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Read "Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book" by Adobe Creative Team available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Adobe Illustrator CS5 provides precision and power with sophisticated drawing Note: This preset was called eBook in earlier versions of some applications. As an eBook reader, you have access to these files by following the . you learn more about Adobe Illustrator CS5 and use it with greater efficiency and ease.

Adobe Illustrator Cs5 Ebook

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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. "Real World Adobe Illustrator CS5" is the definitive reference to Adobe's industry-standard vector graphics software. Need answers quickly? Adobe Illustrator CS5 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through. Free CS5 eBook on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign & Illustrator. [UPDATE – Download the newer free Adobe CS6 books (over 1, pages)!] This “CS5 on Demand” e-book runs pages ( MB to download, in PDF format) and includes five full chapters on Photoshop, Dreamweaver.

Social Media. Want to get started learning Adobe Illustrator , but feel overwhelmed? With easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of annotated screenshots, this manual makes learning Illustrator simple. Adobe Illustrator is a vector drawing program. It is often used to create logos, icons, illustrations, charts, infographics, t-shirts, business cards, stationery, envelopes, packaging design — you name it. All in all, it is mostly used to create high resolution graphics, which can later be printed as well. Unlike Photoshop, which stores image information in dots, Illustrator uses mathematical equations when you draw shapes.

To close the path, click on the first point: Now it is ready to be filled with a color.

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Make sure the triangle is selected click on it with Selection tool, V and choose a yellow tone: We need round corners in order to make our lime segment triangle look smoother. In the Round Corners dialog box, put something like 4 mm I use millimeters as units and click OK to apply changes: Looks good.

Expand Appearance is located in the Object menu and is one of the most important tools in Illustrator. It may require a separate guide to describe in detail, but today we are only learning the basics.

So, in simple terms, Expand Appearance is used to divide an object into separate paths or images after an effect is applied to it.

Well, that sounds a bit confusing. Now our object is an image: Another cool feature of Adobe Illustrator, Live trace is used to convert raster images into tracing objects.

Expand is used to convert tracing objects into editable paths vector. After tracing a raster image, you should use Expand. As our textured object is now traced and ready to be returned to paths, we will use Expand: As you see, our texture is now a set of paths , but we need to change its color from black to white.

This time we will use Stroke since the texture is a set of strokes: At this point, we are done with our lime slice. The rest is easier. At this point our wedge of lime is ready, and we need to duplicate it.

Another convenient way of selecting multiple objects is holding Shift and clicking on objects. In the pop-up box set as follows and click Copy: You should have this now: It repeats or applies the latest transformation to the selected object. We have a tasty lemon.

Now for some details. First of all, group all the slices together to keep things in order. Then make sure nothing is selected by clicking somewhere else on the artboard. Select a light green color for Fill and none for Stroke: Select the Ellipse tool a sub-tool under Rectangle or hit L: As you see now, the green circle is in front of or above our lime.

Select that circle and duplicate it below itself as we did in 3. That looks pretty good. Even better: To align objects perfectly, use the Alignment tools.

Those tools are located in the Control Panel, when the Selection Tool is active. See below to understand various alignments: Note that these examples are true for Align to Artboard: If you choose Align to Selection , then objects will be aligned with respect to the outer boundaries of the selection. Now you can play with sizes and colors if you want.

If you make the lime smaller and change the text colors it will look much better: Alright, congratulations with your first logo! If you want to save your logo in. While the second way exports the whole Artboard, the first way lets you export only your object s. After that, when you use Save For Web and Devices you will see that the image size is the new size of your Artboard.

Also note: While vector graphics are typically two-dimensions you can create nice-looking 3D objects as well. In this tutorial we will create a simple 3D text with a grungy background like below: As I said, we are now learning the basics, so that you get more familiar with the interface and some useful tools.

Once you are, you will see that there are no limits to what you can do with Illustrator. Go to your favorite website for free textures and backgrounds and find a nice grungy background. I took one from Stock Image: Copy and paste it into your Adobe Illustrator document. Most probably it will be way too big, so you will need to scale it down.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book

Use Transform Panel to control the size of your image: Select Rectangle from Tools M , draw a rectangle, same size as your background image you may want to use the Transform panel to set exact values and set the Fill color to light brown and no stroke: You can always use Transparency panel to change the way an object or a layer blends with layers below.

Make it big enough like 65pt , set tracking to and choose the White color: Use Create Outlines — right-click on the text and choose Create Outlines , to convert text into vector paths: This is what you should have this far: Now we need to separate the faces of the text and our 3D effect from each other.

With Direct Selection Tool A , select only the faces of the text hold Shift to select multiple objects: To do that, zoom in a little bit and click somewhere in the middle of the objects here — text faces.

Now copy and paste your selection and use Unite from Pathfinder panel to join all selected faces into one grouped path: Place the new layer on top of the old one and set its Stroke Color to white and Stroke Weight to 1pt: Adding the gradient is pretty easy — just select the object, click on the Gradient panel on the right and set up your colors.

While most applications can generate EPS files , the only editable benefit you will receive is if the file was originally created as a vector image. How are vector images stored?

Free CS5 eBook on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign & Illustrator

Bitmap or raster images are stored as a series of tiny dots called pixels. Each pixel is actually a very small square that is assigned a color, and then arranged in a pattern to form the image. When you zoom in on a bitmap image you can see the individual pixels that make up that image.

What is a vector file used for? An EPS file can be reopened and edited. An AI file is a proprietary, vector file type created by Adobe that can only be created or edited with Adobe Illustrator. It is most commonly used for creating logos, illustrations and print layouts. What programs use SVG?

Inkscape uses a built-in potrace to import raster image formats. Similar posts that you'll find it usefull: July 13, Very good journey and experience! Your site is very useful for me.

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