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Before the Steven Spielberg film, before the National Theatre production, there was the classic children's novel In the deadly chaos of the First World War, one . Many people have helped me in the writing of this book. .. Joey? Come to that, you'd make a good war horse yourself, wouldn't you, if you ride as well as you. War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

War Horse Book

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War Horse is a children's novel by English author Michael Morpurgo. It was first published in . War Horse is one of five children's books that deal with war that was featured in a special exhibition titled Once Upon a Wartime – Classic War. Moving story of a horse and boy has anti-war message. Read Common Sense Media's War Horse review, age rating, and parents guide. War Horse book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A powerful tale of war, redemption and a hero's cittadelmonte.info , Joey.

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Just like humans, Joey and the other horses felt and experienced raw emotions throughout the war. Fear, anxiety, comradery, sacrifice--however, they came across without jadedness. Unlike humans, animals feel emotions without complications. The main point about this book that I love is the theme of human value. Everyone had a sense of general right and wrong and understood the fact that war is ugly, traumatic, complicated, and tiresome.

As he did so he held out his other hand in a gesture of friendship and reconciliation, a smile lighting his worn face. God only knows why we do it, and I think he has maybe forgotten why. Goodby Welshman. We have shown them that any problem can be solved between people if only they can trust each other.

That is all it needs, no? Comparably, the theme of friendship is very strong. Deep friendships between men, horses, and men to horses, exist in several examples. I believe this is the aspect which makes this book so emotional because the deepness of affection between characters in untainted ways is tangible.

This book is devastatingly heart-wrenching at times but makes you feel so good at others. It was a refreshing read and completely cleansed my palate. This book is aimed at children to young adults, but can easily be read and appreciated by someone of any age. I would highly recommend this read to anyone. Sexual content: None at all. Seeing how this book is about WWI, the evidence of violence is there.

However, the author does a wonderful job in its portrayal and steers clear of gore, unnecessarily graphic scenes, and the like. My Rating: I read this with my 12 year old son. Heartwarming stuff! There may have been a few tears This was probably not intended as a children's book, it has plenty for the adult reader, offering more depth than many books written for adults for adults.

The narrative style is sufficiently engaging that it has great potential for reading at a single sitting. Making Joey, the war horse, the narrator was a brilliant move on Michael Morpurgo's part, since it simultaneously encourages children to think about the effect of their actions on others for who could not empathise with Joey?

Children will learn a lot about the First World War and readers young and old will appreciate the various roles of the horse in warfare on both sides. An excellent read. He coughed intermittently all night and slept only fitfully. I worried over him, nuzzling him and licking him to try to keep him warm and to reassure him that he was not alone in his pain.

This is a children's book which I picked up completely by chance. I am currently studying Graphic Design and there happens to be a project which requires illustrating this book and so naturally I had to read it in order to know how to illustrate it, and my goodness I am so happy I did choose to pick this up!!

This is a story which is told from the point of view of a Horse named Joey. I wouldn't have expected a book described in that way to come across as well and as emotionally as it has, but hon This is a children's book which I picked up completely by chance. I wouldn't have expected a book described in that way to come across as well and as emotionally as it has, but honestly it was moving, touching and definitely had my eyes brimming with tears at the end.

This deals with the story of a horse who gets pulled into the madness of the War and the various place, people and tragedies he becomes entangled with. Right from the outset it is sad, and gut-wrenching with some reference to drunkards and war, but oh wow does it get more bleak. We see betrayal, sadness, death, injury and loneliness not just for Joey but also for those he meets along the way and it's really tragic. This story, despite being only pages, it flawless.

We see tenderness and love towards our creature, but also horrors and atrocities, and it's all blended in such a way that you can never tell if it will be happy or sad in the end. I have to say it's just beautifully paced and the story never felt rushed or overdone. On the whole, this is a beautifully thought-provoking story which deals with some very real themes in a way that enables younger readers to approach and understand the topics.

It's not just a book for younger readers though, I have only just read it and I am 21, and it really hit me, so it's a book I'd certainly recommend. A solid 4. I think I will need to take the raw emotion I felt whilst reading and try to channel it into the images Feb 08, Dillon rated it really liked it.

I love this book! I read it about a month ago and it melted my heart. The book takes place during World War I and is from the view of Horses who are put in battle. The main horse was taken from his friend who is a farm boy.

The book is sad and I loved it when the Horse was being taken care of by one of the army men. This is a short book and I would highly recommend it. Thank you Michael Morpurgo for writing this book. View 2 comments. Jan 11, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: A story of war told through the perspective of Joey - a beautiful bay-red foal with a distinctive cross on his nose, brought up on a farm then sold to the army and thrust into the midst of the war on the Western Front in Fundamentally, this is what this book describes: And because they are seen from the perspective of an animal, they are told in a simple straightforward way that will go straight to the heart of any reader.

