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Paulo Coelho - Brida ebook ita. Identifier PauloCoelhoBrida. Identifier-ark ark:/ /t8w96wv0d. Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader. Read "The Spy A novel" by Paulo Coelho available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. **In his new novel, Paulo Coelho. Read "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first purchase. A special 25th anniversary edition of.

Not in India? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. A special 25th anniversary edition of the extraordinary international bestseller, including a new Foreword by Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho's masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different—and far more satisfying—than he ever imagined. Santiago's journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life's path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams. The Nest.

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Paulo Coelho Brida

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Orphan Train. Christina Baker Kline. Although she may came off as sarcastic and negative—which is obviously a result of her crisis—I sympathized with her struggle. While on a conscious level, one might say "what are you complaining about, get a grip" I never for one second felt that way. Things she was "complaining" about may have seemed trivial had they not been explored properly. But her internal struggle was indeed written in such a way that I felt nothing but compassion.

As far as the other three important characters go, they felt round and real although the husband is always referred to as "my husband" and Linda's name is expressed twice the entire novel. I was also wondering why we didn't see more of her children, as this would have given me a greater sense of what she sacrificed when she decide to have an affair. But this was nothing that bothered me. Coelho paints a vivid picture of Geneva as well, just like he did with the sexual scenes.

Nothing is sugar-coated, and many people would blush reading certain parts of this novel on the subway. He took no shortcuts and it felt real. Cons I always know when picking up a Paulo Coelho novel, that it's not going to be just a story.

It'll force me to think and many times my eyes are opened up to new views. However, there is a fine line between a self-help book and a novel which incorporates philosophical views. Unfortunately I don't feel that Coelho found a smooth way to share his views this time. At times there were long, preachy internal monologues by Linda and the dialogues between the characters did not sound natrual. The characters seemed more like puppets reading rehearsed lines set up to make it easier for the author to convey his point of view.

Some of these ideas also sounded farfetched and at times they were even redundant, when the same views were repeated several times in different metaphors. The only thing I would complain about in terms of the main character was the generalizing about people in general.

Because she was the narrator, I found myself blaming her when she expressed opinions about us humans as if we are all the same, assuming that we all reacted the same way to the same situations, and that we all shared her opinions and feelings about certain things. I wanted to read about her and how she perceived the world—not for her to tell me how the world is. This, in combination with the issues mentioned above, gave it a slightly preachy feel.

Perhaps Coelho's novels have always been like this and that this is what you're looking for when you seek his work. It's been a few years since I last read any of his other novels, so I honestly can't recall.

Conclusion The title doesn't do the novel justice. It's about so much more than adultery. The adultery is just a result of what this woman is going through, and the novel is about so much more than that. Although my experience this time wasn't as great as reading Coelho's other novels, I would still recommend this book as a valuable read. And I do appreciate his beautiful language, that I am willing to forgive the preachiness. Mar 19, Emad Attili rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, I think that I liked and hated this book!

It's not awesome. It's just good There are so many things that I didn't like, and there are things that I really liked. What I liked is the idea of redemption. Everyone of us deserve a second chance.

We're neither Angels nor demons. We're humans, and being a human means being a sinner. What I didn't like pretty much hated actually!!! Spending so many pages talking about other books and providing us with their plot summaries! Such as Frankenstein.

Writing an entire book more than pages to deliver a very simple message, which could've been delivered in one chapter or even less!

I felt that the last chapter is the most important chapter. It's the chapter that conveys the whole idea. All of the previous chapters seemed a waste of ink and paper to me!

Hippie by Paulo Coelho (ebook)

That's why I felt that Paulo was probably aiming, not for adding a genuine work of literature to the world's library, but, unfortunately, for MONEY by publishing this book!

Aug 06, Shaimaa Ali rated it it was ok. When the Alchemist lost his Charming Powers! Oct 12, Rana Abid rated it it was amazing. This should be out goal in the world: Life offers us thousands of opportunities for learning. Every man and every woman, in every day of our lives, always has a good opportunity to surrender to love.

