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English school magazine of Business Academy, Topoľčany, a bit later of June to observe and support learning of foreign languages at our. The number-one magazine for learning and teaching English! in Learn Hot English magazine do not necessarily represent the views of Hot English Publishing. English. Twenty seven titles for language learners of all ages at school and at home to teacher's notes in PDF format for all* the magazines.

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10 Great Magazines That'll Change How You Learn English Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take. you'll learn lots of idioms, phrasal verbs, grammar and more. 2 Improve your listening. Every magazine has 60 minutes of spoken English audio. You'll learn to . to travel, or just to communicate in English? Learn Hot English magazine helps with all this. 1 increase your vocabulary. in every issue of learn Hot english you'll .

Do magazines even publish such brilliant works of art anymore? What if you could learn English while you read about your favorite hobby? Actually, magazines publish a lot of fantastic writing today—and there is a magazine for any hobby that interests you! Love fashion? Love movies? Are you a fan of fishing only one specific kind of fish? English magazines are great for learning English because they are portable you can carry them around with you , have short articles and are usually written in easy-to-understand language.

The best part? You have a truly personalized experience. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn English with real-world videos. Experience English immersion online! FluentU brings English to life with real-world videos. Learning English becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks.

FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs and receive compensation for recommending products and services we believe in. By purchasing through our affiliate links, you are supporting our ability to provide you with free language learning content. Interested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience?

Navigation English Language and Culture Blog. By Yuliya Geikhman. In in Germany, something incredible happened. The world got its very first magazine! If you want to watch it, the FluentU app has probably got it. FluentU lets you learn engaging content with world famous celebrities.

FluentU lets you tap to look up any word. Try FluentU for Free. Partnerships Interested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience? All Rights Reserved. Contact Us Follow Us. March 7th Brazilian marines sail up the Rio Negro Argentina and attack the temporary naval base of Carmen de Patagones in Argentina.

New Mexico. March 28th March 22nd World Day for Water. March 20th Albert Einstein publishes his general theory of relativity. March 2nd The Texas Revolution starts. Gaius Cassius Longinus. Paris is sacked by Viking raiders led by the brutal chief Ragnar Lodbrok. Dictator of the Roman Republic. There is nothing more to add to this. This is a declaration of independence of the Republic of Texas from Mexico that leads to independence and lots of Hollywood films about the war starring actors such as John Wayne.

They problem? Alexa is here to tell us all Presenter: They think environmental limits. Vocabulary focus Look! And the villages around Heathrow would stop Presenter: They say that third runway can be Heathrow airport is added to Heathrow in the wrong location without exceeding altogether.

But now too many job losses.

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Thanks advantages of building an for that. Our reporter where the airport is now. And with a third runway. They say that the Alexa: Think about it! H Does it need more? Where are the airports in your area? Outside the city? Near the city? In built-up areas? What are the pros and cons associated with each position? Have there ever been protests in your community about airports? What were the main complaints? What other problems do people from your area complain about? So what exactly are the Presenter: Very interesting.

What about it. Answer the questions: As you know. And directly over the city.

10 Best Magazines for English Learners | FluentU English

What was the final decision? Listening II Listen again and make notes on what they say about the following: Platini played from until and was the national manager from until he stepped down in after an uninspiring performance in the European championships.

But who was the greatest? Michel Platini Michel Platini was born in They both played for world class clubs and were winners of international championships for their country. He also had a successful club career. He was known as a fantastic dribbler of the ball and scored goals for his clubs.

France eventually lost the game on penalties after the game finished At the moment he is the president of UEFA. He earned 72 caps for France and scored 41 goals. He had a fantastic career playing for AS Cannes. He is known as a great goal-scorer and in his position as UEFA president is an excellent ambassador for sports. Michel Platini and Zinedine Zidane. The French then won Euro He had a tough upbringing on the streets of the city and is known as a hard case.

And therefore our results are as follows: Throughout his career he was named European Footballer of the Year three times and World Player of the year twice. The verdict: Michel Platini was a player who inspired millions of people to take an interest in football. During his international career he was a World Cup winner. Bordeaux and Juventus. Zizou Zidane was known as a midfield general and very influential in setting up goals for strikers to finish off.

TRACK Chop and change To change a lot. This month we are looking at some expressions to describe the act of stopping.

Hammer — a tool for hitting a nail into the wall. Nail — a small. I just banged a few into the wall with my hammer. Saw — a thin. Electric drill — an electrical tool for making holes in objects. He puts a book onto it. Where are you going? Nigel is talking to Shirley. Chainsaw — a powerful. Nothing happens.