God only knows why we do it, and I think He has maybe forgotten why. From the time I saw and loved the movie adaptation quite a few years ago , I've been wanting to read the book. And now that I have, I must say - I loved the book even more than the movie!! If you love horses, you have got to read this!! Sep 14, Hope rated it really liked it Shelves: This book, y'all. This book is simply amazing. It's beautiful and heartbreaking and action-packed and all in all fantastic. While the writing style is simplistic and almost middle-grade in nature, the plot is most definitely not.

It forces the reader to face complex issues like the passing away of tradition and how war used to be fought. How we now see war--as a bloody, heartless machine--is just beginning to emerge. While war was still brutal can we talk about all the gassing that went on in t This book, y'all.

While war was still brutal can we talk about all the gassing that went on in this war?? We have the beginnings of tanks and machine guns, both of which are super destructive during this war. Sorry to give you guys a history lesson, but I think this book so eloquently talks about these issues. This book isn't a light, fluffy read by any means. It's hard. We see the hardships and fears of war up close. Most of the violence is off-screen and there are definitely some scenes that should be skipped or glazed over for younger kids.

But there is also some good. This book does a good job of looking at the humanity of both sides. Both sides see the tragedy and ugly parts of the war. Both sides wish to protect their homes yet quickly return to the way things were. Both sides wish that innocents weren't involved in such a disgusting display. This book is one of my favorites because of its complexity and heaviness. It's heartbreaking and ends on a bittersweet note spoilers?? I would totally recommend this to a history buff or someone looking for an eye-opening read.

View all 3 comments. This is a beautiful book written by a truly great children's author - Michael Morpurgo. It is a short story and my edition is in quite large print. Yes the film is awesome and yes, this version is written primarily for children but as an adult I read it feeling so many different deep emotions and I loved its simplicity.

I have a friend who has big problems with his eyesight and this is the second Michael Morpurgo book he has been able to enjoy given the spacing and larger print. I have a 'book i This is a beautiful book written by a truly great children's author - Michael Morpurgo. I have a 'book in waiting' of his which I am savouring called 'Listen to the Moon' and if anyone looks at how many beautifully written books this wonderful and sensitive man has written for young people they will be AMAZED.

Buy them for yourselves and you will be touched deep down inside of you. Buy this one first! View all 6 comments. Morpurgo at his best - not to be missed! And so much better than the Hollywood film. Apr 19, Tristan Robin Blakeman rated it really liked it.

War Horse (novel) - Wikipedia

Very interesting book I am familiar with the play, so I knew the basic plot line. I wish I had read the book first But, that's okay. It's really a small story - even though it's played against the world stage during intense and climatic moments. It was a surprise to find the book is w Very interesting book It was a surprise to find the book is written in the first person - by the horse!

Now, if I had known that, I might not have read it it's just too cute an idea for me , and I would have been the real loser. Because it is completely believable and the way Joey the war horse reacts to people and other horses gives him a well-defined and completely rounded character.

I truly care about this horse. The writing is crisp and clean. No messy, paragraph-long descriptions of the battlegrounds or the lovely British countryside where the story begins and ends - yet, it is pitch perfect worded in a way that you can see every detail. The emotions of both people and horses are handled in the same efficient and heart felt way. This isn't a war story, a horse story, a kid's story, a soldier's story - it a story of dignified loyalty and love that is rarely told as well.

Apr 26, Jonathan Terrington rated it really liked it. War Horse is the first book I had to read for my new teaching job and I can only describe it as my students did: The horse, in this case, goes by the name of Joey and the reader observes Joey being sold to an owner, who treats him poorly but who has a son who he respects as his master. This master, a young teenager by War Horse is the first book I had to read for my new teaching job and I can only describe it as my students did: This master, a young teenager by the name of Albert, is devastated when Joey is sold and sent to help the war effort and the rest of the book's plot really follows Joey.

You see World War One from another perspective and see the whole devastation from both the view of man and horse. War Horse is in fact a children's novel. I feel that the book's overall writing as quite mediocre. While I read, I felt that Michael Morpurgo had a thesaurus. But don't get me wrong. I had much trouble putting the book down the second I picked it up.

Even though the story was written that well the story itself was excellent which is the reason why there is a play, and soon to be a movie, of the same name. The story is so rich that it would be a crime not to share it in any artistic style.

It was very easy to relate to the story because everyone has a love for their pet and would be distraught if it was ever taking away from them.

In my mind Morpurgo is a story teller, not a writer, and there is nothing wrong with that. Over all this is a great read and I have recommended it countless times. I can't wait to see what Spielberg is going to go with it. I did not like the ending whatsoever. It wasn't that Joey didn't die, or that Emilie did, but that it ended on an unusual and unneeded note. Who cares about Albert's wife and her pastries? It was a stupid way of ending the amazing story.

