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Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs ( AD) - Meet Your Strawman. Pages · · MB Download Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal PDF. What connects the Great Pyramids, Masons & the Council on Foreign Relations? Journalist Jim Marrs examines the world's most closely guarded secrets. Ruled by Secrecy png · Ruled by Secrecypng · Ruled by Secrecypng. Sat, 03 Nov GMT rule by secrecy by jim pdf - Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs (AD).

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nif iibhi hutoat tut cannecri 'Ml TltUUUL tDMMliM TMTtffVAlORl IhOHlUflTPTIiyiDl . rule bv StUKtUY JIM MARRS CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Rule by the Few. What secrets connect Egypt's Great Pyramids, the Freemasons, and the Council on Foreign Relations? In this astonishing book, celebrated journalist Jim Marrs. PDF | On Nov 20, , Asbjørn Dyrendal and others published Hidden Download full-text PDF Jim Marrs and the Rule of Secrecy.

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First off, I must note that Mr. Marrs is writing as a journalist, and not a historian or scientist. As such, his primary method of research is based largely on a survey of works of other authors, often centuries removed from the present.

Thus, his work may be colored by attempts at disinformation and propaganda that these other authors advanced with their own agenda. Bearing this in mind, I still find the book quite useful and informative, indicating at least what may have happened to bring about our current states of affairs. The book takes a retrospective-chronological path, starting with today's secret and semisecret societies, such as the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission to name a few and works their way back to the Egyptians, the Sumerians, and beyond.

Interesting to note how many members of secret societies today occupy positions of power and influence which greatly affect national policies and world situations. Marrs shows how true this is especially in government, industry and finance, where the CFR, the Trilateralists, the Bilderbergs and Bonesmen constitute at least a skeletal shadow government in the United States - unelected, and unaccountable to the general public or the laws of the land. Centuries ago, at the height of the Church's power, these, collectives of "enlightened free thinkers" went underground to evade the tyrannical crush of the Roman Catholic Iron Fist which brutally dominated European life for nearly two thousand years.

Ultimately, the spread and development of secret societies is traced back through the Templar Knights, to ancient Egypt, and then from Mesopotamia, to the Sumerians. The final chapter deals with the assertion that we were created by the Annunaki - an extraterrestrial civilization living on a semi-rogue planet, Nibiru, that has many new-agers and E.

But I digress. Some long standing puzzles are adequately explained in the light of secret societies. In particular, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and infamous forgery, attributed to the Czar's secret police, may have been plagiarized from an even earlier Illuminati or Masonic plan for subverting the Catholic Church and corrupting Christian society.

Marrs offers satisfactory evidence that this is so, rendering the Protocols as sort of a template for slandering and demonizing any target group by merely changing the names to those intended. Ultimately, I can have little faith in the completeness or accuracy of what is disclosed here. How can an outsider possibly discern all that lies hidden and deliberately obfuscated or misrepresented? In particular, I have trouble accepting the scientific implications of a large planetary body swinging through the solar system every few millennia without seriously disturbing the stable orbits of at least a few planets.

But, as a reference providing insight into the network of secret societies, their agendas, their motives, and modes of operation; this book is well worth the price, and the read.

One cannot attain a reasonably complete or accurate assessment of the world stage without a proper apprehension of the major players manipulating affairs behind the scenes. As he details the CFR, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group, he outlines the power structures in a highly interesting reverse chronology. Starting with modern times, he then goes backward and down the rabbit hole throughout all history--linking all the information together, and passing on some very sound judgement.

Certainly conjecture is linked with fact Fascinating, utterly fascinating! This is the best one volume treatment on the subject of world conspiracy I have found. Granted, there will be comments and observations and opinions in the book that cross your it did mine beliefs and convictions, but it is not done in an offensive way.

The style is engaging, interesting, convincing and thorough.

Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs ( AD) - Meet Your Strawman PDF ( Pages)

This book reveals years of interest and involvement in the subject by the author and a writing ability that is exceptional.

