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How much interest do you read Download Si Pangeran Kecil PDF?? Interest in reading especially people particular people because many. Nakaoji namun tak lama aram kecil muncul kembali terancam oleh jeile yg. . Download si pangeran kecil pdf and select the si pangeran kecil. Pangeran kecil antoine de saint-exupéry read online. 9/16/ Are not available for reading online or for free download in pdf or ebook format.

Pangeran Kecil Pdf

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Si Pangeran Kecil Indonesian pages. Si Pangeran Kecil - This book is an. Indonesian Read online Si Pangeran Kecil download pdf General. Le Petit. [PDF] Pangeran Kecil (Le Petit Prince) - Free Download - MB. , Indonesisch, Indonesian, 3, Pangeran Kecil. , Indonesisch, Niederl. Indien, Indonesian, D. East Indies, 1, Sang Pangeran Ketjil. , Irisch-Gälisch, Irish.

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Loved the snake though. Reviewed January View all 12 comments. Ostentai indifferenza, temporeggiando, cercando di scoprire di che si trattasse. Fui edotta: E poi, tanto per completare l'opera, il trio delle caravelle concluse il tutto con una pagina tratta da 'Va dove ti porta il cuore', libro terrificante in voga ai tempi, che fece da ciliegina sulla torta. Insomma, non so se a causa della disastrosa recita, delle mamme gongolanti, della Tamaro o delle frasi fiorite di stelle, farfalle, rose, pecore, amore, amicizia Non lo rileggerei nemmeno con il fucile alla tempia.

View all 31 comments. A children's book that is for adults. A moral allegory too full of symbols. For me it feels that the author struggled to include as many symbols as possible in as few pages as possible. I do not agree with all of the author's ideas. Also the little prince is quite annoying. View all 9 comments. View all 11 comments. As I read, I realized that I, like the Prince and my daughter, only cared about that beautiful flower and keeping it safe from the sheep that hopefully still has a muzzle over its face to this day.

Poor little sheep.

I read the last half of the book alone. My child refused to have it read to her anymore. No amount of cajoling could tempt her to it. And I realized that I was only going through the motions of reading, not enjoying it, not caring about the silly people on each planet that the Prince encountered, people doing things that made no sense.

I suppose I lived the metaphor the book was trying to convey … that adults do silly things while the child just cares for the flowers. This adult thing I was doing, reading this book that so many people like, felt to me like trying to appreciate a piece of random art that everyone likes but me.

However, the truth is that I found the book a chore to read and only wished I could stare at the picture of the flower as my daughter was, abandoning the words of the book in their entirety. Go ahead, though; be an adult. Put the full 5 stars up for this book whether you like it or not. It's the adult thing to do. View all 4 comments.

View 1 comment. I hate this book. The rose was so not worth to be loved, the little prince wandered through the world and didn't care one bit whom he hurt I don't like the writing, the story, the characters nor the message. Totally worthless and horrible book. I don't understand why so many people love it. Ebbene, ragassuoli , diciamocelo: In buona sostanza, si tratta solo di libri che esonerano dal pensare.

Il che pare essere gradito a molti. A mio modesto avviso, a troppi. O, almeno, io ne ho le palle piene pur non possedendo, materialmente, i suddetti attributi. Sometimes i feel like i'm the only person who hates this book. View all 10 comments. View 2 comments. Qualche frase ad effetto, "mielosamente" nauseante ed un finale strappalacrime. Detesto questo libro. L'ho riletto innumerevoli volte e mi sono sforzata di scovarvi quell'emozione che pare abbia lasciato impressa in moltissime persone, ma ogni tentativo non ha fatto che snervarmi e confermare il giudizio iniziale: Da sconsacrare.

But even though the snake had bitten him, he was not completely poisoned. So he had to stop off somewhere to refuel. He landed on a planet which was even smaller than his little asteroid. There was hardly anything there, but a man who wa The Little Prince and the Pauper The Little Prince was back on his way to his asteroid. There was hardly anything there, but a man who was sitting in a playpen. He was surrounded by little very wooden puppets that looked like a king, a drunkard, a lamplighter and so on.

In front of himself, the man had a typewriter [Note for those who are no adults: A typewriter was a machine that has become obsolete with the advent of computers and is now nearly exclusively used to be thrown at mice and other vertebrates to scare them off computers]. This man was the Pauper, of course only in the sense of Matthew 5,4, for he was wealthy enough even to own a plane. The Pauper gave a deep sigh and looked around his playpen to see if something was missing, but his menagerie was sparse enough, and so he was able to satisfy himself very quickly as to its completeness.

Things mean so much when you start thinking about them.