I hope the movie doesn't end the same way. A deeply moving book as I love horses and this book explains all about the compassion, partnership and love between the horse and his master. I recommend this because it's a very atmospheric book.

Topthorn was a good friend to Joey: I absolutely loved this book, the bond between man and horse is amazing. I've worked with horses most of my life. I'm 10 and I started at 4 so this book is amazing. I loved this book as it shows actually how much in the war they relied on horses and if it wasn't for the horses we would all be living under German rule.

I loved it and love horses. I am 14 years old and have worked with horses for 4 years now. I was introduced to War Horse by a friend, who enjoyed the book alot. I bought myself a copy and I simply can't get enough of this book. The bond between man and horse is displayed very well throughout the book. I liked the way that Micheal Morpurgo shows how the war can effect some characters, such as Albert's father, who comes accross as a selfish men who doesn't care about anyone but himself.

But when he takes Joey from the stable, he is suddenly softer with him, and he explains that he is selling him for Albert, making him come accross as a completely new character. I have read this book 9 times now, and cried every time.

Should I read War Horse?

I think this book is an amazingly moving piece, and it is a real adult fantasy. Topthorn is grand horse that works for the army and is War horse is a book by Michael Morpurgo that is based upon a young horse named Joey who trains to be a war horse during the first world war. This novel is based upon true friendship between Joey and a young boy named Albert.

Topthorn is a grand horse that Joey stick's close to throughout the story. Emily and her Grand papa take care of Joey and Topthorn through one of the toughest of times in the war. The themes of war horse are war, sadness and death. There is evidence of war when they were carried off France to fight and in the book many people died such as Emily and Topthorn that results in sadness.

War horse is a book by Michael Morpurgo that is based upon a young horse named Joey who trains to be a war horse during the first world war. Emily and her Grand papa take care of Joey and top thorn through one of the toughest of times in the war. I found the book quite boring.

Wars aren't my thing, but all the other Michael Morpurgo books are a ten out of ten. I raised an eyebrow at first at War Horse being a fantasy novel - but given that Joey is more sentient than we believe horses in reality to be, I suppose it is. The source of my confusion is that while I like the book, I love which is to say worship the play - hopefully will be seeing it for the third time later this year.

And in the play, there being no narrator, Joey and the other horses in respect of their sentience are appear just like any other horse. Of course, if we want to imagine a supernatural element to them, we may.

And then the play itself becomes a fantasy story too. I look forward to and fear what the film will do with the story. I am 12 years old and I live in Scotland. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. Revolver Marcus Sedgwick 9. A cabin north of the Arctic Circle.

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Dug Sealskinner is a down-on-his-luck mercenary travelling south to join up with King Zadar's army. But he keeps rescuing the wrong people. First, Spring, a child he fi Married to Clare, father to three children and grandfather to six he has written over titles f Rating 9. Free preview. An exceptionally poignant story of one horse's experience in the First World War. Brianna from Australia Very well written.

Anon from UK it is the best book ever it takes you and it makes you feel like you are in the story Loved it! Anon from UK It's amazing. I recommend to everyone. Anon from UK It was really good. Hugh from England Amazing. Laurence from Wales Amazing. Beth from US It was okay. Chehek from Australia Best book ever and for people who hate it ,well they are just weird Kayla from England I love this book I am going to write a book review about it. Simone from South Africa War Horse was a most beautiful story.

Link from USA Great just great. AK from England I absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ivan from Russia I have no words to explain my feeling but it is just fantastic!!! Ella from England The story was quite boring and unrealistic. Fatimah from UK I didn't like it. Willie from US I was reading it in school and was boring. Ruby from UK I am reading this book at school but I think it is quite boring and if I had the choice I would not read on, I have not got attached at all.

Jaden from Georgia I think that War Horse was an amazing book! Timothy Hay from Birmingham This book is very intriguing and it makes you want to read on. Steph from England War Horse is a brilliant book or film but it a little bit vigilant but good: Carly from England It is an amazing book of one horse's experience. Ellie from England Amazing book!!

So engaging. Shameema from South Africa It really touched my heart and made me change my outlook on wars. K from UK The best book ever. I really loved it. Meha Mukta from India The most exciting book I have ever read. Anthony from UK The best book I have ever read. Elz from Australia I think that this book was very touching but when it got nearer to the end I felt that it lost that perssaz that it had nearer to the beginning.

John from Thailand Best book ever! Jaden from Scotland It was so good it made me cry! Piotr from Ireland Very emotional and sad in some parts but I liked it very much. Emily from UK It was okay, not very good. Ella from Australia Amazing but you killed Topthorn u broke my heart: Sarah from England It was the best book ever. Cassie from London It's so touching after you have read the book.

