street 3 times with my soccer club. Approach the second non-matching volunteer next. Card Tricks Unshuffled Step 3 Approach one non-matching volunteer first. The key to this trick is creativity and imagination!

Step 4 Flip over the cards to reveal them to your amused audience. When the third card is revealed. Step 4 When approaching the third volunteer. Step 3 You and the volunteer each slide one of your cards out of line. By doing this. Never use the riffle shuffling method with a Shaved Deck.

Slide the fanned out cards back into a stack. Watch very carefully to see if the volunteer rotates the card after removing it from the deck. Step 4 Ask the volunteer to return the selected card to the deck. Image A Step 2 Fan the cards out face down in your hands. Image C If the volunteer rotates the card.

Consider the methods listed below to rotate the deck without raising suspicion: Slide a thumb and finger down the side edges of the deck to remove the card. Image B If the full deck is too large to hold. The deck should feel even and smooth when you slide a finger and thumb down the long.

Step 3 Ask the volunteer to return the card to the deck. Remove all four Aces from the deck. Step 4 Place the deck behind your back. Remember that the deck must be rotated in the opposite direction from the Aces before they are returned to the deck. Image A A! Step 1. Display the magically found card to the audience. Watch very carefully to see if the volunteer rotates the card.

Step 2 Ask the volunteer to remove one card from the deck. Demonstrate how to perform the overhand shuffle technique to the audience. Sleight of hand is important. While shuffling the cards. Queen or King. The pattern of the petals identifies the value of the card. Hindu shuffle or overhand shuffle. The left flower identifies an Ace. The code appears on both ends of each card. There are two flowers at the top and bottom of each card.

The right flower identifies a 9. Image A Ask a volunteer to remove one card of each suit Clubs. Spades and Hearts from the deck. Ask the volunteer to remove one card and show its face to everyone including yourself. Announce that you will find the card hidden in the stack by using your superior skills of touchdetermination. Ask the volunteer to remove an additional card from the deck.

Ask the volunteer to show the five cards to the audience. When you find the card chosen by the volunteer. Image A If using the full deck of cards makes steps 2 and 3 too difficult. Ask the volunteer to return the card to the middle of the stack.

Step 4 Glance back and forth across the five cards. Step 3 Walk your index and middle fingers across the cards to separate them.

When you find the two cards with the same suit. Step 3 Turn back toward the table. Step 2 Take the stack from the volunteer and spread the cards across the table. Queen and King each equal Set the rest of the deck aside. Do not ask for a number above If the magic number is Step 4 Read the secret patterns on the back of each card until you find a combination of cards that add up to the magic number.

Ace and Jack. If you wish.

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Ace equals 1. Many possibilities exist. In this deck. All of the identical face cards are also short cards. The 4 of Hearts is simple and should not attract much attention. Do not allow the audience to examine the Svengali Deck! It will spell disaster for your tricks!

Magician: Apprentice, Volume 2

Shaved Deck. By using a variety of tricks and gimmicks. When performing Svengali tricks. The entire deck must be set up in this shortlong-short-long pattern every time it is used. Card Pen-a-Tration. Be sure to double-check the order of the cards before beginning your performance. As a result. With practice. Riffling the deck from time to time to reveal the mixed card faces may help convince the audience that the deck is normal.

With any other shuffle method.

Magician: Apprentice

Step 4 Ask the volunteer to remove the top card from the deck. The top card on the deck must be the 4 of Hearts. Keep the deck separated where the card was removed. The magician claims to be revealing the top card on the deck.

Instruct the volunteer to memorize the card and hide its face from you. To properly perform this trick.

Image A Step 2 Instruct a volunteer to ask you to stop riffling. Step 3 Explain to the audience that the card that was chosen is lighter than all of the other cards in the deck. Two methods of performing the double lift are illustrated on the following page. Riffle the cards into your other hand. Pick up the two cards and show them to the audience so that they appear to be one card.

Restack the deck neatly. Image A Step 2 Bend up an end of the top two cards with your right thumb. With your right hand. Mix the cards thoroughly using the riffle shuffle see Chapter 1. Pull the top two cards off the deck and show them to the audience so that they appear to be one card. The card chosen will be the 4 of Hearts. As the cards bend. Without shuffling. Image A Squeeze the fingers and thumb on your right hand toward each other.

Pick the top two cards off of the deck. Step 2 Ask the volunteer to place the 4 of Hearts back on top of the deck. Step 3 Tap the deck three times with a finger. Announce that the hidden card is the 4 of Hearts.

Step 3 Announce to the audience that you will be able to identify the selected card by using your superior powers of deduction. Step 2 A volunteer must ask you to stop riffling. Step 8 Secretly return the card to its original location in the deck after the trick. Secretly use your fingers to keep a break in the deck.

Be sure to ask about the 4 of Hearts in the middle of the list. Every question must be answered with. Step 5 Look directly into the eyes of the volunteer. Step 2 Instruct a volunteer to tell you when to stop riffling.

Instruct the volunteer to memorize the card and keep it hidden from you. Step 4 Riffle the cards into your hand again. The card will be the same card chosen by the first volunteer. Stop riffling the deck about halfway through. Instruct the volunteer to show the card to the audience. Announce that you will find the chosen card in the deck by finding the heat signature of his or her fingerprints left behind. Step 4 While counting out loud. If the number selected is even.

Ask the volunteer to pick a number from 1 to Step 3 Hold the deck by the ends. Instruct the volunteer to hide the card from you. Step 5 Secretly return the card to its original location in the deck after the trick. The card turned over will be the 4 of Hearts. Hold the stacked deck in your hand and move it up and down. Step 4 Announce that the missing card is clearly the 4 of Hearts.

Though ill at ease with the normal ways of wizardry, Pug soon earns his place as a squire after saving the life of one of the royals at court. But his courage will be tested still further when dark beings from another world open a rift in the fabric of spacetime to rekindle the age-old battle between the forces of Order and Chaos.

Now the lives of Pug and his friend Tomas are thrown into danger and disarray. Raymond E.

Feist is the internationally bestselling author or co-author of more than thirty novels, including Magician, Silverthorn, A Darkness at Sethanon, and Faerie Tale, as well as short stories in bestselling anthologies, including Legends and Legends II, edited by… More about Raymond E. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you purchase this book from your favorite retailer.

Read An Excerpt. Feist By Raymond E. Epic Fantasy Category: Epic Fantasy Audiobooks. Paperback 2 —. Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Add to Cart Add to Cart. About Magician: Apprentice A worthy pupil. Apprentice The Riftwar Saga—a classic of fantasy literature which no true fan should be without—opens with this tale of magic, might, and adventure.

Also in Riftwar Cycle: The Riftwar Saga. Also by Raymond E. See all books by Raymond E. About Raymond E. Feist Raymond E. Product Details. People Who Read Magician: Inspired by Your Browsing History.

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