The Little Prince: Pangeran Kecil by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1 star ratings)

There is so much grey, and so little black and white. And I have become an adult and am therefore expected to think and not only to feel. In fact, I feel worried and have a strong longing for the maternal womb. I want life to be simpler, less complex and I hate the idea that what I feel may not necessarily be right, but a figment of my desires and fears.

And so I am writing this story. The Pauper was not surprised at that. After all, he had invented the Little Prince. Then you invent a Geographer who has never explored the world he has been mapping. The Pauper, once he had been started on it all, was not so ready to stop too soon. French has the advantage, however, that it sounds so beautiful that whatever you say seems to be fraught with meaning and importance.

Anyway, that stuff translates to You see most clearly with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye. It would have amounted to the same. The Pauper looked as though he had been caught red-handed for a moment. So you must use childbook metaphors, a paratactic style with no more than about 15 words per sentence, and you must avoid using synonyms. In fact, a thesaurus of words will be ample. There are a lot of adults who wish themselves back into childhood, but putting on a pseudo-philosophical icing makes reading this book a guilty pleasure.

Apart from that, doing it this way makes everyone who dislikes the book appear a cold-hearted and nasty person. The Little Prince, though, had not heard him, for he had already walked off, eager to share his future plans with his rose. View all 7 comments. Arrogant, assuming people. In all honesty, I wanted to like this book. I thought that I would. But then our friend, the author, Atoine de Saint-Exupery, started throwing accusations of narrow-mindedness at adults. Though I am not yet an adult myself, I found this particular message rude and foolish, and perhaps Exupery would find me narrow-minded for it.

However, I think that there is a sort of narrow-mindedness that comes with accusing someone of the latter. This particular message of the book enfuriated me, mostly becau In all honesty, I wanted to like this book. This particular message of the book enfuriated me, mostly because I personally try to see the good in people, and thinking of them as narrow-minded is not generally a part of my outlook. I also felt that the rose did not deserve any love.

She was annoying and nothing but a stupid metaphor of some kind.

I also felt it was creepy how the Little Prince loved her. The attack on adults annoyed me a lot. I hated the "true understanding" thing. Exupery is or was? This book did not deserve to be one of the best-selling books of all time, nor does it deserve the attention it still gets. The Little Prince is an annoying little brat that prances about and yells at the narrator about how he hates matters of consequence.

However, my opinion may not be fair. I had to read this for a class and that usually makes a person automatically hate a book, I find , and this is the largest allegory I have ever read. Read it if you wish, but know that you'll be narrow-minded just because you can't see the sheep in the box or you think your work is a matter of consequence. I had to read this for some French class in college. It was so boring and annoying and French, that I think reading it gave me eye cancer.

It has a great message and all, but I did not enjoy reading the book Este libro se va directo a la pila de libros que no me han gustado para nada. Dato interesante es que vi 1. Apparently I have become too much of a stuffy grown-up to appreciate this book.

As it is, I cannot figure out why this silly and boring story is so beloved by so many people. The Little Prince opens with a shockingly superficial and false distinction between the cognitive styles of adults and children.

How unbearably tragic, how painful to find oneself so alarmingly misunderstood! One can only imagine the trauma. The little prince accuses all adults of having an indefensible superiority complex, all the while proving himself the most haughty and judgmental character of all. He seldom learns anything from anyone, despite being fond of asking questions. It is difficult for me to think of a message that would be more damaging to children than this one——or to adults, for that matter. The human heart is often a liar and an idiot, and deserves no special place in the complex and fluctuating emotional and informational landscapes adults must navigate.

The Little Prince masquerades as a parable about overcoming loneliness and melancholia, but readers who buy into this kind of thinking will likely become more isolated from their surroundings and loved ones, not less.

I'm sure I'm missing something here. The Little Prince is mostly a cute story about a little dude who leaves his planet and explores the galaxy. He eventually ends up on Earth and develops a friendship with a pilot who has crashed his plane in the desert.

For an adult reader, this book is quick to get through. As Prince travels, he discovers the absurdity of adulthood. Mostly, this book is a critique of modern society.

On his journey, Prince discovers a man who makes maps but neve Likes: On his journey, Prince discovers a man who makes maps but never goes anywhere, a guy who follows pointless orders and never asks why, a man who demands praise for doing nothing, and a king with no subjects.

He just wants them. And a grim portrait of adulthood. I disliked it for the same reasons that I disliked A Wrinkle in Time. Most of the plot consists of Prince asking the same questions over and over as he bounces around the universe. The moral is the story rather than being something that you learn from the story. The main lesson: Adults should spend their time on relationships and experiences, not on possessions and work that makes them miserable.

Why do we need pages of weirdness about it?

The Little Prince: Pangeran Kecil

The Bottom Line: I struggled to stay interested in The Little Prince as an adult. Croatian, Burgenland.

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The Little Prince – my Collection

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