He reports what he has found, and in little time shows the reader he is no newcomer to the subject. My only reservation about the book is the treatment on Biblical history which for me anyway is a rehash of theories that don't hold water. But other than that, the rest of the book is a page turner and never dry or uninteresting. If anything, it makes you think.

For those bibliophiles out there, Dake's Annotated Reference Bible treats and answers much of what Marrs says in his book. I would recommend Dake for any conspiracy buffs if you are looking for a controversial Biblical explanation for much of what is happening in the world.

Or are they making a giant canvas in the sky, like a movie screen To use holographic technology, Project Bluebeam Are they poisoning the masses? Causing disease and pain Are they creating weather? Of water and ice? In the past?

Now is it time for fire? Is the Earth burning? Will it be fast? The elites have their bunkers, all part of a secret clique And we are not invited, as we are the weak We have no knowledge, we know nothing at all Only snippets of hearsay, books, and YouTube clips, that is all The templars knew, they were fully aware, so who did they revere? The old way, Rome, used its military might and the sword.

The new way, the pen, is to create a far left New World Order using subterfuge, give everybody the illusion that they are free to be whomever they want. People who once hid their private life, Private, now celebrate their gender, creed, religion, sexuality etc. Now it is all in the open. Then there is a U-turn. The Fascist Right that was the plan all along move in and round up everybody.

View all 11 comments. Nov 03, Nathan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Mental patients, weary Oliver Stone fans. Let's get this out of the way, first. This book is Conspiracy Theory from start to finish. It's also probably mostly bullshit. For that reason, it's hard to review or rate. This question burns at the core of every sentient human being. I have to admit I'm torn between giving this book one star or five.

As a thought exercise, it's fun Let's get this out of the way, first. As a thought exercise, it's fun as hell, and there's undoubtedly some spooky, unexplainable things covered in Rule by Secrecy.

But let's put Jim Marrs into perspective here. Tell me something, someone, please. If our government was competent enough to fake something like that, why couldn't they fake finding a nuclear bomb in Iraq, or even a dirty bomb, or hell even a bunch of blow darts tipped with Ebola? Something to justify it? You know, a couple of covert CIA agents plant a nuclear bomb in a bunker, and all of a sudden the war seems justified and everyone calms down.

It'd certainly go a long way toward promoting this terrible conspiracy Marrs sees everywhere. God, it would have been so easy to pull off, and a brilliant if totally amoral tactical move.

Certainly it would have been easier to keep quiet than the full conspiracy Marrs believes has been hidden from us. Which brings me back to Rule by Secrecy. By Freemasons. Or something.

I could add Papa Smurf to the list and it wouldn't be any less surreal or plausible. It's all far, far too complex. Nothing like this could ever be kept secret. Surely, even the evil overlords of this plot would be too fucking confused by their own conspiracy to ever get around to ruling the world. And these organizations he implicates can barely pave roads or overthrow third-world governments without a subsequent Senate investigation.

Nevermind that many of his arguments are based on documents that are long since proven to be hoaxes or lies. He strings together bits of actual fact with fanciful storytelling to make it sound like the Bush family sold gas directly to the Nazis to fulfill an alien agenda as ancient as Christ.

Rule by Secrecy is fun, but maybe not entirely Conspiracy theories like this are terrifying but comforting. They let us pretend there's something more than human hate and incompetence running the world.

It's a lot more comforting to think LBJ was cunning enough to get away with killing Kennedy than to know how terrified and confused Johnson really was at the time.

It's more comforting to think there's a conspiracy than to think nobody in the entire world really has a handle on things. Rule by Secrecy would make a great movie, but I don't know that it flies as research or a provable thesis.

I do wonder, though, if Marrs isn't a disinformation agent working for some shadowy intelligence service. This kind of stuff is great for getting people to look in all the wrong directions. That's why the CIA invented Scientology!

Now that would be a great fucking story. View all 16 comments. Nov 28, Linda Munro rated it really liked it.

Have you ever wondered why so many conspiracy theories exist? Have you ever thought that there are more conspiracy theorists than knowledgable people in America? Have you ever complained that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer? Have you ever heard the poor defend the wealthy and wonder why? Have you ever wondered if today's mindset was prevalent during the 's would we have nation highway systems or dams that power massive areas of the country?

Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs (2000 AD) - Meet Your Strawman

Are you making Have you ever wondered why so many conspiracy theories exist? Do you complain about things like food stamps and public welfare, even HEAP while you take the dependent examptions or claim child care expenses on your annual tax statement? Have you never realized that these tax exemptions are in reality 'public welfare' have you actually looked into how little someone is forced to live on if they have lost their jobs and run out of unemployment; without realizing your tax exemptions offer more than their annual income?

Have you listened to Newt Gingrich complain that those participating in the occupy Wall Street protests are using parks and rest rooms that they didn't pay for, hmmmm, if you agree than something is wrong, taxes pay for these parks and restrooms!

Have you ever complained about your neighbor receiving foodstamps that he doesn't deserve because he makes so little in his annual income that he doesn't pay income tax, without thinking that if he owns a home he is paying local county and town taxes or when he shops he is paying sales tax? Are you a person who complains about anything that deals with the poor whicle claiming to be a Christian? Are you simply a person who sits back and wonders where did this mindset come from?

Read this book, but don't stop there, read the books from the bibliography and do so with an open mind; stop accepting and start questioning! Dec 23, Erik Graff rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I enjoyed Marrs' Alien Agenda.

On the topic of UFOs there isn't much to go on except the body of literature on the subject and he gave a nicely written overview of much of that.

This book, however, a book which amounts to a history of human life on the planet from the creation by aliens of homo sapiens sapiens to the present, does present a counterpoint to various disciplines and specialized fields which I've actually studied. Here, comparing Marrs' work to that of researchers and students of the fields of history, theology, philosophy, biology etc. I read a lot of weird stuff: Because of this I "get it" so far as the more historically remote sections of Rule by Secrecy go.

I've read much of the stuff that Marrs picks up to generate his grand narrative. I could do the same thing, but I'd certainly not publish the result as nonfiction. Of course there's a range between the certain, the credible and the incredible. On recent history Marrs often hits the nail on the head.

Important decisions are often made with the intention of secrecy. We do live in a class-based society in which the economic extremes are growing more extreme. Global finance capital does in fact determine much about the perimeters within which we live.

The media are manipulated in the interests those who own and finance them. On the more remote stuff, however, Marrs falls far short, his facile treatment of such matters as the biblical texts, Kabbalism, gnosticism, Platonic and Kantian philosophies and so on indicating that he's not very well read in these areas of study.

Oh, he's read a book or two, often the older and more offbeat texts, but not the standard works that he's ostensibly up against. Yet, to his credit, he does cite his sources. There may be some things to be gained for some in reading this book.

His critique of modern capitalism ranges from the far right to the far left, showing aspects of a common analysis and critique of real problems.

His arcane references may inspire further study of obscure, but often important, subjects. View 2 comments. Aug 12, Damon rated it it was amazing. If one tenth of the theories proposed in this book are true, the world I once knew is gone for good.

Even if the other nine tenths are outright lies, they still make for some of the best stories I've ever heard. I recommend that every American at least read the section on the Federal Reserve. Then treat yourself to www. Sit back for two hours and prepare to have your awareness expanded.

Go on. Try it. You deserve to know. View 1 comment. May 01, Trekscribbler rated it it was amazing. The beauty of any book written by Jim Marrs is that, even at a hardcover price, it's well worth the investment. However, as the reader continues to explore the latter sections of RULE, he gains tremendous insight into why the facts were a necessary evil.

However, the reward in the last two sections, dealing largely with biblical histories and ancient mysteris of the planet Earth are incredibly insightful and well-documented for the serious researcher. Arguably, the last two sections of RULE should be required reading for any person considering himself a resident of the planet Earth Keep the lights on, and enjoy the read! Feb 13, Martin rated it it was amazing. I thought that this book was brilliant, though very controversial it gives an insight to how blind we can all be sometimes.

