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Cambridge English: Proficiency MASTERCLASS (pdf 2 CD). Fill Proficiency Masterclass Teachers Book Free Download Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with. are based on realistic tasks and situations so that preparing for their exam gives learners real-life language skills. • accurately and consistently test all four.

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Скачать / Download: Cambridge Proficiency Masterclass. Student's Book. Teacher's Pack. Gude K., Duckworth M., Rogers L. (For the exam) (+ Audio) (pdf. Oxford - Proficiency Masterclass Student's Book New Edition[1].pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Proficiency Masterclass - Student's Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Proficiency Masterclass - Student's Book.

Using the "key word", students are expected to complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the original sentence. The exercises in this ebook test the most common grammatical structures that students need to know in order to pass part 4 of the Use of English paper of the Cambridge English: C2 Proficiency examination. Fantastic books! Destination B2.

Destination B2. Destination C1-C2. All the best photocopiable resources taken from the best teacher's books and resource packs available. All files digitally cleaned and activities reagorganised into relevant grammatical, lexical areas and presented in PDF formats complete with all instructions and answer keys. This collection will significantly reduce your lesson preparation time. The complete compilation can be downloaded from here: Business Vocabulary Review.

Giving Presentations. Writing A Cover Letter. Writing A Letter of Agreement. Ru cloud.

The advice and practical guidance you receive in this book will enable you to improve your grade assessments by putting into practice some simple, but invaluable principles of essay writing. These approaches will work for you whether you are facing assessment in timed exam conditions or being judged by coursework assignments. This book will take you step by step from your opening to your closing paragraph, so that you focus your thoughts on answering the assignment appropriately and relevantly.

It also contains ten sample essays and useful chapters on grammar, accuracy and spelling. Positive Thinker. The Vocabulary Files Proficiency - - - - - - - - - - - - The aim of the series is to give students the chance to expand their vocabulary in different areas.

Each unit deals with a common Vocabulary topic; the vocabulary is taught through a variety of exercises with lots of illustrations to make them more lively and interesting. Mohamed Masoudy. Hello everyone! Thanks very much indeed for sharing these books.

Are there any pages like this? The learned language is not valued on the supposed primeval bond between speakers and their mother tongues. In most books about English. I do not think he is wrong to lingua francas. Like empires and often with them. The Last Lingua Franca is not the easiest of reads: Ostler does not have the popularizer's gift to schooling. But even if he is wrong to predict the return of Babe!. Though at the height of their power some 35 a lingua franca it is people have to their native 60 acquired.

Old empires break up and their lingua francas argue that English's position as the premier medium of global are abandoned. But in the smaller social costs of maintaining 55 in South America.

German with lackeys. But Ostler thinks this argument and fall. Nicholas Ostler. Rather we will access to markets. Prestigious lingua francas are socially divisive.

Thanks to subordinated peoples learn or are obliged to learn the languages n c: Ostler contends I couldn't afford anything else. Think of less formal words to replace them. What structures does the writer use to do this? There may be more than one answer. The words appear with or without a prefix in the text. Cl Cl ctJ I Cl d He has an unusual job.

Underline the parts of each sentence that the writer is emphasizing. I don't like romantic comedies. Vocabulary Style Prefixes 6 Choose one of the paragraphs in the text to read again and find examples of formal language. There may be more than one correct answer for each sentence. This is..

Co Using idioms for emphasis 15 Complete sentences a. If it appeals to me. It would be too expensive Take it in turns to read out this sentence in six different ways and work out what your partner means Listen to this sentence being said in six different ways.. I thought it was fascinating. I have read most of Dickens' novels. I have seen some of Edward Hopp er's paintings. It was the first language in so many countries.. I'll read it. Write your review words explaining why the book might appeal to both male and female readers.

This immensely popular book has already gone viral. As one critic has put it. Not a match made in heaven. If you don't want to be the only person who hasn't set in equally recognizable modern times. There's a good chance they will be chuckling the format. Writing Part 2. The nove l revisits them.

