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Author: Friday Nancy Title: My secret garden Women's Sexual Fantasies Year: Link download: FOREWORD by. My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. Welcome to Nancy Friday's secret garden, a hidden. Editorial Reviews. Review. This book caused quite a ruckus when it was released Buy My Secret Garden: Read Books Reviews - .

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staggeringly high heels-isn't that why God gave femdoms sissies and slaves? can't respect Secret Magazine Issue Masonic Secrets Revealed - Secrets of the . Nancy Friday - My Secret Garden · Read more My Secret Garden: Women's Sexual Fantasies My Garden in Autumn and Winter (My Garden Series). First published in , My Secret Garden ignited a firestorm of reactions across the nation—from outrage to enthusiastic support. Collected from detailed.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Oct 4, Welcome to Nancy Friday's secret garden, a hidden place where ordinary women are free to express the sexual dreams they have never dared to confide before. Safe behind the walls of anonymity, hundreds of real women responded to Nancy Friday's call for details of their own most private fantasies.

Very little space was devoted to sexual fantasies in The Sensuous Woman. Most of the women I interviewed were uninhibited in their discussions of the subject and I incorporated some of their comments into several chapters. That was one of the shortest chapters in my book, for, much to my astonishment, asking a man about his sexual fantasies triggered a response similar to that of hitting an exposed nerve. In both individual and group interviews the men reacted as if I had suggested rape, and clammed up immediately.

Even swingers and habitual orgiasts seemed to be struck by a bolt of instant amnesia. It would be easier, to train turtles to outrun greyhounds. In all fairness, I should mention that my own sex has its area of sensitivity. I had an extremely difficult time getting many women to discuss masturbation. They would volunteer every detail of their lovemaking, acknowledge extramarital affairs, etc.

Only when they were describing a sexual fantasy were these women able to relax enough to speak of masturbation. I mention all this to explain my opinion that men and women will react very differently to My Secret Garden.

I suspect that women generally will be fascinated by the revelations in this book, but not surprised. Nor will these readers have trouble in acknowledging that they too fantasize. And how will the male react? The first man I gave My Secret Garden to was so turned on by the book that he went on a lovemaking marathon. But, unfortunately for the women in America, I suspect that this reaction was not average. The next few male readers were much like the men Nancy Friday tells us about.

Since many of the women in this book regard their sexual fantasies as more intimate than the sex act itself, the men felt that their masculinity was threatened how could any dream be more satisfying than, me?

With all this in the air, it's no surprise that at first my idea fascinated everyone. That's all it took. All conversation would stop. Men and women both would turn to me with half-smiles of excitement. They were willing to countenance the thought, but only in generalities, I discovered.

Men would become truculent and nervous ah! If any- one spoke, it was the men: Some frus- trated neurotic. But the ordinary, sexually satisfied woman doesn't need them. What's the matter with good old-fashioned sex? Nothing's the matter with asparagus, either. But why not have the hollandaise, too? I used to try to explain that it wasn't a question of need, that a woman is no less a woman if she doesn't fantasize. Or that if she does, it is not necessarily a question of something lacking in the man.

But if a woman does fantasize, or wants to, then she should accept it without shame or thinking herself freaky—and so should the man. Fantasy should be thought of as an extension of one's sexuality.

I think it was this idea, the notion of some unknown sexual potential in their women, the threat of the unseen, all-powerful rival, that bothered men most. My wife? Why, Harriet doesn't fantasize.

And of course their anxiety communicated itself to their Harriets. I soon learned not to research these ideas in mixed company. Naively at first, I had believed that the presence of a husband or an accus- tomed lover would be reassuring and comforting. Looking back now, I can see that it had been espe- cially naive of me to think he might be interested, too, in perhaps finding out something new in his partner's sexual life, and that if she were attacked by shyness or diffidence, he would encourage her to go on.

Of course, that is not how it works. But even talking to women alone, away from the visible anxiety the subject aroused in their men,. It is this not-so-conscious fear of rejection that leads women to strive to change the essence of their minds by driving their fantasies down deep into their forgot- ten layers of mind.

I wasn't attempting to play doctor in the house to my women contributors; analyzing their fantasies was never my intention. I simply wanted to substan- tiate my feeling that women do fantasize and should be accepted as having the same unrealized desires and needs as men, many of which can only find re- lease in fantasy.

My belief was, and is, that given a sufficient body of such information, the woman who fantasizes will have a background against which to place herself. She will no longer have that vertigi- nous fright that she alone has these random, often unbidden thoughts and ideas. Eventually, then, I developed a technique to en- able all but the shyest women to verbalize their fantasies.