When i stopped reading War Horse, my emotions changed quite a bit but to be honest, it was quite boring but it's quite good ; Asad from England This is what you call the bbbbbeeeeeessssssstttttttt!

Amy from England It is good. Bob from England I like this book because it shows you about friendship. Mark from France Best book ever. Chloe from Northern Ireland The book has become one of my favourites. It is so touching and heart warming x Tirivashe from Zimbabwe The book was boring at first, but I think michael did a pretty good job.

Susan from US I absolutely loved this book. Fathimah from England This book was awesome. Benjy04 from England Amazing, the best book I have ever read. Ellis from England This was a very sad book and it almost made me cry, however it was kinda boring.

Jelena from Serbia This book is really sad, but also very boring. Oscar from England It was a sad but an absolutely amazing book. Tom from England This is awesome, it engages me a lot. Zohrez from Norway Wow I really loved this book I did not want it to end and when I read it to my mom she started to cry a bit but we reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loved it we did not like it when Topthorn and captin Nicholas dies but I think it was awesome if you have any more books like this let it know.

Pip from Australia This book was so touching I didn't want to stop reading it but I didn't want to finish the bBook. Jennifer from New Zealand I read this with my class and I hated it because we all got really lost and only my friend could understand half the words although we are young so I guess you can say that it is recommended to elders. Sonny from England The story is quite boring although it has some ups and downs and I got lost a lot.

Jim from England I hated this book, it was so boring. Ben from London It was amazing and I got to read it for class it was really good. Suleman from United Kigdoms Just loved this book. Tia from London It was really boring and odd. Gowtham from England Absolutely outstanding. Lisha from Australia I found it very boring and it got no better throughout the book. Erica from UK Truly touching! The best book so far xx Kendall from US I had to read this book for summer reading and well Sam from Australia A book that makes you think and you won't put it down until you have finished.

Allsya from Ireland It grabs you by the throat and doesn't let you go. Adam from Burnley vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyggggggggggggggggg oooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catherine from United states Awesome. Aiden from South Africa Amazing.

Bob from UK Ummmmmm Sophie from Aus It was so good! Hanah from UK Best book ever! Hannah from England At first when I started to read this book I found it extremely boring but then when I actually started to read this book it got so interesting. Megan from Hampshire Read this book thousands of times! Katie from Norfolk It was amazing, I cried loads because it was so sad but then I laughed when it was funny.

Ramiz from England It's a interesting book. Mohamed from London This book is so amazing, I can read it until I am dead. Jake Smith from Ammanford, Wales I'm 12 and this book was enjoyable and amazing. Ashley from Michigan, US This book was amazing! Mia from England It was an amazing book!!! Makenzie from US I'm only ten and I love this book. Tom from England It is a great book. Lol from Was Best book ever!!!!!!!

Olivia from UK I thought this book was amazing even though it was heartbreaking and emotional! In addition, in Albert's world on the farm in Devon, his father becomes aggressive and verbally abusive when he drinks. Albert's father, troubled by his inability to keep his farm financially sound, drinks to excess weekly. He is normally a loving husband and father, but when he drinks he abuses his loved ones verbally, and mistreats Joey the horse.

Parents need to know that War Horse uses simple language, meant to display the limited awareness of its animal narrator, to tell a poignant story with a strong anti-war message. Like Joey the horse, many of the casualties in this World War I novel understand little about why the battles are fought and lives are lost. To Joey, the fighting is cacophonous, chaotic, and random -- an eloquent statement about the pointlessness of the violence.

Horse lovers will sometimes be upset by War Horse , but they will also be moved by the kindness shown to Joey and the horse's deep bond with his young master, Albert. Add your rating See all 2 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 13 kid reviews. Joey, a red-bay colt, is sold to an English farmer, whose son, Albert, raises the horse and teaches him to work their family farm.

After World War I breaks out, Albert's father sells Joey to the army in order to pay the mortgage on his farm. Joey is forced to carry riders into battle, and pull artillery and carts full of wounded soldiers.

As Joey struggles to survive, Albert never stops hoping they will be reunited. War Horse holds special appeal for horse lovers, who will care deeply about Joey's plight as he is pushed and pulled between the humans fighting World War I.

The novel offers a unique perspective on the hardships endured by war horses, and the emotional and physical needs of horses in general. Because the novel is offered from a horse's point of view, however, human relationships within the book are less satisfying.

Families can talk about what it means to write a wartime book from the perspective of a horse. What does Joey tell us about war? Does Joey understand why he is taught to perform the tasks he does? Does anyone in the war? Steven Spielberg decided to make War Horse into a movie. Can you see why? Why do you think war movies are popular with audiences?

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War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

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