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(vi) The velocity of wave motion through a particular medium is constant. (iv) Examples of transverse wave motion: Movement of string of a sitar or violin. their propagation. The aesthetic influence of waves on art and literature is seen from very early times; yet the first scientific analysis of wave motion dates back. water waves direction of wave motion. Chapter WAVE MOTION. A.) Characteristics of Waves: 1.) A wave is a disturbance that moves through a medium. a.

Wave Motion Pdf

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Types of Waves: Transverse and Longitudinal. Example Pulse on a wire. An m-long, mm-diameter copper wire is stretched between two. Examples: • Wave motion can be observed when a water surface is disturbed. In this case waves move outwards across the water surface from the point of. shifts, violent waves in the solid Earth cause tremors thousands of kilome-. Wave Motion. C H A P T E R 8. _CassidyTX_08 6/19/02 PM Page .

Theory MCQs F. Past Papers F. Theory Past Papers B. Physics, Chapter Wave Motion, B. Mechanics Physics. Waves and Oscillations.

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HC Verma Solutions: Chapter 15 – Wave Motion and Waves on a String

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Connect with: Use your name: It depends only on the nature of medium not on the frequency, wavelength or intensity. The waves which require medium for their propagation are called mechanical waves. Waves on string and spring, waves on water surface, sound waves, seismic waves. The waves which do not require medium for their propagation are called non- mechanical or electromagnetic waves.

Particles of the medium execute simple harmonic motion about their mean position in a direction perpendicular to the direction of propagation of wave motion.

HC Verma Class 11 Physics Part-1 Solutions for Chapter 15 - Wave Motion and Waves on a String

Movement of string of a sitar or violin, movement of the membrane of a Tabla or Dholak, movement of kink on a rope, waves set-up on the surface of water.

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