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In the previous two chapters, you secured your Roo application by adding the. Spring Security API to the application architecture mix, and you learned how to. Spring Roo helps you bootstrap all that tedious infrastructure code, Just as last time, Spring Roo hops into action, changing the other code. This books (Spring Roo in Action [PDF]) Made by Ken Rimple About Books none To Download Please Click.

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Spring Roo in Action is an insightful and comprehensive treatment of Spring Roo. Velocity, FreeMarker, or even using PDF or Excel. Spring. Spring Roo in Action is a unique book that teaches you how to code Java in Roo, with a particular focus on Spring-based applications. Through hands-on. In the last chapter, we discussed Spring Roo from a developer's perspective. We discussed the various component types, and how the Roo shell creates and.

Spring Roo in Action is a unique book that teaches you how to code Java in Roo, with a particular focus on Spring-based applications. Through hands-on examples, you'll learn how Roo creates well-formed application structures and supports best practices and tools. Plus, you'll get a quick-and-dirty guide to setting up Roo effectively in your environment. Roo is a lightweight Java console shell that simplifies compile-time tasks. And, when you finish coding, it gets out of the way so there's no runtime impact. Spring Roo in Action teaches you to code Java more efficiently using Roo. With the help of many examples, it shows you how to build application components from the database layer to the user interface.

The book takes a test-first approach and points out how Roo can help automate many of the mundane details of coding Java apps. Along the way, you'll address important topics like security, messaging, and cloud computing. He lives in the Philadelphia area.

Srini Penchikala is a security architect with over 16 years of experience in software design and development.

Rimple K., Penchikala S. Spring Roo in Action

He lives in Austin, Texas. Spring Roo in Action. Ken Rimple and Srini Penchikala. An insightful and comprehensive treatment. Table of Contents takes you straight to the book detailed table of contents. What is Spring Roo? Configuration is a burden. Roo by example—the Pizza Shop.

Roo application architecture models. Getting started with Roo 2. Working with the Roo shell. Database persistence with entities 3. Your business objects and persistence. Validating Courses with Bean Validation.

Part 1 Starting Spring apps rapidly with Roo

Relationships, JPA, and advanced persistence 4. Object relations: A sample Course Manager database. Reverse engineering your database.

Rapid web applications with Roo 5. The Spring MVC web framework. Advanced web applications 6.

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View layouts, theming, and localization. RIA and other web frameworks 7. JavaScript and Ajax. Configuring security 8. Installing Spring Security. Testing your application 9.

Roo testing philosophy. Enterprise services—email and messaging Roo integration with enterprise services.

Defining the sample Course Manager use cases. Adding email support for course registration. Asynchronous messaging for registration confirmation.

Monitoring messaging activity. Roo add-ons Extending Roo with add-ons. Working with published Roo add-ons. Like this presentation?

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