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American English File second edition Tests (Levels Starter to 3 only) 3 Syllabus PDF ( KB); Level 4 Syllabus PDF ( KB); Level 5 Syllabus PDF ( KB). Edition: Level 4 Student Book. American English File 4 Student Book with Online Practice cover Our discounted price list (PDF). Key features Read more. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. 8. american english file American English File 4 Workbook Answer key File 1A 1 Grammar a 3.

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American English File 4 Student Book (Second Edition) PDF EBOOK here { }. .. American ENGLISH FILE Christina Latham- Koenig Clive Oxenden Paul Seligson and Clive Oxenden arethe. American English File Учебник, рабочая тетрадь, тесты, ответы и ключи, аудио и Four-skills American English course with a communicative methodology. American English File (pdf + cds) Each Level Separately ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~ ~~~~ American PDF file, 83 MB Audio CD 3 & CD

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What do you think they might have in common? Would you have been happy for Fatos to read your coffee cup? I went to Turkey a few years ago with a colleague named Chris. We'd been sent there to train secondary school teachers in a school on the outskirts of Istanbul. I called her and we agreed to meet in a hotel in the center of Istanbul. Chris came too, and the three of us had a very nice dinner together. After dinner we ordered Turkish coffee and we talked for a while, until Fatos suddenly asked me, "would you like me to read your coffee cup?

But Chris immediately said he would be happy for her to read his coffee cup Adam Do you believe in it? Our house is the middle one of three row houses and it's more than a hundred years old. A young couple lives in the house on our right, but the house on our left was empty and for sale.

T his happened when I was 16, and I can still remember it vividly. It was a clear morning, sunny but with a breeze. I was going to meet a school friend to go walking in the hills where there were some wonderful views. I'd agreed to meet him at the top of one of the hills. Have you ever experienced a paranormal happening? Write and tell us about it. Were they accurate? Try to figure out what they mean. Which of the three stories do you find the spookiest?

Can you think of any possible explanation for what happened in each story? Have you or anybody you know? What kind of noise?

It was really interesting! In pairs, decide which auxiliary is used Learn more about using auxiliary verbs, and practice them. Notice the stressed auxiliary verbs. So did I. How spooky! A read your sentences to B. B respond with a reply question and then say whether you are the same or different.

Then switch roles. Is do stressed in the highlighted phrases? B I do like them. Make guesses about your partner. Then sign your name underneath and give the piece o f paper to your partner. Can you identify any o f them? Do you believe that our signature might say something about our personality? W hat your tUJftdfyw e says about you Your signature is the part of your handwriting that says the most about your personality.

It is common for your signature to change during your life because it reflects how you develop and evolve as a person.

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You may have more than one signature, for example a more formal signature name and last name when you sign a credit card or your passport, and an informal signature just your first name when you sign a birthday card.

Our signature is very much part of the way in which we present ourselves to the world, so it can give some im portant clues about the kind of person we are and how we feel about ourselves. Do any o f the interpretations coincide with what you already thought? Taking notes We often need to take notes when we are listening, for example, to somebody giving a lecture.

Afterward you could expand your notes into full sentences. Complete the notes on the right. The more illegible your signature is, the less assertive you probably are as a person. Can you remember what words go in the blanks?

Do the compound adjectives have a positive or negative meaning? O Compound adjectives Compound adjectives are adjectives that have two parts. The second part often ends in -ed or -ing, e. The words are usually linked by hyphens. The main stress is on the second word. Use the two parts o f the word to try to figure out their meaning, and say if they are positive or negative characteristics. P Modifiers We often use modifiers with adjectives of personality. With positive characteristics pretty My mom is very good-tempered.

Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. Give examples o f their behavior. Do you know somebody who is? One of my cousins is a little two-faced. She says one thing to me, and then I find out she said the exact opposite to somebody else in the family How do you think his previous experience helps him in his present job?

Hisjob involves helping peopie to discover the right career options for them, and then to heip them actually get a job, by advising them on their resumes and on interview techniques.

His specialty is helping people who are making career transitions, e. Before setting up his company, he worked for seven years as an HR Human Resources director. I I Checking what there is about you on the Internet. LH Choosing what photos to send with your resume. EZ] Thinking out the skills and abilities a job needs.

LI] Writing a good resume c Now listen again. Take notes about the advice he gives in the three areas you checked. Now watch or listen to P art 2, where Jeff talks about the day o f the interview.

Are they T true or F false? Correct the F ones. Do you agree with all the tips? Complete the advice he gives. Jeff uses several expressions with make and do. These verbs are very common in expressions related to work, and are sometimes confused by learners of English often because they just have one verb in their LI. Listen and check. How many of them say they definitely got the job? What do you think they mean? What was it for? How did you prepare for it?

How did it go? What for? Online Practice 13 With a partner, decide what the highlighted words might mean. Use the pictures to help you. Read the answers to half o f the quiz and the reasons why, and tell each other.