Screwdriver — a tool for turning a screw. Good luck! She starts to leave. Clamp — a tool for holding objects together with lots of pressure. Bolt — a small round piece of metal that goes into a hole or a nut. Do It Yourself. Nigel has just made a new bookshelf. Nut — a small piece of metal usually square or hexagonal. It goes onto a bolt. Well done.

You see. Soldering iron — a tool that is used to join two objects with hot metal. It will be. Screw — a small. What do I think of what? The new bookshelf. Is it finished? Used for cutting wood. A paintb. A screwd You turn it with a screwdriver. A cl A mea 8.

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A substance used for painting walls. Learn more! Get an idioms booklet! An American English word for a spanner. An electrical tool for making holes in walls. A small. An Allen k Answers on page 43 Across Down 2. A tool for holding objects together with. A thin. A sold 7. A tool for determining if something is level or flat. An It has a small tube with a bubble inside it. A small piece of metal usually squareshaped or hexagonal. A tool for turning a screw.

An object used for painting. It goes into a bolt. An L-shaped metal bar for turning special screws. An electrical tool for joining two objects with hot iron. A tool for hitting nails into a wall or piece of wood. Older brother Donald helped Robert escape and they were on the run for over four years. Their story began in when year-old Robert Hughes was sent Dominic Pucell to a juvenile prison facility on false charges.

Other inmates get involved in the plan. They season three when the brothers and those following them claim Prison Break is their story. At the time. Robert and Donald Hughes. She eventually admitted the story wasn't true. Stars Dominic Purcell Burrows and Wentworth in their original screenplay. The government hot on their trail. Younger brother Michael Schofield Wentworth Miller rescues Lincoln by getting himself in prison to help Lincoln escape.

Miller was cast presented the manuscript to Fox Television years before the a week before filming. Robert they began. Schofield again manages a 30 places. In series one. It was a huge success.

It was rejected at the time. Season one ends with eight inmates escaping and going on the lam. T he series revolves around two brothers. Robert and Donald's agent even Miller Schofield were cast at the last minute. Two brothers. Purcell surprised directors when he arrived on and Donald sued Fox Television for copyright infringement.

Trouble follows in exonerated both men several years later. Alcatraz even had microphones hidden around the prison. The rules were strict. They needed the air for oxygen and so they could burn candles. Several of the remaining men were sent to a concentration camp. After their escape from the prison. They finally escaped in March They covered their tunnels with a paste made out of wet newspaper. It was considered escape-proof: On Halloween.

10 Great Magazines That’ll Change How You Learn English

Using anything they could. Here are three of them. They were never found. Stalag Luft III in All were eventually recaptured.

There was a total silence rule. Hitler ordered over half of them executed. For over a year. The tunnels were sophisticated and even had an air pump. It took six months. The Great Escape The Great Escape is the story of 76 men who tunnelled their way out of a German prisoner of war camp. That rule was eventually changed after several inmates went insane.

An American man hijacked a helicopter from Dublin Airport. Conan the Chihuahua joins in the prayers by copying his master. The little one and a half year old is now attracting tourists to the Shuri Kannondo temple in Naha. Conan prays twice a day before his meals and now Joei is trying to teach him to meditate. This should make the debate livelier about whether animals also have souls.

Just who would bring a leg of lamb to a football match remains a mystery. Joei Yoshikuni. They also alleged that Distillery players had made offensive gestures at them. He had sent two United players off and the fans claimed this was unfair.

The referee had to wait 15 minutes until he got off the pitch and now the IFA is planning disciplinary action. The referee and his assistants had to be escorted from the pitch by the police. When you get home from work. Do you often use mobile phones? All the time.

Jeffrey Dahmer n a famous serial killer from the US No. So I can always take that later. Like everybody. Are you serious? You know that family is always in the news. I heard about that too. I know.

I just think that sometimes when you get home at night. This month. I hope not! For great private language classes. Well you know Britney always shaves her head.

But will you feel I am rude if I do take the call? Jenna and Melissa are talking about a frightening film. I mean the one place you can be away from phones. Normally you want to rest.

Or about the New York governor. But for example.

What do you think about that? What did you hear? Is that your mobile phone ringing? I to take a call exp think I do to answer a phone call going exp need to ringing take this to hang up phr vb to terminate the communication call. Real life stinks. I think maybe the quiet carriage in a train. Tori and Ann are talking about deadlines.

I can feel the vibration in my pocket and I might have to take that call. But apart from that. Why do we delight in these kinds of things? You know. Oregon One may not box with a kangaroo.

Oregon Juggling is strictly prohibited without a license. Oregon Babies may not be carried on the running boards of a car. Oregon A door on a car may not be left open longer than is necessary. Oklahoma Drivers may not pump their own gas. Oregon Women may not wrestle in Salem. To "wrestle" is to fight. Oregon Canned corn is not to be used as bait for fishing. Oregon One may not test their physical endurance while driving a car on a highway.

