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Savage Secrets [Cassie Edwards] on Savage Secrets Paperback – December 1, by Savage Love (Savage (Leisure Paperback )). Title: Love's Savage Secret. Author: Gixxer Pilot. Beta: Wicked Jade. Summary: Cop!Verse AU. McCoy's hope was that one day Jim would. Start by marking “Savage Secrets (Titan, #4)” as Want to Read: .. love you. My gracious woman, you can write a book! This is another fantastic addition to the Titan group. .. Shelves: ebook, reads, 4-half-stars, black-or-spec-ops. 4 1/ 2*.

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Download or Read Online loves savage secret book in our library is free for you. We provide copy of loves savage secret in digital format, so the resources that. Savage Secret (Sutton and McDonald Families Book 4) - Kindle edition by Teresa Greene. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Previous page. 1. Love Me Again (Sutton and McDonald Teresa Greene · out of 5 stars (). $ In part 1 of a love turned savage secrets were revealed leaving Tuesday and Polo's relationship torn apart. With Polo trying to balance fatherhood and working .

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Caterina Cruz has no home.

She must act quickly and call in a favor; never realizing the man who will help her avenge their deaths will be the one to complete her life. Rocco is one Titan character I have loved since day one. His conviction to doing the right thing is admirable and his focus to make it happen incredible. Like all 5 Stars - only second behind Cash and Nic's story! Like all the other Titan heroes he was not looking for forever; but forever kind of snuck up on him in Cat.

Cat fits in fine with all the other Titan women. She has a sharp tongue — often reverting to her native Spanish when under stress or angry which drives Rocco the good kind of crazy and she can defend herself.

She is sort of a cross between Sugar and Nicola. Their love story has heart stopping and heart racing parts. I just loved them together. Rocco had the right amount of sexy with a little humor mixed in. The plot is intense and fast moving from the first page. This is one Titan book where we travel the globe some.

Savage Secrets (Titan, #4) by Cristin Harber

We see many Titan characters in a supporting role and a few you might not have thought you would see again. The love story and suspense are intricately woven. Plenty of time is given to each and at the end of the book I felt satisfied that Rocco and Cat had found forever love and would be part of the Titan family for years to come. Cristin Harber writes fantastic romance suspense and at this point she is an automatic read for me.

This book convinced me she can write even the most delicate scenes with class. She does not shy away from tough topics and scenes, she writes them with respect. I try to write my reviews spoiler free and let the reader enjoy the story unfolding, however in this case I feel compelled to point out that there could be a trigger issues for some with a violent scene of a sexual nature. This scene is integral to the plot and it is not just fluff added for shock factor.

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley for my honest review. I will also be purchasing the book to add to my Titan collection! While it was darker than the other books in the series, it still had some great LOL moments. Rocco and Cat were great together and perfect for each other. Small things and easily fixed. The other thing I would have liked more clarity on was Jace. Was he or wasn't he? It was implied he was, but not stated outright and that's just my OCD showing up, I need things to be spelt out clearly.

Sorry if I sound a bit vague here, I'm trying not to give away spoilers. Closer to 3. I love this series but Savage Secrets felt kinda disjointed to me, and there were a TON of editing errors. It was tough to read but I appreciated the seriousness that Ms.

Harber took in dealing with the aftermath. Apr 02, Kataryna Hermans rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sexy, action packed and a blast of fun. Dec 30, Lydia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Te amo.

Oh, God, Cristin Harber, can your writing be any more perfect?! Rocco Savage, now acting as the new second-in-command for the Titan group, accepts a solo mission after being specifically requested by Caterina Cruz, to take out one of the world's most famous terrorists.

The funny guy of the group seems to have finally found his match in the fiery Spaniard - pretending to be her husband for the mission seems to be even easier as time goes by. But both he and Cat are hiding some very crucial things. If they want to survive - and be together - they will have to spill some of their darkest secrets. Can they trust in each other to do so? Ok, well, if you have heard the rumors about needing to read the two Titan novellas between this book and the previous Jared's story then allow me to tell you, they're true.

There are many things in Rocco's book that are explained but in a vague way - unless you've read Gambled and Chased you just can't fully grasp their importance, though.

Also, I never thought I'd live to see the day I would dare to like a Titan book more than Jared's but damn it all to hell, I adored this one! Probably more than Boss Man's story - can you believe it?! But it's true!

This book had: I cried. And laughed. And swooned. And fangirled to the point where several members of my family had to enter my room and tell me to "shut up already" - many times over, might I add.

I loved Caterina, I loved Rocco. Loved it all to death! The romance was sizzling hot, the tension nearly suffocating, the action breathtaking! No matter how much I tried to keep a level head about it, in order for me to be a fair judge, I just couldn't! It's a good thing, though, because there was nothing that could have been done differently - perfection to its ultimate glory! I'm not giving anything else away - seriously, a single hint might be a BIG spoiler with this book. You'll be missing out big time on one of the best books there is out there if you don't!