Life is not a long vacation, but a constant learning process. We can't live our life without love, care, feelings and someone around us pats out shoulders and tells us everything is ok, i am here, love u and care about u.

But, we can't cheat our husbands and waifs, we can't throw years of marriage in the air just for desire, i still wonder how people, married people, can do this. I believe in our needing for care and feeling safe, for get out out loneliness and being something for someone, but as we use heart for love we must use brain for balancing and judging on our choices.

Love is a decision, love is a commitment, love is a choice. Can you train yourself to love the right man? Of course you can. The problem is forgetting about the wrong man, the one passing by who came in a door that was left open without asking permission. Start with a man who asked for permission not the man who took advantages of your loneliness and needing for warm arms and true feelings. When it is refers to love, walk toward it with open eyes and clear mind , when you find your one , your heart will have wings like butterflies, your eyes will spark like light, your brain will be clear like summer night and your fear will disappear like magic, if only you find the true love.

Until this day, the day you will find the love of you live, love yourself, your friends, your enemies, love the universe and love everything can draw your smile.

The above is what i learned from this novel: Jun 03, Cher rated it did not like it Shelves: Once upon a time, a ludicrous married woman with children feels she is bored by being so happy and her life being so perfect she actually says this. So, to cure herself of this dreadful happiness she begins to randomly have slutty interactions the author's words, not mine with other men.

Then one New Year's Eve, this vapid, nonsensical character has a sudden epiphany and moment of transcendence in which she discovers the meaning of life and the answer to all of the 1 star - I really hated it. Then one New Year's Eve, this vapid, nonsensical character has a sudden epiphany and moment of transcendence in which she discovers the meaning of life and the answer to all of the other age old "big questions".

The conclusion was trite and written in a corny way, sounding like out of place new age fluff, in stark contrast to the salacious drama that is the rest of the novel. To say there was failure to relate would be a massive understatement. In case you have a completely different literary taste than myself, allow me to share a few snippets of this author's work that are examples of why it was drudgery for me to read it: My heart!

Before I saw a gigantic universe around me; and now the universe seems like a little dot within my heart that has infinitely expanded, like space. An instrument. A blessing. The feeling of Eternity gives me a mysterious feeling of power. I can do anything, even end world suffering. I am flying and talking with the angels, hearing voices and revelations that will soon be forgotten, but that, at this moment, are as real as the eagle before me.

My eyes well up with tears of joy. No one can force himself to love, nor can he force another person. All you can do is look at Love, fall in love with Love, and imitate it. We should live each and every day with the certainty that this armor will protect us from danger, and then we will no longer be bound to the duality of existence.

We have to find a middle path, where there is neither joy nor suffering, only profound peace. The author did a very poor job of getting inside of a woman's head as this was an extremely unconvincing novel that failed to provoke emotion or engagement from the reader. This was the second novel I have read by this over-hyped author after reading and also not being impressed by The Alchemist.

I will not waste time reading a third. Aug 18, Prity Malhotra rated it it was amazing. Adultery is Paulo Coelho's most Intimidating work so far. I have read some Negative Reviews about this Book. But is it customary for every writer to have a Self-Righteous Lead Character? Anyways, moving on, this Book talks about a Topic so Raw that most Women would deny even the Existence of such Emotions as potrayed in Adultery is Paulo Coelho's most Intimidating work so far.

Anyways, moving on, this Book talks about a Topic so Raw that most Women would deny even the Existence of such Emotions as potrayed in this Book.

The only thing the author begs you to give to this Book is Time. You can only enjoy this Book if you keep devouring each line slowly enough, keeping aside your prejudices. View all 21 comments. Sep 13, Aditi rated it did not like it Shelves: Hodge Paulo Coelho, the international bestselling author, has penned a compelling tale of love and infidelity mixed with the good ol' Coelho style of philosophy in his book, Adultery.

This story is centered around a married woman who is lucky enough to have a good, rich and loving husband and two beautiful kids and a grand house, yet she still longs for some drama in her marriage to be specific, she needs excitement in her life as well as in her marriage. The thought-provoking new novel from the international bestselling author whose words change lives. Linda knows she's lucky.