I lf someone is choking, you should Write the words from the list in the correct column. Practice saying the words. Which ones are sim ilar in your language? Do you know what the other ones mean?

American English File: 4: Workbook with iChecker : Christina Latham-Koenig :

I What injuries or illnesses could you get when you are? Who to? What happened? How much do you know about first aid? Where did you learn it? Has anyone ever had to give you first aid? What do you think you should do if? What symptoms does the patient have? What does the doctor suggest? Doctor Good morning, Mr. And I have a temperature. P Yes, acetaminophen. I read on the Internet that headaches can be the first symptom of a brain tumor P I took two this morning. D And have you taken your temperature this morning?

P Yes. D Let me see Weil, your temperature seems to be perfectly normal now. P I think I need a blood test.

D Well, Mr. Blaine, you know I think we should wait for a few days and see how your symptoms develop. Can you send the next patient in please, nurse? Blaine has left. What do they think o f him? Learn more about the present perfect simple and continuous, and practice them. The first question should be simple present or continuous, and the second should be present perfect simple or continuous. How would you define a hypochondriac?

Then complete the paragraphs with topic sentences A -E. A Another problem for cyberchondriacs is lhal online medical information may be from an unreliable source or be out of date.

B Sadly, the problem with Dr. Google is that he isn't exactly a comfort in times of crisis. D Unfortunately, once you have it, cyberchondria can be hard to cure. E Four hours later, I got a diagnosis. After days of intensive Internet diagnosis, I finally went to see my GP. After examining me, she told me that my heart rate was a little fast and sent me off to the ER to have some tests done. Did I go straight there? Of course not. First I took out my phone, logged on to Google, and found out that the technical term for a fast heart rate is supraventricular tachycardia.

I raced to the hospital, convinced that I probably needed open-heart surgery. A Microsoft survey of one million Internet users last year found that 2 percent of all searches were health related.

What if the doctors got it wrong? What if the EKG machine was faulty? Although it is true that this may be the cause, in fact, brain tumors develop in fewer than one in 50, people. However, this is not the case at all. Just what I have! Then match them with definitions More medical vocabulary 1 adj something verv serious that could kill vou 2 noun a small blister in the mouth that can be verv painful, but is not serious 3 noun wavs o f curing illnesses that are not traditional medicine, e.

Choose a, b, or c. Then answer the questions with a partner. What did he really have?

American English File Books

Ask for and give as much information as possible. What websites do you usually go to? How useful is the information? G using adjectives as nouns, adjective order V clothes and fashion P vowel sounds 2B Older and wiser?

Nothing does - except wrinkles. With a partner, write them in the column where you think they belong. Are the majority of the adjectives positive or negative? Old and elderly mean the same thing, but elderly is only used for people and is more polite. W hat do you think has been done to them and why?

Look at the highlighted phrases related to the body.

With a partner, say what you think they mean. It took five hours every morning to make Karoline and Nick look like elderly people in their seventies. They were given synthetic wrinkled skin, false teeth, and gray wigs.

They also wore body suits to make them look fatter and contact lenses to make their eyes look older. The discomfort of the makeup, the heavy suits, and the contact lenses which made their eyesight worse gave them a small taste of the physical problems of old age. They were also coached to walk and speak like people in their seventies. Then they had to live each day, for a month, as an old person, with a video diary to record their experiences and hidden cameras to record how other people reacted to them.

Before you read talk to a partner. Karoline was Iastonished to be ignored by some workmen, who only hours before had been whistling at her when she had been an attractive young woman. He wouldn't have talked like that to my young self. T here is a point in the documentary when Karoline 2breaks down and cries.

It comes at the end of a day out with her two new senior citizen friends, Betty and Sylvia, who she met at a community center. I didn't have that life experience. They had 3been through so much. It made me realize how ignorant I was. It was as if I was seeing the young people inside them. Before I would have just seen the wrinkles. B oth she and Nickfound makingthe program life- changing. One ofthe things that surprised me most was how important relationships still were to elderly people.

I was shocked by the fact that older people could still have their hearts broken. After a while I felt like one of them. I felt in a way that they were just young people in an old body trying to 4deal with the problems of old age.

Do you think that they are treated well in your country? Learn more about using adjectives as nouns and adjective order, and practice them. Do you agree? How old do you think these people are? Do you like the way they are dressed? Complete their two fashion rules. Why do the journalists mention the following?

What are the opposites of these adjectives and verbs? In what situations do you usually? Practice distinguishing them. Put two words from the list in each column. Look at the typical spellings for these sounds.

Say why.

American English File 4-WB

You have decided to sell them on eBay. Write a detailed description, making them sound as attractive as possible. Set a starting price. For sale! Blue and white striped cotton skirt - never worn! Size six. Would look great with white T-shirt. Perfect for the summer. I think it looks ridiculous unless you're under I think pink streaked hair looks great at any age. You shouldn't judge other people by the way they dress. Women, but not men, are always expected to dress attractively for work or on TV.

Fur coats should be banned. Only sheep follow fashion. Good dressers have their own style. People who follow fashion are usually vain and selfish. It's risky to buy clothes online.