The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it. This was no exception. Just like the other books in this series, you have your bad-ass alpha male hero and you have your bad-ass heroine. That is what sets this series apart from the rest and I love it. The second my eyes hit the prologue, it had me.

I was in tears before I even got to Chapter 1. Seriously, what kind of book does that? An awesome one! So, Rocco and Caterina, could there be two people more perfect for each other? I think not! Off the charts chemistry. Their banter was flirty and amusing. I loved how they interacted. And even though they were both keeping secrets they seemed to know what each other needed. They worked so well together, personally and mission-wise.

Cristin Harber finds a new way to surprise me with each story. I must say that I was not expecting what happened. My heart was racing, I was starting to panic and my mind was screaming, "No. This isn't going to happen. Rocco is gonna stop it. He will. This can't happen. I was devastated. I was bawling and it was ugly. I had to stop reading. When I finally started back, I thought things were getting back to a not so dark place, but then I cried for Cat, I cried for Rocco, I just cried and my heart hurt, it hurt so bad.

I didn't want to finish. But I knew, I just knew, like all great romance novels, there would be a happily ever after. And YES! It felt like a huge boulder was lifted off my chest. Thank goodness for that epilogue. If not for that I think I might still be crying. It's that. That crazy emotional roller-coaster that makes this so great. I love a book that can make me have all these emotions. When I finish I'm so drained, I can do nothing but reflect.

I may not like all of the emotions that I feel at the time, but in the end the emotions and the books are so worth it. There is a violent rape scene, so reader beware. Mar 05, Becca rated it it was amazing. Ever since I started the Titan series, I have been blown away with Cristin Harber and her ability to write an amazing romance series that his action and suspense.

All of the books have had their own twists and turns filled with emotion and action that will have you hooked all the way until the end.

I am now ready to give up all this greatness quite yet. I will have to reread these all with a glass of wine and some good chocolate before winter is over because it packs just the right amount of hea Ever since I started the Titan series, I have been blown away with Cristin Harber and her ability to write an amazing romance series that his action and suspense.

I will have to reread these all with a glass of wine and some good chocolate before winter is over because it packs just the right amount of heat. Rocco and Caterina have a connection that was dreamy and was hot in all the right places. I loved all of their conversations that they had between them and they fit together amazingly. Cristin does a great job in letting us in on he little details that make each of the characters tick so that when they meshed that well we understood exactly why.

I was engaged with them in all their thoughts and reactions to different situations as if I was there myself. Catarina is a strong woman and any female character that is like this in a novel strikes me before any other.

I want to be a stronger woman, but sometimes I find it hard to be that outgoing. She battled a lot in the present and with her past and I admired her courageousness. Rocco was battling things as well and I liked that he was able to admit when he did not know what decision to make.

Rocco is a male that all women want. He is gentle and kind but uber strong when needed. A great balance like this in a man is swoonworthy for sure. The rollercoaster that took on all the characters in this story had my emotions so mixed and torn up at some points that I knew that I was in love yet again with the Titan series. Cristin is an amazing author that will have you feeling every single emotion possible but still has you wanting more of the feeling even if it is not one that you normally experience on an everyday basis.

All the characters are brought between the books in the series with ease which can sometimes be a challenge. Definitely pick this series up and give it a whirl. It does not disappoint in the least! I was given a copy of this novel by Promotional Book Tours in exchange for my open and honest review. All thoughts are my own. Dec 19, Sunny rated it really liked it. This is an ARC Review. This one threw me for a loop. I had expectations for this book - uber alpha character most of the male characters in this series have been a smidge over the top , good action, a bit of drama, with a dash of emotion.

The story starts that way. Rocco Savage is the new second-in-command at Titan. He is working with a world-class interrogator to bring down a terrorist group. They are posing as an arms dealing couple. Things heat up, buildings go boom, and then our couple goes riding off into the sunset, right?

Cristin Harber gives us that and a lot more.

Savage Secrets

Harber chooses to write a very gritty trauma into the storyline. I applaud her for that. It is a courageous portrayal. When reading romantic suspense there is one thing you can usually expect - the story can be violent. The plots often revolve around international or domestic terrorism, serial killers, or slave trafficking. However, when it comes to the relationship between our two main characters, we don't expect that violence to touch them in an intimate way.

I don't know why it is so unexpected. Maybe it is because we suspend our reality just a little so that we can get our happily ever after. In this story, issues have to be worked out. We do not find a simple ending; although we do get a satisfying one in the end. My one critique of this book is the disconnect between Rocco's drugging and the rest of the story. His episodes only seem to exist as a device to bring Rocco and Cat together. Disappointingly, it loses it role in the cat-and-mouse story with the Dog Killer.