Think about it, we as humans realized that we could manipulate each other thousands of years ago hence marking the beginning of Secret Societies. I know it's what you choose to believe, but for those of you who are curious, look up the facts. I'm not going to spoil the book for anyone who hasn't read it, but ill give you an example of what the surface is all about.

So, we hav I thought that this book was brilliant, though very controversial it gives an insight to how blind we can all be sometimes. So, we have a great Crime, possibly one of the greatest crimes ever, The Holocaust Now get this President John F.

Doesnt make sense, such a great President that can never be over shadowed by just a man. So really its, President John F. Read the book. Jul 20, Steven Stark rated it really liked it. I almost forgot this one. Thanks, Nathan! This book takes the concept of conspiracy theory to an entirely different plane of existence.

Rule by secrecy pdf

I have to admit that I really had to process this one for a couple of days. It tripped me out a little bit, but it's an entertaining read and Jim Marrs is a likable author w I almost forgot this one. It tripped me out a little bit, but it's an entertaining read and Jim Marrs is a likable author who doesn't hit you over the head with anything.

No matter how seriously you take it, you will think about things from a different perspective. Jan 28, D rated it it was ok. Spoiler alert. According to Marrs, the Secret of Secrets at the very top of the conspiratorial pyramid is the knowledge that humankind is not alone in the universe and nonhuman intelligences most probably had a hand in our creation.

The final boss is a cabal of Ickean Lizardmen. For readers who are curious to find out more than what Rule by Secrecy has to offer, Marrs shills his own books within the text. Marrs gets through a little over half of this book doing a great job of exposing the new world order, reminding me of a newer up to date version of None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen.

Marrs also shows the role that was played by these people in fomenting, funding and profiting from both sides of almost all Marrs gets through a little over half of this book doing a great job of exposing the new world order, reminding me of a newer up to date version of None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen.

Marrs also shows the role that was played by these people in fomenting, funding and profiting from both sides of almost all major wars going back to the days of Napoleon.

He does drop the ball when he briefly discusses "Nazi Occultism" and uses idiots like Trevor Ravenscroft and Peter Lavenda as sources. From there he shows the role played by Masonic secret socieities in the French revolution, what is known about the Bavarian Illuminati and a few other secret societies.

Actually those topics have became a whole genre onto themselves in recent years. Besides that I've always thought that Priory of Scion lists that the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail got ahold of were either an out and out hoax perpetrated by the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail, or put out as intentional disinformation by somebody trying to mislead them and the public.

Here is where Marrs really loses me. Maybe I missed something but is he claiming that this is the hidden knowledge that the secret societies of the world elites hold? That the true origins of the human race are that we are hybridized creations of aliens from another planet?! Hey I'm not an atheist and I believe in a lot of stuff that the average person would consider pretty far out but this is just a bit much even for me. I'm familar with Marrs work and he's a very well researched, down to earth guy normally so it really surprised me that he included this in Rule by Secrecy.

Especially considering I've heard him on radio shows several times making fun of David Ickes wacky reptilian theories. But that aside I'd still recomend reading this book, if not buying it if you can get it for cheap because whats good in this is great.

Just take a few things, especially the last chapter, with a few thousand grains of salt. Jul 29, Azimah Othman rated it it was amazing.

Another book that made my train journeys home from work seemed so much shorter. One of the first book I read of similar genre. Simply readable Would recommend the book to those new to the subject of the conspiracy theory. Mar 05, Jeff O'Brien added it. I bought this book in and just finished it in Jun 01, Isobel Blackthorn rated it liked it Shelves: This is a gripping compelling read, the interrelationships of powerful families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds fascinating.

However, the further back in time Marrs takes the reader, the more I question the reliability of the information presented. Due care must be taken when citing secondary sources and my own area of expertise led me to refute two paragraphs in one chapter as superficial, speculative and misleading.

I went on to cross reference Marr's presentation of Hitler and the occul This is a gripping compelling read, the interrelationships of powerful families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds fascinating. I went on to cross reference Marr's presentation of Hitler and the occult, and found that he relied on at least one discredited secondary source, Ravenscroft. Marr's book Rule by Secrecy is thought provoking. I would suggest that any matter raised not be taken as true without following up on the sources cited and consulting primary sources or works of proven scholarship.