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For instance, if, as in many cases, the first reaction was, "Who, me? This would allay anxiety: After all, everything to date was from. Somewhere along the way, though, I realized that if my collection of fantasies was going to be more than just a cross section of my own narrow circle of friends, I would have to reach out further.

And so I placed an ad in newspapers and magazines which reached several varied audiences. The ad merely said:.

Anonymity guaranteed. Box XYZ. As much as I'd been encouraged by my husband and also by the spirit of the times in which we live, I think it was the letters that came that marked the turning point in my own attitude toward this work. I am no marcher, nor Red-Crosser, but some of the cries for help and sighs of relief in those let- ters moved me.

Again and again they would start, "Thank God, I can tell these thoughts to someone; up till now I've never confided mine to a living soul. I have always been ashamed of them, feeling that other people would think them unnatural and con- sider me a nymphomaniac or a pervert. Today we have a flowering of women who write explicitly and honestly about sex and about what goes on in a woman's mind and body during the act. But even with women as outspoken as these, they feel the need for a last seventh veil to hide acknowledgment of their sexuality; what they write calls itself fiction.

It is a veil I feel it would be inter- esting and even useful to remove as a step in the lib- eration of us all, women and men alike. For no man can be really free in bed with a women who is not. Putting this book together has been an education. Learning what other women are like, both in their fantasies and in their lives—it is sometimes difficult to separate the two—has made me gasp in disbelief; laugh out loud occasionally; blush; sigh a lot; feel a sense of outrage, envy, and a great deal of sympa- thy.

I find my own fantasies are funner than some, less poetic than others, more startling than a good number—but they are my own. Naturally, my best fantasies, my favorites of the moment—numbers 1, 2, and 3 on my private hit parade—are not included here. One thing I've learned about fantasies: They are sea pebbles upon which the waters have dried.

Is that a mystery? So are we all. Welcome to Nancy Friday's secret garden, a hidden place where ordinary women are free to express the sexual dreams they have never dared to confide before. Safe behind the walls of anonymity, hundreds of real women responded to Nancy Friday's call for details of their own most private fantasies.

My Secret Garden is the daring compilation of those fantasies. When it first appeared, it created a storm of outrage in the media Even now, in a new millennium, over then thousand women each year buy a new copy of this astounding classic of feminist literature. Join them in their exploration of the meaning of desire.

Dare to read, dare to dream, and dare to discover the beautiful blossoms, the winding paths, and the hidden nooks of female sexuality. Flag for inappropriate content.

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READ PDF My Secret Garden: Women's Sexual Fantasies By Nancy Friday (…

Neev Tighnavard. Mark allen. Brett Brown. William M. Grimaldi-Aristotle, Rhetoric I. Ibrahim Olasunkanmi AbduLateef. Victor J Cadena. Haider Ali.

Leonard Ngiam Yk. Annaliza Grifaldo Salazar. Zorica Janevska.

Amine Rached. San Mateo Daily Journal. Vehiller D'windt. It should be about time for a second edition although I doubt that any of the fantasies would change that much, perhaps a bit more kinky but on the whole it would remain the same. As a guy you can only read short bits of this book a little a time.

My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday

These stories go beyond Penthouse letters and the like. Guys who want to understand what and why women fantasize about should read this book. A true high water mark in literature. Paperback Verified Purchase. Every man should read it FYI: I am a man and understand better what our partners, friends, spouses, family members think!

The world is beautiful also because we want to understand and make the life of the others happy! Also when talking about sex. This has been a taboo for too long among women while men always expressed their desires and fantasies. Really recommended to all! Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is an old book written some years ago. It was one of the first studies written about women's sexual fantasies. It does not offer "hot" stories exactly.

It is more for general knowledge on the subject. Your imagination will have to fill in some parts if that is what you want. A classic by the late Nancy Friday.

Very erotic by any standards. Nice read before sleep. One person found this helpful.

I've found this book to be very helpful over the years in gaining some perspective on the variability of sexuality and sexual interests from a woman's perspective. It can be read as titillating it was the first time I read it but once one gets over that, it can be very helpful. I don't really feel like I need Nancy Friday to interpret other peoples' sexual fantasies for me, so I found her commentary superfluous.

The fantasies were often interesting, though. I've read Nancy Friday's work before, but it's been some time. Perhaps what originally seemed pretty amazing has been affected by passage of time and now is almost mundane. And I hadn't realized how wordy she is. See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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