The book they are absorbed in is One Day by David Nicholls. The two main characters are drawn with a warts-and-all 20 humour. Emma is more lovable. Review Understanding the task 1 Read the exam task and answer questions a-c. There is romance and novel of the year and already translated into 31 languages. A newspaper is running a special feature in its 'Books and Media' section about films and literature that might appeal to both men and women.

Dexter is charming and good-looking. The story opens on July 1S. Yet what has made it a publishing on trains and in waiting rooms. It proves to be a wonderfully effective device. You have been asked to write a review of a novel for this section.

At the end comedy. Explain why. Will they be literary specialists or general readers? Why will they be reading the review? What will the target readers expect to gain from reading it? Text analysis 2 Read the review and answer a-d. One Day Have you noticed them yet? There they are. The novel takes us on an interesting journey between the old and new cities of Cairo.. What is special about it? In what ways does it fit the label of being 'feel good'? Who are the main characters?

What is the basic story? What is special about the themes and settings? How successful is it? Who would it appeal to? Stage 3: Plan Make detailed notes about what to include in each paragraph. At some time in the past someone has tried to decipher the symbols and has written a translation in Arabic underneath. We follow him on his journey which lurches from exhilarating breakthroughs to the horrible realization of the real message of the parchment.

During one of his regular weekend visits to the bazaar. As he does so.. Vocabulary Creating interest 3 Improve this extract from a book review. Tip Take advantage of the opportunity to describe characters and events vividly. An internet magazine is running a feature on 'Chasing away the winter blues'. Replace the words and phrases in italics with more descriptive or dramatic adjectives.

Stage 1: Read Who are your target readers likely to be? What will they want to get out of your review? What have you been specifically asked to include? How formal or informal should the review be?

Stage 2: Think Decide whether you will write about a book. Have you answered the question? Read it again. Alex is very interested in the parchment and buys it. Compare your suggestions with the version ofthis text on page Write your review words.

You have been invited to write a review about a 'feel good' book or film that you have enjoyed. Use present tenses to talk about elements of the plot and include elements of descriptive or dramatic language. Try to avoid being too formal and to involve the reader in the experience as much as possible. Alex is faced with difficult challenges and big decisions.

Stage 5: Check Read through the review. Try to use structures that give emphasis and focus. Student C turn to page and follow the instructions Try to use some of the language in 3. I would say. You are going to practise a Part 3 task. Expressions Student A makes to introduce examples supporting his points of view: Exploring the topic Exam practice 4 Work in groups of three.. Student A turn to page Read the three long-turn tasks and brainstorm ideas for each of the prompts in the three tasks..

Student B turn to page Speaking Part 3 1 Discuss questions a-d. How much easier is it to learn a language nowadays than it was in the past? How has modern technology affected the way we communicate? Italian or Hindi? Compare your ideas.. I'm always sensitive to other people's feelings.. Tell a partner about one positive and one negative aspect of that relationship using ideas from 1 and 2.

Professor Robin Dunbar.. T "C en Introduction 1 Divide these behaviours into three categories: There may be more than one possible answer.. They married at the end of the Cultural Revolution. But it was after Professor Angry had told Lang Lang some home truths.

Lang Lang is well aware that if he fails to be outstanding at playing the piano. He said: You will find as the children grow up that as a rule children are a bitter disappointmenttheir greatest object being to do precisely what their parents do not wish and have anxiously tried to prevent. What has Lang Lang's relationship with his father been like?

Lang Lang. Queen Victoria 2 Read through the main text below quickly. I don't know why. The pian ist is now based in New York and lives a rock-star lifestyle. III Qj. Lang Lang's father had to be both mother and father. My parents bought our piano before I was born. He gave up his job as a policeman and took his son to live in Beijing. Lang Lang says: My mother had always wanted to be a musician and my father played in the air force orchestra before the budget was cut and he had to become a policeman..

Sometimes my father pushed me too much. Four years before. I believe that no matter how you train your kid. But they did not return to Shenyang afterwards. My mother didn't come. Now twenty-eight. The musician's recitals and concerts sell out in every major city in the world and he is the first Chinese pianist to be engaged by the Vienna and Berlin philharmonic orchestras. We couldn't do much.