Yet every morning when she opens her eyes to a so-called new day, she feels like closing them again. Her friends recommend medication. But Linda wants to feel more, not less. And so she embarks on an adventure as unexpected as it is daring, and which reawakens a side of her that she - respectable wife, loving mother, ambitious journalist - thought had disappeared.

Even she can't predict what will happen next If Fifty Shades of Grey by E. James was a book to give wet dreams to the bored housewives, then Adultery by Paulo Coelho is the book that put those wet dreams of the bored housewives into motion, to be specific, giving them wings and making them real!

So if you want to see those weird fantasies in your life, then do not forget to pick up a copy of Adultery. Although the author here diligently enlightens his readers to follow the footsteps of the protagonist, Linda, who infidel-ed her way to excitement in her marriage. Well from now, I shall not expect anything from my favorite authors. I mean this was the author who first intrigued me with the word "philosophy" and "faith" when I was in Grade 8 through his debut phenomenal book, The Alchemist.

And today, 11 years later, I'm so ashamed of myself that I once found solace and meaning in the words of this author. If every author wants to follow the footsteps of E. James, then there won't be any more good authors left on this planet. Let's just say, Adultery was a softer and a decent version of Fifty Shades of Grey , the former being a bit more from the philosophical or religious in its approach.

There is nothing in this story to hold on to. I mean it is not the right way to bring excitement or happiness in one's marriage that has lost its charm, by cheating on your spouse!

This book is on my TBR since , and due to the book reviews of other readers, it made me to shove the book further down the TBR pile, but now its time to clear my list and hence I had to read this pathetic book.

Thank god, I did not buy this book, as it was gifted to me by my friend, anyways, I can't say "NO" to books when it comes to gifts! The writing is the Coelho style, emphatic yet thoughtful. The pacing as well as narration, both, are perfect for the story. What bothers me is the story, rather say the content, and this is where I'm failing to put words to my feelings that this book must be skipped by each and everyone, even the ones who loves to read erotica.

The author makes the carnal desires of a woman so religious and sacred. Can't believe this! Yes I agree with the author's words that Love is an art but I can not agree on this fact that you need to sleep with someone else to make your love with your spouse artsy!

But anyhow, various people can have various opinion on this fact, and I think it is logically not correct. And if you have some conscience, then you will not hurt your loved ones just to make the relationship exciting! This book disappointed me completely!

I do not hate t, but I just don't like the story, as it is crappy, meaningless and selfish! Do not waste a single penny on this book. Thanks to my once upon a time best friend for this gift!

Jul 14, Katy Noyes rated it it was ok Shelves: Really disappointed with this. The Alchemist I found beautiful, Veronika decides to die very well written. I knew within a few pages of starting this that it was not a book of beauty or joy. It's not a bad thing when writers explore different genres, writing styles, techniques.

But if they aren't very interesting - what's the point? Adultery has been written about by many, but I don't think this adds anything to the genre. A rich, successful woman with loving husband, wonderful children, big hous Really disappointed with this. A rich, successful woman with loving husband, wonderful children, big house, good job in Geneva is bored with her life.

She knows she shouldn't be. An old boyfriend, now a rising politician appears on her horizon and the excitement of a possible affair works its usual tricks. Of course, he's married. And to a very clever and scheming wife who suspects. Will Linda risk her comfortable life for the thrill of her passion? You can't pour any empathy into Linda. She's well-off, secure - do we really care if she's depressed? There's ridiculous amounts of wallowing soul-searching and introspection, not even very well-written.

It felt like it was taken from one of my undergraduate textbooks on depression and cognitive psychology. I think I would have preferred Jacob's wife as narrator, she's much more interesting.

The sex is terrible, and I mean that in both senses. It is both not erotic and also highly misogynistic, it's not sexy or funny or playful. It's not passionate or beautiful. It's sordid and icky. So you can't see any good reason for her to want to continue the affair. I only finished this because it's a short read and I wanted to see if it got any better.

And I really wished I'd saved my time for something worth reading, because it didn't.

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