Yet the questions Marrs raises are vital and warrant consideration. The organisations described by Marrs exist and they do indeed attempt to influence, coerce and rule; these organisations do meet in secret, they are made up of the world's most wealthy and powerful, and they do appear to be adept at getting what they want.

A major reason the much maligned conspiracy theorists have any grounds for their concerns, is quite simply the secrecy with which these organisations conduct their business.

May 11, Matt McClard rated it it was amazing. There is a chance I am crazy. There is a chance that everything in this book is complete nonsense and that these conspirators are doing what ever it is they are doing just to make me paranoid. However, then I guess there could be a chance that all of this crazy talk this is right. That there is a secret knowledge hidden from the masses that push the agenda of others.

That these people who own us with our debt have chosen to for reasons unknown to us. I might never know, my guess is that none of There is a chance I am crazy. I might never know, my guess is that none of us will ever know even a hair of the actual truth of any event.

You might not believe what this book has to say, and that's ok, but the people who belong to these organizations CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral, Masons, Illuminati they do. And it has powered their organizations for a long time. Feb 18, Dave rated it it was amazing. This book is a very good reference to secret societies.

It was hard getting through parts of it. I really liked how it started from the Present day and went back into time to the start of hummanity. Very interesting book. Oct 11, Keifus Mathews rated it it was amazing.

What a good read, rest in peace Mr. Marrs, will miss your youtube shows and thanks for all the enlightenment. May 15, Adnan Dwedary rated it really liked it. Jan 03, Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: History of the type you may not learn in history books is prominent here.

Fascinating, just fascinating. This book is packed with events, people, and ideas. To the author's credit, he forces readers to think, question, search, and expand the mind. The journey begins now, in modern times, and that part will be eye-opening to most people. There are so many details and so much information, the book is at times hard to follow. Somewhere in the middle, the writing has a few difficult spots, but to me History of the type you may not learn in history books is prominent here.

Somewhere in the middle, the writing has a few difficult spots, but to me it was worth all the time it took to wade through the entire book carefully, slowly sometimes. It's not an oversized book -- it just requires oversized thinking. Are people today spoon-fed what wealthy people of position want them to believe?

You bet. Don't we know that? Is our media unbiased? No way. Does the average person allow themselves to be manipulated from birth to death without questioning? So what is the truth? Who are we?

Where did we come from? Science can't prove we evolved from apes. Many don't believe in literal translations of religious texts. Do you? If so, maybe you need to dig a little deeper. Is the history of mankind what we learned in school and read in books?

Probably not. Do you even want to know that everything you think you know could be wrong? Do you believe that there are elite groups in the world that have a plan for world power and control? How much do you really know about religion -- yours or anyone else's and the history of your own religion?

No, not the history they feed you, the real history. What if you're not a religious person? Do you believe religion doesn't affect your life?

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Read on. What about modern politics? That's timely. How much do you know about what's behind politicians and generations of their political families, like the Bush's, for instance? Consider that humans have always had special interests and done all they could to promote and protect those interests from ancient times.

Makes sense, yes? How might that have affected the course of history and every person's life, even today? Although there is much history here that can be verified, there's some conjecture based on ancient writings and pieced facts. All the more fascinating, because normally people don't think about much of what is in this book. However, it's in each person's best interest and that of future generations to understand historic connections that still run true today.

Question everything! Don't be a pawn. If you can't expand your mind enough to take in that many things beyond what you know can happen, at least read this, however long it takes. We're turning more into robots every day and pretty soon thinking and questioning will be bred out of us. The ability to act on our own will be gone. Take what you will from this book and grow your mind. Even if you only take in part of it, you'll have done yourself a favor.

You judge. Aug 03, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: I'm torn between giving this book 2 or 3 stars, because I didn't really enjoy reading it--at least, not until the end.

Oddly enough, the part I thought I'd laugh most at aliens running the world was the most interesting section.

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