Lang Guoren. Lang Lang has surpassed his father's ambition. From The Guardian I didn't touch the piano. My father went totally nuts. In Beijing. Probably because having to go home would have resulted in shame for us: So began nineteen months of intensive practice as father and son redoubled their attempts to get Lang Lang into the conservatory. S- When Lang Lang was nine. He and his father remained in their slum until he was fifteen. It was really hard: Lang Lang's father does not understand English.

I found the pressure unnecessary because I was a workaholic from the very beginning. His name. In the beginning I just played a little but. If his father had been strict before. I didn't like my father. But as we met different musicians from different countries. When Lang Lang was nine. When I turned twenty-two. She basically fired me before I could even get into the conservatory!

He is fifty-eight now and his personality has totally changed. CLang Lang says: They gave me a score and forced me to play. I'd like to play again. I played my first recital. I don't play anymore. I started and realized that I actually loved to play the piano.

Missing paragraphs A Then one day at school. Your views a went totally nuts ii e fails to be outstanding Cv b surpassed his father 'S ambition iii f an all-time low Cvi c the budget was cut iv g hectored CA d is well aware Cv h a score CA 6 Discuss these questions. So I went home and told my father. And then somehow. CD Vocabulary 5 In your own words..

G 'I got totally crazy. Let's go home Exam practice Tip For each gap. Then they just applauded and applauded. At that time he said he still believed in the Chinese way. I could understand if I was lazy and didn't care. My father went out or I ran out.

I can't remember. Make sure that the one you choose fits both before and after the gap. Choose from paragraphs A-H the one which fits each gap I knew he had dedicated his life to me. He laughs: I hated everything: After that I didn't want to play piano any more. I said. Try to imagine what the people might say Sometimes it takes awhile Listening Part 4 1 What do you think are the main reasons for problematic relationships at work? Then discuss these questions with a partner Remember that there are two questions for each speaker and you need to comPlete J both tasks while you listen What do they mean?

A complained to someone in a higher position B took compassionate leave. H what each speaker says caused the problems While you listen you must complete both tasks A a lack of ambition B a reluctance to pull together as a team "We like to bring together people from radically different fields and wait for the friction to produce heat..

You are going to speak for about 2 minutes about international relations. It might give you some ideas for talking about the further question you will both be asked. Then discuss the questions a-c. Discourse markers 4 Match the pairs of discourse markers a-h to their uses Then listen again and note the discourse markers the speakers in 3 use..

Student B turn to page and follow the instructions Look at the pictures and discuss these questions. Speaking Part 3 1 Work with a partner Try to use some of the discourse markers in 4. Discuss your answers with a partner.

Cambridge Proficiency Masterclass. Student’s Book. Teacher's Pack.

Tip Although you will not be asked a question about what your partner has said. For example. The idea of measures since then have gradually marked out childhood as a the mother as a sole carer for her children emerged in the mid-. How far are the changes in Britain reflected in your country? Cl Co. If current trends continue. CV ofthe 19th century.

In the 19 th century. By the middle of the 20th '"' Work and education century.. Cl a family with seven or more children. Before then. Yet some changes have completely transformed expectations for the early years of life. What changes do you think will be mentioned in the rest of the extract?

For much of the 19th century. Sexual equality gave women more rights Grammar Perfect aspect very short time. Which expressions helped you decide which category each example belonged to? In the second half and made family relations more flexible. At one time. See notes page 4 Match the tenses below to their uses a-e.

They What did you expect? I sit waiting for you for over an hour You may need to change the order of the words in brackets. From that time onwards until today IU Simple and continuous 8 For a-d More recently Since then Advertisers 8.

Freedom Up until the end of the 19 th century It's about a problem that I be quite concerned about I have it since I left school I can tell you exactly what it's like Find and correct them Ruby Manikan Exam practice Tip Read the main sentence and think carefully about its meaning.

You obviously e You look a mess!

