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DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download The Meta Secret: The Next Level Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products. The Meta Secret, which is the extension of The Secret itself, reveals the seven ancient Hermetic Laws. 1. The Law of Mentalism “Stress is caused, in my opinion, . The "META SECRET The Next Level" is a book and film written, directed and Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html.

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The Meta Secret book features comprehensive and rapid step-by-step “how-to” techniques of manifestation to help you to create anything you want in your life. Read The Meta Secret by Dr. Mell Gill for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. The Meta Secret Movie reveals a Secret beyond all secrets in step-by-step technologies to create Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Love which you've always .

I am a woman of science! I have always believed in science and its potency to make the world a better place; even though, as a sociologist of science interested in history, I know that science has equally made the world a much worse place. In this science is like any other tool: Now you probably understand how uncomfortable I felt when I first came across The Secret and more broadly across meta-physics. Today, I am not going to tell you about The Secret — this is now something that anyone can find and read. Or even watch the movie: The Secret is a very big business.

There are several other implications though:. The second law of the Universe or the law of correspondence.

But before we get any further, it is worth noting that all laws of the Universe, according to Mel Gill, work on three different levels: The main implication of this law is that changing our physical world is possible only if we start changing the worlds of our spirit and our mind.

In other words to change the physical we have to change the way we think and the way we feel. In this sense, life is what we make it — if we are nice on the inside nice things will be on the outside; if we are generous the Universe will be generous in return.

Beyond ‘The Secret’: the seven laws of the Universe

We reap what we sow! Another important implication of this law is that problems are not attributes of the physical but of the mental and the spiritual; in other words problems are part of us rather than part of our environment. The third law of the Universe is the law of vibration. It postulates that nothing is static and everything vibrates. But different levels vibrate at different frequencies: These vibrations can also be seen as energy and emotions — each vibration attracts vibrations of similar frequency.

Negative emotions, like anger and disappointment, are slow vibrations; happiness and other positive emotions are higher and faster vibrations. Studies have shown that vibrations from electronics affect our state Karolinska Institute and the vibrations from computers, lights and air-conditioning.

We can control our lives and our environment by learning to control the vibrations of our emotions and thoughts. Induction is the reason why we feel happy around happy people or can justifiably talk about happy environments or the reverse — feel down when others around us are down.

And last but not least, these energy vibrations can be used to cope with the pain of trauma and illness. Marie, is this real science or the kind of science like astrology? Hi; this is certainly not science — this is why I did find it so disturbing at first. However, there are studies showing that harp music is good for depression — and all that there is to expalin it is the frequency of vibrations.

Parts of it do, though!

The Meta Secret - The Next Level

All of these Maria seems to have done — and is communicating the last. Higgs Boson anyone? This is their frontieer: As to science, this kind of stuff fails on one major point: Until one knows the mechanisms through which things happen one has not certainty they will cintinue happening and is impossible to establish causality.

How about the Mandelbrot set and the example of cauliflower florets? Seems crazy but it works. Some day we may have an explanation. Meantime, if it works — who cares why?

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The Meta Secret: The Next Level

His own story is riveting. It will nail you to the page. His personal insights are nuggets of wisdom you can instantly apply in your life.


This book is the Secret Wisdom of the Universe in print for the first time in Centuries! Masaru Emoto, and several other eminent pioneers in the field of human development. I remembered our conversations on the balcony just outside the hotel room in Santa Barbara and how Mel, with humor and passion began to narrate the story of his life and how he came to the point of creating The Meta Secret.

At that point in time this book was just a concept, and its contents were to include the Hidden Laws that work in concert with the Laws of Attraction. Mel had outlined the Seven Laws of Hermes Trismegistus, the messenger of the gods, and how to apply them to specific events or situations in our lives. He talked about the need to heighten our awareness and awaken to our higher potentials and to our true authentic selves. He said that life was simply a dance of energy and emotions linked to the highest good that we are able to express through love and kindness.

Our conversation centered on his pivotal concept that we had to take responsibility for our own emotional states, and that our happiness did not depend on what others did or said, but was entirely dependent on our connectedness to Source and the radiant presence that streams through us with pure positive energy and possibilities.

It is this connection to Source energy that allows us to rise beyond limitations or conditions and gifts us with freedom, power, goodness, love, and a sense of purpose and direction so that nothing can stop us from achieving any goal or reaching any destination.

And it is on that path that we discover the Meta Secret to everything we have ever truly needed to know. And as a result our days are then filled with an incredible sense of joy and fun, and as far as we are concerned, All is well. The Seven Hermetic Laws are as complex to explain as they are even more complex to illustrate. Yet in this book, Mel has simplified them and explained them so elegantly that one begins to wonder why they were so hard to understand in the first place.

All of these Laws combine in various ways and in different degrees to give us what we inevitably experience as The Law of Attraction. A thorough understanding of the Principles contained within these pages will give you a sense of calm and a peace of mind that will follow you into any experience life unfolds for you. You do not have to aspire to higher consciousness nor be filled with compassion and faith to understand that ALL things are available to you now and that you can create the Life you truly desire.

All you need are the set of tools and the philosophies contained in The Meta Secret, and you can unlock the gates to the Temple of Solomon wherein lie great treasures and wisdom.

The Meta Secret by Dr. Mell Gill - Read Online

There have been many sages throughout the years that have written about these Seven Hermetic Laws in works like The Kybalion and The Emerald Tablet, but in this day and age, we are fortunate to have a person like Mel Gill, who not only truly understands these Principles, but teaches them as part of his interaction with everyone he meets.

He is an Urban Sage dispensing wisdom through his seminars, workshops and radio show, and now he has distilled all that into the book you hold in your hands. As Mel would tell you, it is not an accident that you are now reading this book. It was meant to be; it is your Destiny.

A wise teacher once told me that we should be a teacher to those below us, a fellow traveler to those on the same level, and a student to those above us. This book that you hold in your hands is an amazing true story of a young man who sets out on a journey of discovery, and through much adversity and pain discovers the real Secrets of the Universe.

From the unfortunate accident on the mountain top where he lost his arm, to the operating room where he went through a Near-Death Experience, he has demonstrated great courage and resolve with a singular focus I was dead for 19 minutes, by all counts I should not be alive today.

Should not be able to talk let alone walk. But I survived a serious fall, and an operation that followed in which my left arm was amputated from above the elbow. They said it was to fight the gas gangrene which now had spread through my whole body. I literally felt my organs begin to shut down one by one, like someone turning off the lights in the room. First my kidneys, my liver, my heart then my lungs gave way. In that instant I was separated from my body and took a journey to a place I am still only now, remembering bit by bit.

The Lessons I was taught were profound and what for me seemed like days happened in the flash of 19 minutes. These lessons became conscious knowing as the years passed and I was left with certain gifts that only my closest friends are privy to. Over the years I became a Motivational Speaker and a Therapist. I even had a Radio Show for 7 years. Through it all, living an absolutely normal life from Seattle to New York to now having my home in Chicago and offices in the Far East, I did not feel any different from my siblings or my friends.

Every encounter, every emotion was lived as if it was someone else living it. A wonderful consolidation took place in the Far East in where all my polarities spontaneously collapsed No more good or bad, or up and down, hot or cold, near or far, in or out, east or west, male or female, sad or happy I became something else.

No longer did I see friend or enemy, just brothers and sisters on a vast journey guided by an unknowable force beyond description I kept remembering scrolls and tablets and books that were living. I mean, the books would change words as you held them and all that I have known continues to change and evolve even after the fact!

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