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TNPSC Group 2 Study Materials in English for Prelims is provided by Civil Service If you are strong in science, then you would spend less time in science and. tnpsc-groupscience-study-material-in-tamil-english-free-download-pdf. tnpsc- groupscience-study-material-in-tamil- · Previous · Next. TNPSC Group 2A Study Material Tamil PDF; Click here TNPSC Group 2A English PDF Free Download; TNPSC Science Study.

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Tnpsc General Science Study Materials Notes Pdf Free Download link available at, Useful for Tnpsc group 4 VAO 2 2A. Tnpsc Group 2, 2A, 4, Vao – General Tamil Study Materials [ 28 Pages ] Tnpsc Group 1, 2, 2A, 4, Vao Exam – General Science Study. TNPSC General Science Study Material is provided here for applying A participant should prepare strongly for General Science section to grab 10 to 15 marks in TNPSC Group 4 VAO 2, Download Tamil Nadu PSC Group 4 Result

But the Group2 syllabus is different and easy compared to group1 exam syllabus. TamilNadu Public Service Commission conducts objective of exams is to pick smart candidates. Attending a TamilNadu Public Service Commission exam is competing at a national level amongst thousands or lakhs of fellow competitors and no way of knowing by how much is anyone better than you or worse than you. The question papers are prepared in such a manner that only the smartest candidates can get through. The question paper includes questions from various subjects and hence, candidates are required to go through a series of concepts and practice. Candidates those who are able to answer the most number of right answers are selected, rather than the ones who were able to solve the toughest of problems.

Chemistry Notes. Zoology Notes.

VAO Sheet 2. Chemistry Study Materials [ Part 1 ]. Chemistry Study Materials [ Part 2 ].

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Tnpsc study material age problems pdf. Tnpsc group 2, 2a, 4, vao study materials Hints — 19 Pages. Your e-mail address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Join Our Whatsapp Group.


Tnpsc Group 2 2A Exam Details. Tnpsc G2 Previous Questions.

Try attending online test on regular basis, like, daily after completing a topic attend an online test to your ability. Identify your weakest in the subject and devote more time to that topic.

First evaluate yourself. You should know your strong subjects and your weak areas. The key success is to make strong subjects stronger and to make the weak ones moderate or average. Time management is an important factor in a competitive exam like TamilNadu Public Service Commission. It can really help you remember a lot of important information during exams. Make sure you have revised the entire syllabus of your exam at least two to three times before your exam.

So whatever topic you study just check your knowledge by testing yourself with sample online test. All of this matters a lot. One of the worst things you could do while preparing for the exam is studying one tough subject after the other. If you have been doing this for a while, then you will forget a lot during the exam. Do not study one tough subject with no gaps in between. If you are studying General English, general science and Mathematics, then make sure to start off with Mathematics then move on to General English and finally study general science.

This will really help you to prepare for exam in a much better way.

Latest TNPSC Materials

Make sure you are studying enough. Keep yourself up to date with the current affairs. Motion — 2. Work, Power and Energy. Laws of Motion and Gravitation.

Electricity and Heat. Electricity and Energy.

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Magnetic Effect of Electric Current and Light. Heat and Light. Light and Sound. Heat and Gas Law.

Atomic Structure. Atomic Structure — 2. Chemistry Samacheer Notes 14 Parts.

Structure and Physiological functions of plants. Botany Samacheer Notes 14 Parts.

Zoology Samacheer Notes 21 Parts. Official Carrier Page. Today Govt Jobs. Please upload study materials for chemistry, botany ,zoology. Your e-mail address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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