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Download Monster Hunter Alpha - ISBN Type: Monster Hunter Publisher: BaenReleased: July 26, Page Count. Titles, Order. Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia — not in English Common Knowledge, 1. Series Information. Translate Series Title. German. Dutch. Dokument: epub ( KB) Monster Hunter Memoirs is the (mostly) true story of the life and times of one of MHI's most effective-and Monster Hunter Alpha.

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Hi there im looking for alpha divide book 3, 4 and 6. It blocked. Plzzzzz anyone ??? .. Monster Hunter Alpha - Larry KB. cittadelmonte.infor Hunter. Monster Hunter International - Larry KB. cittadelmonte.infor Hunter Vendetta - Larry KB. cittadelmonte.infor Hunter Alpha - Larry Correia. Dirty Harry meets Twilight. #3 in the break-out series and a follow-up to Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta. Earl Harbinger may be the.

Search this site. Accountant turned professional monster hunter, Owen Zastava Pitt, managed to stop the nefarious Old Ones invasion plans last year, but as a result made an enemy out of one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Now an evil death cult known as the Church of the Temporary Mortal Condition wants to capture Owen in order to gain the favor of the great Old Ones. The Condition is led by a fanatical necromancer known as the Shadow Man. The government wants to capture the Shadow Man and has assigned the enigmatic Agent Franks to be Owens full time bodyguard, which is a polite way of saying that Owen is monster bait. With supernatural assassins targeting his family, a spy in their midst, and horrific beasties lurking around every corner, Owen and the staff of Monster Hunter International dont need to go hunting, because this time the monsters are hunting them. Fortunately, this bait is armed and very dangerous

Her health was not the best. Related ebooks Whats Fair: Fair , Fair Game: Kicking ism Out of Sport. Bloomsbury SportReleased: July 17, Page Count: Fate Is the Hunter.

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Monster Hunter Alpha Larry Correia. View Series. More Info. Go to Cart Keep Shopping. Read Online Email Kindle Ebook to me. Select the format you would like to download: View Larger Image. Add to Wishlist. Customer Ratings for Monster Hunter Alpha. This was screaming at me: Generally Toni will publish my grocery list.

I make Baen a fair shekel on my weakest series. Which, by the way, is probably the competing Special Circumstances series. Would they be okay with it? Toni loved the universe and was ecstatic to hear I wanted to write in it. More money!

Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia - WebScription Ebooks

More good stories! She likes both. Larry used to be an accountant. This was making money for almost no work. And he had read my stuff and trusted I'd write it well. If I kept up at this rate, which I won't, he'd be doing nothing but editing for the rest of his life! And he had miniatures to paint! Hope you enjoy. I've already written a couple books of a spin-off series; want to publish them?

It is tough to let somebody else play in your sandbox, but I checked it out. Happily, Grunge was a good book, and I had a lot of fun reading it. But there was still a whole lot of world-building John didn't know about, and couldn't have known, because I'd not revealed it anywhere yet and as the regular MH fans have seen, I plan this stuff out far in advance.

While reading the original manuscript, I inserted about two hundred comments about how the Monster Hunter universe worked, what had really happened in the past, what bits of lore would or would not fit, technical bits, and that sort of thing. He said, "why don't you just change all that? I'm a writer, not an editor seriously, much respect to editors, that's a tough job and it took me longer to edit this than it took John to write it, so his idea of "almost no work" differs a little from mine.

But I tried hard to change as little as possible to keep everything in line with the rest of the MHI universe and still remain true to John's original story in his original voice. Though there were a few bits that,,,well, I'll just say, my kids read these books, John.

Those scenes can live on as apocrypha. I hope you guys like it. We'd expected a lot of spiders. Given the number of missing "homeless" you're not supposed to call them bums anymore there had to be a major nest.

Hell, we were expecting a shelob.

What we hadn't expected was a tidal wave. The long, broad corridor was packed with a mass of writhing eight-limbed, eight-eyed, furry, horrible, fang-dripping, brown, couch-sized-body arachnids that covered not just the floors but the walls and the ceilings.

I opened up with my Uzi, killing as fast as I could fire and reload. I had my shotgun slung in case it got to close work, which it looked like it would, and a Barrett M82 at my feet if that became necessary. It was nearly a hundred yards to the curve and it seemed like that wave covered the distance in an instant.

Six of us were firing, seven if you counted Roy feeding rounds into the Ma Deuce, and it just was not stopping them. We really should have set up the Pig as well.

They were falling off the ceilings and walls and dropping on the floor but there was just a never-ending tide of the damned things. A bunch of the wounded were shaking off the fire and the aftereffects of ethanol poisoning and clambering back to their furry feet. If too many got inside the final protective line,,,Well, you don't recover from most giant spider bites. They'll just stun you with their venom, so they can take you back to their nest and drink you later.

But the flesh dissolving enzyme they use to turn you into drinkable chow gets mixed into the paralytic agent. So you just dissolve slower. If you're lucky you might just lose an arm or a leg if they get you there.

If you're lucky.

Anywhere on the torso it's just a long, slow, agonizing process of doctors trying very hard and failing to save your life as you scream in agony and beg them to just kill you. Which they won't, the bastards.

As if summoning the damned thing, the shelob came around the corner.

I knew I had to concentrate on the closing offspring but the shelob sort of caught everyone's attention.

At that point as a Monster Hunter, I thought not much could shake me but I'll admit I sort of peed myself a little bit. We'd gotten all this stuff-claymores, C4, Ma Deuce, hundreds of fifty-cal rounds and a shitload of other guns and ammo-to the firing point by Jesse backing a U-Haul truck down the brick-lined, arched tunnel high and wide enough it wasn't even a real bother.

We'd driven our cars down the old maintenance tunnel for the now defunct Portland cistern that was the presumed nest of the shelob and her offspring. You couldn't quite get a tractor trailer down the tunnel, but it was close. The shelob was slithering down the tunnel with its legs squashed to either side of its elephant-sized body and sort of flattened out to fit.

It was that fricking big. All hair and spidery eyes and poison-dripping fangs long enough to use as daggers if you had the courage and could, you know, manage to kill it. He was laying down fire with an M16 and I wondered if maybe I should have gone with that Mattel crap for once. Rifle rounds, even little 5. She was about to get a C4 enema while claymores shredded her loathsome offspring and ended the threat to Portland's underground. We'd spent hours setting up the trap.

Just back from the yellow lines on the walls was a pile of C4. C4 was one and a half times the same power as TNT.

It was enough to toss a semi-truck into the air. It was going to shred the shelob, guaranteed. The firing circuit led to that pile of cataclysm, then spread out. Multiple lines of det cord led to two hundred claymore directional mines in a multipoint daisy chain.

They were securely anchored to the floors and walls and many of them were angled up, anticipating our unwanted visitors on the ceiling. And it wasn't a single daisy chain.

There were lines between sets, extra lines within sets. Nothing was going to stop each and every one going off. We were totally ready. He hit it again.

Series: Monster Hunter

Going Chemical! But Phillip Jimenez was a former Army engineer and knew all about redundancy to firing circuits in combat.

Besides the electrical circuit, there was a "chemical" circuit consisting of a fuse igniter which led to a short fuse, then another section of det cord. Slightly slower than electrical but sure enough guaranteed. The fuse igniter only took a second to hit the detonator but a second was a long time with hundreds of fucking spiders headed towards your position. Not to mention big momma.

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