Oregon a wedding ceremony to be performed at a skating rink. Ohio You may not open a soda bottle without the supervision of a licensed engineer. It is illegal to own a stink bomb. Oregon Drivers must yield to pedestrians who are standing on the sidewalk. Oregon Riders of sleds may not attach themselves to passing cars.

Oklahoma It is illegal to buy or sell marijuana. Oklahoma Mules may not drink out of bird baths. Oregon You cannot wear roller skates in restrooms. Oregon Elephants are not to be taken into the downtown area.

English words in Japanese. Popcorn 2. A 55 year old accountant is suing the store. The incident happened in a store in North London in June 4. Soft drinks Listening I The man was thrown out of the cinema because he took his own food in with him.

Crisps 5. New homes would be built where the airport is now located 5. Sweets 3. Inform us of all our rights of being a British citizen 6. Plastic bag 3. What are the views of people opposed to the idea? Some people would argue that it would result in too many job losses. New location could result in job losses. Listening II 1.

Citizenship ceremony 3. The man in question slipped on a grape 3. Postman 2.

Borrowing foreign words is common around the world. English has borrowed Japanese words too. Sweets 4. For all your publishing needs!

Probably not. Language expert T. There are a significant number of people who are anti-monarchist. Crossword page 37 Need any help with your publishing projects? A citizenship ceremony would mark the transformation from student to an active citizen. Villages would stop being displaced. That school children pledge their commitment to queen and country. Kaori Kitao says. Ice-cream 4. The dispute was over the new location of Heathrow.

He injured his right leg in the fall. Introducing old treason laws. New public holiday — national day 5. Hot dog 6. And the Japanese use a lot of English words. Pollution caused in the city because of location.

Vocabulary focus 1. Janglish words are foreign words that have no Japanese equivalent. Noise disturbance in the city. Update national anthem 4. Kitao puts English words in the Japanese language into two main categories: Japanglish and Janglish.

Listening II Part 1 1. English words sometimes overtake the text. Listening I 1. You tell a friend..

Stop annoying me. I was deceived into parting with a sum of money. Someone tricked you into paying for something. Someone is annoying you. He is of an amusing nature. Booklet comes with listening files! Get your Phrasal verbs booklets from. Missing a few copies of Hot English magazine? For some great deals on back issues: It was a rip off..

You bought a DVD player. Stop disturbing me. Situation A friend is making a lot of noise. It was a fraud. I got ripped off. A friend is very funny. Mike is a teacher. You tell him to stop. I was tricked into buying it.

Stop razzing me. It was a fraudulent sale. You think his classes are excellent. She is making a lot of noise. Formal Relaxed Informal She is creating a high level of noise pollution. As they say.

Charity starts at home. The Chap Olympics A competition for the English gentleman. The event is a chance to enjoy the absurd side of British culture. A posh villain a slap n a hit on the face with an open hand a handlebar moustache n a thick moustache turned up at the ends a bowler hat n a round.

The prizes include 46 bowler hats and cravats. The winner is the chap who receives the loudest slap. And the Olympic pipe is lit instead of the usual Olympic torch. England has a long tradition of fun sports and events. What fun! Some of the events include jumping into a sandpit while holding a gin and tonic. Find out about See more 22 Veganism Vegans argue that animal farming is not only cruel but also bad for the environment.

World Vegan Day, on 1 November, puts the focus on the vegan way of life. October 31 is Halloween and is now celebrated in many countries around the world, but do you know anything about the origins of this scary special day? Read the article and find out. Find out which famous people want to say thank you to their school teachers for their success. Find out what it is, what the benefits of mindfulness are and how you can start to practise it. But some people never learn these skills. How can we make sure that everybody gets the opportunity to And why are humanitarian workers a target for attacks?

See more 19 World Day against Trafficking in Persons The horrific crime of human trafficking may be closer to you than you realise. Find out Well, there is See more 41 Chocolate What do you know about chocolate?

Learn about the history of chocolate and the interesting journey from cocoa bean to chocolate bar. Yoga is becoming more and more popular around the world. What exactly is it, where did it come from and what are the health benefits of doing yoga? Did you know that every minute of the day 20 people leave their homes to escape war or terror? World Refugee Day is a day when we can support and celebrate the strength and courage of Find out about some of the things people are doing to celebrate And who will be the star players?

And now, the rest of the world is starting to discover it too. What is so special about this annual song A registered charity: Log in Sign up Newsletter. General English. Read about special days and festivals in our Magazine section. National Tea Day. See more. April Fool's Day. World Water Day. International Day of Happiness. Saint Patrick's Day. International Women's Day. Pancake Day. The web at International Mother Language Day. Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries, but what are the differences between today's celebration and in the past?

International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

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