I'd love to go. When things go wrong he starts shouting at everyone. Nothing really bothers me. He never spends money unless he absolutely has to. It looks like the kind of thing my grandma would wear. I need to sit down. Circle the word that is different. Circle the word with a different sound. What do sham ans do?

The rise of the shamans b Read the article again and choose a, b, or c. Check their meaning and pronunciation and try to learn them. Thomas's hospital had a very early operating theater. Thomas's were done on rich people. The sound of drumbeats reverberates in the small conference room as the shaman goes into a trance.

The others present, their eyes closed, focus on the rhythmic sounds of the drums. The shaman, in his trance, makes the journey to a parallel reality in search of solutions to the various problems the group has brought with it. For most people this may seem weird, but it is becoming a fairly common experience for others. People from many different professions - students, businessmen, housewives, even former soldiers - are turning to shamanism, an ancient spiritual practice where the practitioner communes with "spirit guides" to gain access to information and healing.

Cosima Klinger-Paul, an Austrian who moved to India in and has started a school of shamanism, says that the interest in the practice is not surprising.

It is the oldest healing method of mankind. Shamans believe that all illnesses have a spiritual cause, which is reflected in the physical body. Healing the spiritual cause heals the physical body. An important shamanic belief is the concept of "soul loss. Once the person gets the missing part of his soul back, shamans believe that the lost vitality and health also comes back.

But is it really as simplistic as this? Those who have undergone shamanic healing sessions seem to think so. Harnam Sidhu, a year-old marketing executive, swears by the practice. Sidhu was suffering from glaucoma - a degenerative condition that causes the loss of optic nerves leading to blindness. Doctors had told him it was a matter of months before he went completely blind in the bad eye.

As a last resort, he tried shamanism. After a few sessions, when he went for a checkup, his doctor told him that a miracle had happened - his condition was starting to reverse. Believers stress that shamanic healing isan established tradition that has been tested time and again over centuries.

I tend to say no to requests for quick healing. This is not a spiritual aspirin that you can take and be healed. What information or instructions are the passengers being given? What word or phrase do the flight attendants use to m ean? Air Travel: Is it really worth listening to the safety dem onstration telling you how to put your life jacket on? Why is there usually a big m irror when you are going through Customs?

American English File 4-SB

Why can you som etim es smell roasted chicken in a plane when they are serving you fish? Why do airport s ta ff m em bers get annoyed with some passengers who ask fo r a wheelchair? Can you guess the answers to any of the questions? What are the answers to the questions, according to the text? Underline the part o f the text that gave you the answer.

Do you believe it at all? I don't have a fear of flying; I have a fear of crashing. Most airline passengers think it is laughable that a small yellow lifejacket with a whistle will make any difference if the plane crashes into the water. However, in some cases, like when a hijacked Ethiopian Airlines Boeing landed in the Indian Ocean in , it did.

Despite instructions from the cabin crew not to pre- inflate their lifejackets inside the plane, several passengers did. They were unable to escape the rising water inside the plane. So it is probably a good idea to look up from your magazine when the flight attendant is giving the safety demonstration.

Customs officers are watching everywhere. They are watching you from the moment you walk off the plane, while you are standing in Baggage claim waiting for your bag, and especially when you come out the other side of Customs, which is when people who are trying to smuggle something finally let their guard down and get caught. The large two-way mirror in Customs, behind which customs officers sit and watch is part of that process.

As you walk past, it makes you look taller and thinner. So you feel good about yourself and you relax and smile. Birds are one of the major problems for any airport when planes are taking off and landing. Any large bird can easily cause an accident. It flies into the engine, totally destroying itself and the machinery. Smaller birds are less of a problem. In some cases they can do some damage, but usually they are just roasted. W heelchairs are a big problem for airline staff.

Not only is there always a shortage of them for the people who really need them, but what is worse, some of the people who request them often don't need them at all. I've lost count of the number of times I have pushed someone through the airport, taken them through Customs and Passport Control, gotten a porter to pick up their luggage, and then seen the person jump up in Arrivals and move quickly toward their waiting relatives.

Another miracle, courtesy of the airline industry! After years in a wheelchair, he walks again! The passenger is usually so embarrassed that he disappears as quickly as he can.

When this happens, there is often such a strong smell of roasted bird that passengers on the plane think that chicken is being cooked. Workbook with iChecker. With grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation practice in every lesson, students are equipped with a solid foundation for successful speaking. And a new array of digital resources provides even more choice and flexibility. Students can learn in the classroom or on the move with Online Practice, iChecker, the Pronunciation App, and more.

Other books in this series. Level 2: Add to basket. Level 1: American English File Level 1: American English File Level 3: Workbook with iChecker Christina Latham-Koenig. American English File Level 2: American English File Starter: MultiPack B Clive Oxenden. MultiPack A Clive Oxenden. Student Book Christina Latham-Koenig. American English File Level 4: Teacher's Book Clive Oxenden.

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