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6. Microsoft Project Introduction. In this module you will be introduced to Microsoft Project and its various tools and reports. Practicing the various tasks will. Learning at your level — An intermediate level course, this comprehensive program is specifically for people who must manage and support projects using. Office Project , PowerPoint, Word, Visio and Excel are but the book may be used to learn Microsoft Office Project Professional.

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MICROSOFT PROJECT . The Gantt chart can be used in Microsoft Project to build a project . detailed as a separate section later in this manual. learn how to use Microsoft Office Project What's on the CD? The following table lists the practice files supplied on the book's CD. View tab allows you to set outline number for tasks, add project summary task and . adapt your schedule manually or use an automatic feature of MS Project to.

In my previous TechRepublic tutorial, I showed how to create an issue log in Microsoft Project using a custom table and view. When project issues are integrated with Microsoft Project, it enables you to associate the specific issue with a task on the project schedule. If the project schedule is developed using a deliverable oriented work breakdown structure , specific issues can be linked to the tasks supporting the project deliverable. In order to share the issue log with other stakeholders, you may have to put the file in a different format for clients who do not have Microsoft Project installed. There are a variety of tools available to view a Microsoft Project file without having the program installed; for instance, a Microsoft Project viewer such as Steelray or Seavus Project Viewer can be used to read these files. Another option is to distribute the Microsoft Project file as a PDF using a PDF writing tool such as pdf , which will allow you to print and share the issue log.

Sam also talks about reporting and various helpful reports in the video.

Where Project Managers and Microsoft® Meet

One of the best reports mentioned is the To-do list. This allows the user to compile and print out the list of tasks that need to be accomplished by each resource.

This is handy for the project manager because he can hand these reports out to the various resources. I also recommend viewing the video because Sam goes into detail about how to export the project file into other programs as well as how to turn it into a PDF.

Microsoft Project 2007 tutorial: Exporting an issue log to Excel

The second hour of the video is presented by Bill Raymond. This is a great section for newer users to review because Bill goes into how you can update and track your progress and compare it to the original plan set at the start of the project. One of the things I think new users should learn to do is set a baseline. The Set Baseline tool allows you to see on the Gantt chart the difference in progress from the original plan to the current status.

Bill also talked about a feature that will highlight changes made to the project if an item is changed, for example, how a change in the duration of one task affects the start times of other tasks. This makes it so easy for new users to track what kind of changes are made, as some may be very subtle.

Microsoft Project Exercise Tutorial | Business

Bill also mentioned how to update the project by percent complete. Although I think this is important, I think a better way to update a project is to use the Actual Work and Actual Costs windows. This allows the user to put in the actual hours worked on a specific task, leaving Project to then calculate and update that percent complete value.

I think the latter makes it easier for new users, who may not be familiar with updating tasks, to accurately show the status of each task.

I strongly recommend new users view that portion of the video. The final topic dealt with comparing results using custom fields and formulas. This makes viewing the sheets a little easier on the eyes and makes it easier to identify problem areas.

These solutions work well, but they still require additional software to be installed. The preferred solution is to export the issue log into a Microsoft Excel format so it can be easily shared.

Convert projects created with Microsoft Office Project to PDF files

Screenshots by Andy Makar for TechRepublic. Export the issue log to Microsoft Excel Follow these steps to export the issue log to Microsoft Excel: Open the project file. Select File Save As. When the Export Wizard dialog box appears, click Next twice. Select the New Map radio button and click Next.

Enter Issue Log for the Worksheet Name. Add the following fields per this figure: Text1 b. Text2 c. Date1 d. Flag1 e.

Text4 f. WBS 8. Click the first Text1 row in the To: Excel field and enter the name of the target Excel field per this figure. Enter Issue Name h. Enter Issue Description i. Enter Target Date j.

Enter Open Issue k. Enter Assigned To l. With the Export Map complete, click Next. Click the Save Map button and enter Issue Log for the map name. Click Finish. You have now created a new export map and saved the issue log to Microsoft Excel. Each time you export the map, you do not need to create an export map again; instead in step 5, you will select the Use Existing Map radio button. The next step is to select the Issue Log map and click Finish.

You can format the Excel file by expanding the cells and filtering the blank rows.

In Microsoft Excel, follow these steps:

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