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The Alchemy of Desire book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Set against the brilliantly drawn backdrop of India at the t.. . The Alchemy of Desire: A Novel [Tarun J Tejpal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In turn-of-the-millennium India, a penniless would- be. Synopsis. Quick-paced and inventive, brimming with ideas and memorable characters, The Alchemy of Desire celebrates the chaotic spirit of India at a time of.

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In turn-of-the-millennium India, a penniless would-be writer halts work on his novel only to feed his ceaseless desire for his beautiful wife. Then a chance. The alchemy of desire by Tarun J. Tejpal, , Picador edition, in English. The Alchemy of Desire: A Novel by Tarun J. Tejpal Download eBook The Alchemy of Desire: A Novel Tarun J. Tejpal ebook Page: Format: pdf ISBN.

This is the Indian novel that has been endorsed by VS Naipaul: Tarun J Tejpal's The Alchemy of Desire would have been significant even without this endorsement, as it is written by a major contemporary editor and publisher, a person who, as the publicity material puts it, is "famous in India" for his uncompromising journalism. What Naipaul's statement does is raise the question: Are the pages of this novel thick enough to bear this burden? The Alchemy of Desire is initially the story of a couple obsessed with each other and, at least from the perspective of the male partner who is also the narrator , with sex. This male obsession with sex is sometimes effectively channelled to narrative ends but it never really reaches the density of, say, Nobokov's Lolita, partly because it sounds too much like the obsession of Anglophone Indians from professional classes, an obsession that is defined, even in its absence, by the paucity of ordinary sexual opportunities available to that particular class in India. The "hard-ons" of this class stand in a strange oedipal relationship to the "hand-outs" that used to obsess their parents' generation.


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Tejpal book free from xiaomi book The Alchemy of Desire: Tejpal torrent Free The Alchemy of Desire: Tejpal macbook read book The Alchemy of Desire: Moreover, it is a narrative about desire and writing.

Implicitly, it is also a partial exploration of the risks of digging up the past, where the narrator's experience is posed against the public "digging up" of the past by religious fundamentalists. Given such extent, the novel sometimes falters under the weight of its own intention. While it has much that is admirable, it also contains much that appears repetitive and incidental.

In the first half, the novel is at its strongest when it inscribes the diurnal rhythms of the narrator's life: In the second half, it assumes the urgency of a thriller which merges oddly with the slower rhythm of the first half without becoming too discrepant. Throughout, it reveals Tejpal's eye for characterisation and description.

The novel also traces a very novel-like progression, which might explain Naipaul's enthusiasm, of the narrator's perception of desire. The novel's initial lines "Love is not the greatest glue between two people.

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Sex is. Another aspect of Tejpal's art that might have appealed to Naipaul is his narrator's capacity to make magisterial statements.

Inventive, playful, heartbreaking. The Alchemy of Desire is at once intimate and oracular, brimming with ideas and unforgettable characters.

It captures the polyphonic voices of India with an empathy and authenticity rarely achieved before. This is a major novel by one of the most significant new voices of his generation.

Tejpal's writing is unpredictable yet strikingly disciplined, and his explorations of matters physical and spiritual point out often painful truths. Thanks for giving me such a great time.

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