I thought there could've been an additional tension to the mission with Rocco's uncertain status due to the effects of the drugs. Still, this is a minor point in an other wise successful romantic suspense story. I've never been so relieved for a happy ending. Cristin Harber takes a adventurous romantic suspense and ties it with a plot turn that has my emotions in a twist. A great read. I highly recommend it. Thank you to the author and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Mar 05, Lindy at BookBlinders rated it really liked it. Gut wrenching, exciting, sexy. Not going to lie, this was probably the hardest book in the series for me to get into but once I started going I was hooked until the end.

I was a little put off because I thought both Rocco and Jared acted out of character a couple of times. Rocco's decision to not share his physical condition put his entire team and op in danger and was very unprofessional. No spoilers here but Jared did something that I thought was simultaneously good and horrible. Those two things Gut wrenching, exciting, sexy. Those two things were difficult for me but once that was over it was full steam ahead.

There is a very graphic, unsettling scene in this book that may offend some readers.

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It was hard to get through and I was heartbroken for Cat. The way that Rocco handled the fallout was stellar and made me like him even more.

As always, the entire team and other assorted characters show up in this book. It's always nice to get a look at other couples after their story is over. This was a gritty, tough read that really made you work to get to the wonderful ending. The epilogue was particularly appreciated. Readers who don't necessarily need their romance tied up in a pretty bow and who don't shy away from some harsh realities in their fiction won't mind delving into this exciting, action packed story.

Cristin Harber always leaves me anxious for her next book I know Roman is coming up and I can hardly wait! Dec 06, T rated it really liked it. Let me just start with: For that reason alone I reduced this books rating from the 5 star I was pitching it at all the way through to a 4 star when I arrived at the end of the last chapter and turned to Page one of the Epilogue.

Two things happened Let me just start with: Two things happened to my enjoyment of the book from there Hmm Hmm is only "implied" in the epilogue but there is no confirmation, and for me that spells - no closure.

And 2, I don't really enjoy reading epilogues that venture that many years down the story line, not when there is other books in the series to come. This of course won't bother many people, but it's not my preference. This book is absolutely well worth the read, a "must" read in fact! I experienced every emotion reading this book, spent the last chapter crying my eyes out, the writing is so good!

I would rate it in Cristin's top 3 of the Titan Series so far. Mar 01, Kristin rated it really liked it Shelves: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is the fourth book that I've read from Cristin Harber and they stay just as good as the first book! The storyline is exciting and pulls you in with the action from the very first page. There is tension, both from the action, and sexual from the two main characters towards one another. I don't need any mothering and I don't want help. I would, however, like you to fuck.

The coughing fit lasted just shy of fifteen seconds, and by the end, the sound elicited wholehearted cringes from both Kirk and Pike. McCoy cleared his throat to the best of his abilities, cursing when the first thing that exited his throat was a very un-manly squeak. He recovered enough to add, ' You come over here, I kill you. Simple as that. Now leave me alone and let me die in peace. Kirk cringed, hit the 'end' button for his voicemail and pocketed the phone.

Looking Pike straight in the eye, he said, "Now do you see? I don't care if I'm going with a peace offering from your wife. If you send me over there, he's going to kill me. My partner will shoot me. I think you're the only person Len might not shoot the moment he sees you. Pike shrugged.

What are you gonna do? Chris reached under his desk for the extra plastic container of chicken soup Lynn dropped off at the station earlier in the evening, made specifically for her 'adopted son' McCoy.

He handed the neatly wrapped package to Jim and said, "There. Now, get going, Kirk. You've got a delivery to make. She should get the pleasure of delivering it. Uncle Mike's is slammed right now with two weddings, two graduations and a bat mitzvah, all in the next two weeks. Lynn made this for him at She said she'd stop over and check on him tomorrow morning when she can breathe, but we need a little bit of help. That's where you come in. Pike rolled his eyes at his normally over-exuberant officer and said, "Just go, will you?

Stop being such a sissy and get your ass over there. When he's done swearing at you — or squeaking at you if he's lost his voice — he'll appreciate it. Just trust me, okay?

Famous last words," Kirk grumbled, staring at the unassuming homemade pot that was going to lead to his death. He swiped it off the desk, tucked it under his arm and glared at his boss. I promise. I'm talking from personal experience here, because I'm still alive.

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Kirk stutter stepped, stopped and rolled his eyes. Oh, that was great advice. He turned his head and shouted at the top of his lungs over his shoulder, "I'm putting in for hazardous duty pay for this, and you'd better approve it!

Next Up: Jim and Bones prove that Pike is right about at least one thing: Kirk and McCoy are the most effective old married couple in the entire world.

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