What on earth. My family and I have being lived in the same area for a very long time Your views 12 Discuss these statements I would had been a different person from the one I am today.. There are ten mistakes. I think what I've been tried to say is that if it has not been for my friends. Part 4: I'm not suggesting that my family have not been being influential as well.

Hm... Are You a Human?

You must use between three and eight words. It 11 Read the text below. The newspapers reported that. I'd been having a long chat with a friend last week about just how important my friendships were being to me and he has been in complete agreement with me about the role of friendships in forming our character and personality.

My friend itm etllllt: Do not change the word given. Text analysis 1Wins: The idea expressed in the first text that. Would you be happy to believe that life was simply fate characteristics and abil it ies. Answer the questions a-c. I would dispute this and argue that Whi le it is commonly accepted that physical characteristics are the role of our environment also plays a significant part. For many. One theory that is starting to gain ground is that both play a role. It suggests that identical twins are remarkably tendencies?

Both texts discuss the relative importance of nature similar. Writing Part 1 Understanding the task 1 Read two Part 1 texts below. What makes one person nice and another one nasty? Were they and nurture. Our personality It is a truth universally acknowledged that we inherit characteristics from our parents. In addition to reiterating points about the impact of nature I agree with the suggestion it is ultimately our envi ronment that determines how our genetic in the two texts that it is a combination of both genetic and inheritance plays out.

I would even venture so far as to say that traits are being hotly contested. Yet results show similarities to a startling degree between the characters of identical twins even when raised apart. It is pretty obvious that our build. Which ones are followed by a cause and which are followed by an effect?

See Writing guide page 6 Read this exam task. Use the checklist on page to help you write your answer. For example Cause and effect 3 Read the texts in 1 and 2 and find the following words.

Try to use a variety of these in your essay. Read the two texts below.. These theories have largely been discredited in recent years. Can you explain what these fears are? Then compare your choices with a partner's. U'I Introduction 1 Rank the activities above according to the risks they pose to our life expectancy.

Begin with the activity you think poses the greatest risk Do you suffer from any phobias? Discuss with a partner how far what she says relates to your own attitudes towards risk taking. Gc C with danger. J Tf-.

Proficiency Masterclass - Student's Book

My own 5 I As I climbed the tension Up to this We ought to have found this out before embarking on what now seemed a singularly 4. Tip Read the text before and after the gap carefully We needn't have worried about the first part of the climb. I saw no option but to climb to the summit of one of the We stood on a small viewing deck in the warm sunshine.

I dropped my 7 to the vast pool of the harbour below. The Bridge by Peter Michelmore Our group It might just as well have been a mill pond from this height.. What lay at the top was stepping out on to the exposed upper arch of the bridge. Exam practice 3 Read the text again This will help you to choose the word that fits best..

At the top. It must have been at least fifty feet high. There were handrails and our safety belts It On the other hand. The man on the bridge 5! You can use some words more than once. When the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built.

Vocabulary Ways of looking 4 Look again at question 7 in exercise 3 on page Grammar Past modals and meanings See notes page 7 Read the article on page 52 again and underline all the past modal forms The words glare..

I'm afraid I only caught a brief glimpse of the burglar as he was about to jump from the window. I knew I'd said the wrong thing. Which of the past modals are used to express these meanings in the text? Complete a-g with a word from the list. But it 7 h'! T j'VJ:: I'll let you have a. It's still an amazing sight If you're ever in Australia.

You t1L1j! To srq eC f You should have asked me to the party f! The meal ": He's in America I1 nu'.. Audio CD Lindsey-Clark Jeanette, Greene Stephen. The units in this Student's Book contain practice of exam-type tasks for all the parts of each paper in the exam. High-level vocabulary and grammar are developed throughout the course.

The grammar syllabus is supported by a Grammar notes section page written by linguist George Yule. The Review section page contains exercises that review and consolidate the language covered in the main units. The Online Skills and Language Practice your unique access code is on the card at the back of this book contains over exercises which build on and extend the language and skills covered in the Student's Book.

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